We are quite confident that it isn’t the monthly membership fees that are behind your reluctance to hit the gym – these are easy on the budget, after all. We surmise that it may be your fear of the gym, your belief that it’s a daunting place to be, or your anxiety in being surrounded by so many fit people.

We understand, and we even have a term for it – gym-timidation, the feeling of being intimidated by being in the gym.  If it’s any consolation, you aren’t alone, because many 18 to 35-year old individuals feel too self-conscious to even consider joining a gym, much less entering it for a workout session. Their reasons are varied, from fear of judgment in their appearance and/or ability from other fitter gym-goers to fear of being seen as a vain person.

But who are we to judge indeed? At gyms such as Anytime Fitness, they accept all body shapes and sizes, all fitness levels, and all ages because at the core of being physically and mentally fit is respect for yourself, and it extends to other people. With that being said, here are ways that you can get over your feelings of intimidation of the gym. 

Believe in Your Uniqueness

Social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, is full of so-called fitness influencers whose seemingly perfect bodies can either inspire others or contribute to their insecurities. But before you become inspired or insecure, you must remember that you’re a unique individual! Your body is unique, and so are its overall shape, muscle composition, and metabolism, among others.

You should then never compare your body, as well as your fitness goals and plans, to anybody else for this reason. You have to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all workout plan although you can take inspiration from the workout plan of your favorite fitness influencer.

Why be intimidated by the tone physique of regular gym-goers then? Your uniqueness means that you can be yourself, be more confident about yourself, and be more able to compete with yourself.

Be Prepared

Success in the gym is 99% preparation and 1% inspiration, and it’s a motto that you should keep in mind whenever you’re feeling intimidated by your fellow gym-goers’ fitness progress or by the technology behind the equipment. You will feel more confident if and when you feel prepared for the challenges ahead. 

  • Come to the gym with a positive mindset. Just the fact that you’re in the gym and exercising is a good step so carry on with it.
  • Fuel your body with the right food and drink. Your body will be more than ready for the stress that exercise brings to it.
  • Dress in the right gear. You won’t feel self-conscious when your cleavage isn’t showing, or there’s no camel toe in sight, or you can bend any which way during yoga class without ripping your pants.
  • Have a workout plan in mind. You can then focus on the series of exercises, from warm-up to cool-down, so you will be less intimidated by what’s going on around you.

If you’re still intimidated with going to the gym for any reason, you should consider bringing along a family member or a friend. With the favorable terms and conditions, as well as the budget-friendly prices, you can get significant discounts for doing so.