Your smoking habits may have started as a past-time activity or something that your friends have pressured you on doing. It is something that you can quickly begin to do, but it is also an activity that is very difficult to quit.

Currently, smoking is one of the leading causes of many respiratory problems among users and people around them who are exposed to second-hand smoke. It has been scientifically proven that nicotine and other cigarette components produce harmful effects on the human body. There is such a thing as nicotine addiction, and this is the main reason why it is so hard for users to quit smoking entirely.

Others switch to vaping to quit smoking. Instead of cigarettes, vaping uses an electronic mod to convert vape oils into vapor or smoke. Some online vape store also sells oils that still contain nicotine, but you can control its concentration and content. Vaping is also more cost-effective because you only need to buy oils instead of purchasing tons of cigarette packs.

Many vape users believe that vaping is better than smoking, though there is insufficient data to support that claim. There are recent scientific studies that say that both are actually not different in terms of the adverse effects it can do to your body.

Tips To Get You Started

Quitting vaping is as hard as stopping from smoking. If you want to do so, here are helpful tips you can do to quit vaping and smoking:

  • Consult a professional

Nicotine addiction is a complex process that involves your body and your mind as well. The best person who can understand the physiological and psychological effects of smoking are professionals. They can help you create a plan on how to quit vaping completely.

If your friend has told you that this activity or thing helped him with smoking cessation, it does not mean it will also work the same way for you. Every plan is different, and a professional can create one that is specially made to avoid routines, smoking triggers, and such.

  • Replace it with other activities

Most people smoke when they have nothing to do. If you are planning on quitting, it is recommended that you replace smoking with activities that can take your mind away from smoking. Keep yourself busy. You can do some cardio exercise, like walking and running in your spare time.

Find a new hobby that you can invest your time in. If you think you are orally fixated on cigarettes, it may help to purchase lots of mints, chewing gum, and chips that you can munch on. Put some on your work table, on your bedside table, and inside your case. Just in case you are tempted to smoke, just pop a mint in your mouth to stop the urge.

  • Have a support team

It is crucial to have your families and friends beside you when you are planning on quitting smoking and vaping. Their support can mean a lot, most especially if you doubt your capability to stop. Your family can also serve as a constant reminder to stop so that they will not acquire health issues with second-hand smoke.

If some of your friends are still using cigarettes, joining and going out with them when you’re on the process of quitting is not recommended. Triggers, such as smelling the scent of cigarettes and its flavors, can easily tempt you to grab a stick and light it.

  • Throw away your cigarettes and e-cigarettes

If you have packs of cigarettes and bottles of oils hidden in your drawers, it is best to throw them in the trash. Say your farewell, and do not think about it being a waste of money. If you have really set your mind on quitting, you are not going to use them again anyway. Having them at the premises of your home is going to make smoking cessation harder for you.

  • Stay positive

Understand that quitting smoking and vaping is a long and gradual process. Stopping any kind of addiction does not happen in a blink of an eye. You may experience some slips and setbacks, but do not let this discourage you from reaching your goal.

Celebrate little wins. If you have stopped smoking for a day, that is a step forward to quitting in the future. Be easy on yourself, and always remember your reasons for stopping.


These are not the only things you can do to stop yourself from smoking and vaping. There are also nicotine-patches available on the market that can help you with your addiction. Keep in mind that quitting these activities is not only going to be beneficial for you but also for your loved ones around you. Once you have found the perfect reason to quit, you will persevere more on reaching your goal.