When you first start on a weight loss journey, you have certain body goals and expectations.

However, a reality check kicks in to let you know things are not always as we plan them.

One of those things for many people is loose skin.

I know that many of you out there are struggling with loose skin after your weight loss, and don’t really know what to do.

For some of you it’s in certain parts of the body, for some lucky ones it’s not even noticeable at all, and for some of you it’s on every inch of the body.

However the question is, can we do something about it?

Let’s jump right into it!

A short note:

I know that for some of you this may be a sensitive topic.
Just know that I want to be as honest with you as possible.
I am not here to offer you a magic solution, because it really doesn’t exist, I just want to give you the facts and tell you the truth.

Also, if you are having issues with loose skin, I just want you to know that you are beautiful and unique just the way you are.
You are a true worrier, and you should be proud of yourself!


The Truth About Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Why Do We Have Loose Skin

First of all, skin is the largest organ on our body.

Naturally skin has the ability to expand and be elastic thanks to elastin which provides elasticity and collagen which provides firmness and strength. 

Now, we grow from babies to full grown humans with the same skin.
It just expands without any problems.

The same actually happens during weight gain – our skin expands to make room for increased growth, same as it expands for pregnancy.

The important thing to note here is that skin expansion during pregnancy is just over a few months’ time, and that’s what makes it easier for the expanded skin to retracts within several months.

However, getting that skin back in, while it’s been stretch for longer period of time is the tricky part.

Since most overweight people carry their extra weight for years, the skin has been stretched out for a long period of time, damaging collagen and elastin fibers.

As a result of that, the skin loses some of its ability to retract.

Now this is not a big issue for people who have lost small to moderate amounts of weight, since the skin will most likely retract on its own or may be helped.

However, for people who have achieved major weight loss in most cases it’s almost impossible to retract it (at least not naturally).

Can We Prevent This From Happening?

Let me just say that having loose skin after a weight loss is normal.

Especially if you’ve lost over 100 pounds, you’re more likely to have loose skin on some parts of your body.

Anyway, there are certain things that can help with loose skin, and I’m listing them right away.

Build Some Muscles

Building muscle is for a fact the one thing that can help tighten loose skin to some degree.

Even if it doesn’t literally tighten the skin, it can help you get the shape you want for sure.

If you have too much loose skin, building muscles may not be enough to fill up the space, however, it will still do a great job.

So, as you lose weight, try to incorporate lifting weights and strength training a lot.

Dieting and cardio alone, without any muscle building, can result in even more loose skin.


A really important thing is to eat healthy, and include foods and ingredients that are good for your skin.

As I read through the internet, I found out that actually two of the key ingredients to keeping your skin healthy and more “elastic” are collagen and elastin.

That being said, for some people collagen rich foods has helped a lot to tighten loose skin.

Collagen and elastin can be found in red fruits and vegetables, carrots, beans, seeds, nuts, and fish.

Stay Hydrated

Another important factor is hydration, since hydration levels severely impact your skin’s elasticity.

In fact, staying well hydrated helps skin become more tight and more elastic, making it easier for the skin to snap back when some weight is lost. 

But What If I Still Have Loose Skin

The fact is that even though you do every single thing right, you can still end up with loose skin.

That’s because having loose skin after weight loss is a natural process and there not a magic solution that can stop this from happening.

It can depend on so many other things such as genetics, age, skin type, amount of weight you’ve lost.

One thing to understand is that loose skin is completely normal.

Embrace it, be proud of it, and practice loving it.

Although I really can’t say that I speak from my own experience when it comes to loose skin after weight loss, I have a somewhat similar issue:

My boobs got pretty saggy almost immediately, within the first year of weight loss.

I got fit, I have muscles everywhere on my body, I eat healthy, I’ve done creams, I’ve done massages, I’ve done exercises, I’ve done pushups…

And you know what? You’ve guessed it! I still have saggy boobs.

That’s because breasts usually get their size and firmness from fat tissue, since they’re mostly made out of fat.

Since I no longer have that, I can proudly say that now I have peanut sized saggy boobs.

So what?! It’s the biggest picture that matters.

This video was so helpful for me, on my journey to realizing that loose skin after weight loss is a totally normal thing, and we are not alone in this.

I also read a comment bellow this video, that says:

“Think of loose skin after weight loss, as battle scars after a war”.

I got goosebumps after reading it :)

Products To Help You Get Rid Of Loose Skin

I’ve read it all, I’ve watched all of the videos I need to watch, I’ve done my research…

It is with a heavy heart that I have to say that there is not a single product, or diet, or exercise that can help you get rid of loose skin after weight loss.

Please don’t let them take your money, and your time, and most important of all, don’t let them fool you that you haven’t done everything that needs to be done.

You’ve done the hardest part. You lost the weight. Loose skin is not unhealthy and it’s not something you can change naturally. Period.

Keep working out, keep eating healthy, and keep loving yourself!

Till next time, babes!


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