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Ready to get your dream body?!

I have the nutrition guide that works for everyone!
Learn everything you need to know about healthy food, get healthy, gorgeous and confident, and lose those stubborn inches once and for all!

This is the formula I used to get the body of my dreams and now you can do it too since you’re getting every single detail.

With a little bit of nutrition, you can become your own nutritionist, and I’m just about to show you how!


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This nutrition guide contains every single thing you need to start eating healthy today!

Here’s what’s inside the guide:

  • Nutrition guide that breaks down everything you need to know
  • Guide on recognizing foods that are ruining your weight loss efforts
  • Healthy habits set up
  • Meal plan with a wide spectrum of healthy options you can choose from
  • Cooking guide to learn to cook healthy
  • Mindset guide to help you set your mind on healthy mode with one of the best mental tricks
  • 80 pages – Easy read
  • PDF & EPUB (This is a digital download only)

The science-based guidelines will help you burn fat, fuel your lean muscle, provide you the nutrients you need to glow, get fit & full. And you’ll get the first results in the first 2 weeks!

This nutrition guide has hundreds of meal ideas and easy to follow recipes packed with the best healthy cooking tips.

You’re not only getting a “eat this-not that” meal guide, but you’re getting a full guide to healthy food with everything you need to know about nutrition and health and become your own nutrition expert!

If you like to learn more about the guide, head on here.

I got this just to understand the philosophy behind the “Burn Baby Burn” meal plan.
I read it whole in 1 day. Great read if you are into nutrition.

Deborah R, August 6, 2019

An easy read, but there are not many recipes inside. Good overall.

Elizabeth Miceli, August 6, 2019

Not really a meal plan, it’s more of a thought process behind every meal. Worth the money though.

Lea W., August 6, 2019

I’m all about nutrition, and I read every piece I get my hands on. I purchased this to simply understand the philosophy behind Monica May’s nutrition.
It’s concise and easy to read, perfect read for beginners!

Nancy A. Ball, August 6, 2019

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