Seeing other people lose weight easily, while you struggle to even lose a pound while working out like a mad man at the gym can be frustrating and perplexing at the same time. You must be asking yourself, “What’s going on?”

There could be a number of reasons why this is the case. It could be something beyond the gym time, like what they eat after or their metabolism. They could be into weight loss supplements, or they may not be eating much at all.

Or it could be you. There could be plenty of things you may be doing wrong, and you just don’t realize it. These five tips can help you maximize the benefits of your next workout.

Choice of Exercise

Your ultimate goal will be your basis in choosing the type of workout to take. However, if you are going to take different workouts at the same time, learn to organize them according to your priority.

For example, if you want to reduce weight, you need to take a cardio workout first. If you want to improve your flexibility and muscle strength, you may want to get your yoga mats ready before anything else.

Wearing the Right Apparel

One of the main reasons for working out is to keep yourself fit and look good in the process. That’s why wearing the right gym clothing is a vital part of the endeavor.

Although you seem to be filling out the aesthetic side of things, feeling good about yourself boosts your confidence. Confidence, as a result, motivates you further in reaching your fitness goals.

Another reason is for protection. Gym and exercise gears are not only made to make you look good while working out. They are also made to make you comfortable in such a way that you can move freely and be less prone to injury.

First to consider is footwear. Finding the best womens running shoes when you’re into running, treadmill or aerobics will be beneficial in preventing foot and leg injuries.

Best Time

Getting better sleep prior to working out can be very beneficial in achieving your objective of

having a fit and healthy body. It has been proven that working out after being well-rested is the best time to exercise since you have a whole lot of energy reserved after a good night’s sleep.

At least that’s the main idea. However, this may not be applicable to everyone if you are not a morning person.

If this is the case, try out every schedule available and find out what works well for you. There are a lot of gyms operating 24/7 nowadays, so it won’t be an issue if you discover that working out in the wee hours feels good.

Diet and Hydration

What you eat after a workout is as important as what you eat prior. This means that you also need to replenish lost energy from exercise and help your muscles recover.

In this case, the idea is not just about replenishing lost energy but also doing it within a 15 to 30 minutes window period after the workout. This is especially crucial for endurance exercises.

Consuming proteins and carbohydrates after an exercise helps you recover faster, rebuild muscles that broke down during the workout, and replenish your glycogen levels.

Another thing to take care of is hydration. When you exercise, you lose about 6% to 10% of water weight in the body. Experts recommend drinking about 17 oz. of fluid two hours prior to working out.

Dehydration during a workout can lead to muscle cramps and even heat stroke when exercising in hot weather.

Do Interval Training

You tend to get the notion that the longer you work out, the better the result in terms of weight loss. However, it has been proven that it doesn’t always work that way.

Some studies prove that even a minute of thorough exercise can be as effective as taking a 45-minute drill. Even more effective is when you incorporate intervals in your workout.

This is done by doing high-intensity workouts for around 8 seconds and 12 seconds of low-intensity exercise thereafter. These intervals should be done within 20 minutes, three times weekly.

Parting Words

Working out seems like a very straightforward activity, but in reality, it’s more than what meets the eye. The human body can clearly be as complicated as solving a puzzle where you need to put the right pieces at the right places; something that might surprise you but in a positive way.

So, the next time you plan your next workout, you should have a better understanding on what to do. You can also do further research or tap the services of professionals. After all, nothing teaches better than a combination of education and experience.