*Important*In order for the 10 Day Fitness Challenge to work you will have to make sure that the emails I send you don’t end up in your Spam Folder. You can add  to my contact, so you would receive my emails as “Important” and you won’t miss out on any challenge.  The challenges lists are sent to your email as images, so make sure to load the images when you open the email.

The challenges will take place over the course of the next 10 days.

Every other day you will receive a different challenge that will help you build lots of healthy habits.

  1. Morning Challenge
  2. Workout Challenge
  3. Nutrition Challenge
  4. Hydration Challenge
  5. Planning Challenge

You’ll get your first challenge soon, check your inbox in the next few minutes!

Try to follow-through with all the challenges, feel the results yourself and decide if you want to turn them into permanent habits.