Hi there girls!

My name is Monica May.

I’m a fitness instructor, coach and nutritionist, that one dayย decided to go for it.

I woke up, and realizedย that I wasn’t feeling ย comfortable in my own body.

So, I started my weight loss journey, by going to the gym with my two besties.

From then on I’ve been in love with fitness.

Since I’ve decided to start coaching, I’ve changed many girls’s lives by helping them get healthy and fit for life!

I’ve made my own workout programs and diet plans, that has helped me get healthy and fit and the results are priceless!

I’d be honored and pleased to help as many other girls that want to get fit and change into healthier and fitter selves.

That’s why I made this blog in the first place, with the help of my other half – Matt ๐Ÿ™‚

This journey has been one of the greatest battles in my life so far!

Matt is my biggest support! Thanks, hon!


When it gets under your skin, it becomes an addiction!

I’ve seen how beautiful my body was designed to be, and how amazing I was born to feel so I never want to lose that.

Having my two best friend beside me all the way, and giving huge support ย to each other every step of the way, well that is priceless.

Actually, that’s the only thing that you need:

Someone to believe in you, becauseย everything else you need is already inside you.

I know that not everyone has that support, so through this blog, I want to help all of you who want to go for it and change their life.

And just remember – you have support!

You have me, and my diary – WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

So girls, love yourself enough to start getting fit and change your life!

Remember, I’m here for you!


Monica May