Wake Up With Pancakes! Protein Pancakes Recipe Ideas

We all know that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The breakfast is important in a way that you start your day with it, so of course, you should start it properly, and that means healthy. But, also when you think of breakfast, I bet you think of pancakes. Well, because of that, I am giving you some ideas for pancake recipes, that are healthy. And the healthy pancakes are, of course, the protein pancakes. So, today we are starting the day with a high protein meal, and that is satisfying for your fitness body. I hope you’ll find some interesting protein pancakes recipe ideas.

Blueberry Protein Pancakes Recipe

The first  protein pancakes recipe idea is protein pancakes made of blueberry. I decided to give you as an idea this firs, made of blueberry, because after the banana protein pancakes these are my favorite. Here you can see the recipe!

Protein Pancakes Recipe

Recipe & Photo credit to: thenakedkitchen.com


Pumpkin Spice Protein Pancakes Recipe

Pumpkin and Cinnamon… Well, what do you need more?! These pancakes are super sweet, and they will spice up your morning! You have to try them. Here is the recipe.

Protein Pancakes Recipe

Recipe & Photo credit to: dashingdish.com


Chocolate Strawberry Protein Pancakes

Well, here’s one for the chocolate addicts! These chocolate protein pancakes, covered in strawberry sauce, will sugar up your morning, and will give you breakfast full of love. Chocolate and strawberry, and still in the healthy zone. Check the recipe!


Recipe & Photo credit to: confessionsofarecoveringchocoholic.com


Banana & Vanilla Protein Pancakes

The good old banana protein pancakes, just with vanilla flavor. Yummy!


Recipe & Photo credit to: marthesandvik.wordpress.com


Banana peanut butter chocolate chip protein pancakes

And now, one for the peanut butter lovers! Who am I kidding! To all of you, you’re going to love these pancakes. These are my personal favorite, but I prefer them without the chocolate chip, because of the health issue.


Recipe & Photo credit to: bakerita.com


Apple Protein Pancakes

If bananas are not your thing, apples make a pretty sweet and delicious pancake. They are easy, and I think you would like them.

appleproteinpancake (1)

Recipe & Photo credit to: skinnymom.com


Oats Protein Pancakes

These pancakes are different from any other pancakes I have ever cooked. But they taste great! The three main ingredients are cottage cheese, oats, and egg whites. You have to try them!


Recipe & Photo credit to: thenovicechefblog.com


Skinny Chocolate Cocoa Protein Pancakes


Recipe & Photo credit to: dashingdish.com

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