Hey, babe!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to find out who’s behind Fit Girl’s Diary.
My name is Monica May and I’m so excited to e-meet you!

The first thing I would say about myself is that I’m a fitness trainer, nutritionist, healthy food lover, I like to move and jump a lot aaaand I am a totally weird human being :)
I’m in love with taking care of myself and putting my body through hell and fire for many years now.
And it’s been an AMAZING ride!

It all started when one day I woke up and realized I wasn’t feeling comfortable in my own body.
I just snapped – this is it, I’m going to take control over my body and I won’t let my mind be the boss.
I can do this!

I did it – so can you!

I’ve been there, I’ve struggled to lose weight and even when I thought I’ve done everything right, I always ended up disappointed with no results.
Until I finally managed to do it.
I can’t wait to share exactly how I got fit, with all of you.

Sometimes that missing piece of the puzzle is just someone to believe in you.
Someone to cheer you up, to push you when you feel like quitting, and to give you a “I’m proud of you” speech when you kick ass!

You just need is a helping hand and support, because everything else is already inside you.
And I know that not everyone has that support, so through this blog I want to help all of you who want to go for it and change their life.

Just remember – you are not alone.
You have support.
You have me, and my diary – WE BELIEVE IN YOU.

So girls, if you were looking for a sign THIS IS IT.
Find your reason and make that change today.

Love yourself enough to start living healthier, become your own superhero and crush every single goal out there.
And remember, I’m here for you, always.