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There’re many factors that make the weight loss process possible:

  • exercising daily
  • eating healthy
  • doing cardio
  • sleeping a lot
  • drinking water

But there’s one factor that is the most important of all, and that is having a plan.

Actually, the first step to success is having a plan.

Without a plan, you’re just slowing yourself down, together with your goal.

And the truth is:

that same old rule stands when it comes to conquering your fitness goals too.

the best workout program for women - breaking fat formula

Imaging going to the gym, for the first time, and not knowing where to start.

You’re just going to go around the machines, not knowing what muscle group you’re working on, and in the end you’ll finish on the treadmill for an hour.

Sounds familiar?

Well the truth is that we’ve actually all been there.

This is because without a good exercise plan, you are just going to be lost.

Most of the girls, don’t know what to do when they are in the gym, so they just make random choices on picking a machine to work on and having no idea what muscle groups they are engaging.

To avoid this, there is a big shortcut that’s called “a weight loss workout plan”.

You’re going to get results if you’re exercising on the treadmill every day, but with a good exercising plan you’re going to learn how to lose inches in few months.

The results will come as soon as you start working out.

So, today, I’m about to show you one of the best high quality workout programs!

And the good news is: I have it all served to you for free, step-by-step, with every single detail.

Get ready for the best Fit Girl’s Diary weight loss workout program!


Fit Girl’s Diary Weight Loss Workout Plan: How To Lose Inches In 2 Months

This workout program changed many lives, including mine!

When I first started going to the gym I had no idea how to even start my weight loss journey.

I was never an over-weighted girl, but I sure had some parts that were bothering me a lot – my muffin top for example.

Lucky, I had the best trainer ever, and I never had to wonder around the gym.

He thought me everything I need to know about fitness and weight loss.

After I saw the results myself, I started realizing that I can motivate many people to start changing their lives.

This is a perfect program for extreme weight loss.

If you are still bothered to lose those stubborn inches on your waist, this is the right way to do that.


Lina’s Weight Loss Journey

This girl on the picture is Lina, one of my best friends.Fit girl's diary Weight Loss Workout Plan

Actually, we started this journey together.

When she first started, she weighted 198 pounds.

Not to mention her body measurements: they were not admiring at all.

But after the first month, she started seeing results and she decided that giving up was not an option.

Not only that Lina started losing weight, but her body started getting a nice fit shape.

Her waist was getting smaller and smaller and her legs leaner.

Finally, after 9 months she was a totally different person!

Lina weights 132 pounds now, and her body measurements are stunning.

And this is just one of the tons of people that this workout program has transformed completely.

Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too.

So, if you want to lose weight once and for all, you’re definitely on the right place!

What Kind Of Workout Is It?

The Fit Girl’s Diary weight loss workout plan is actually a half full body exercising plan.

Full body workout is actually a workout where you work on your body as a whole piece, and you don’t split the muscle groups completely.

You work on your whole body, engaging few muscle groups in one training.

The best thing about this half full body workout is that you actually maximize the calorie burn, and that makes you lose weight faster.

Weight loss workout plan


When someone has that much to lose, it’s probably better to keep themselves on their feet with their entire body moving, so in cases of massive weight loss, this half full body workouts will work great.

The muscle groups are still separated, but they’re parted in two different days.

So, here it is, the best fitness training program for weight loss!

Fit Girl’s Diary Weight Loss Workout Plan

  • Day 2: Legs (5 exercises) + Back  (2 exercises) + Biceps  (2 exercises) + Cardio (30-40 min)
  • Day 3: Cardio day (1 hour Cardio) + ABS
  • Day 4: Same as day one
  • Day 5: Same as day two
  • Day 6: Cardio day (1 hour Cardio) + ABS
  • Day 7: Rest

Fit girl's diary Weight Loss Workout PlanCardio Workouts

Cardio workouts are very important!

This weight loss workout plan is all about maximizing the calorie burn, and you can do that by getting to the cardio room right after your weight lifting session.

Never before it!

Cardio help you maximize the fat burn and get better and faster results!

You can perform cardio activity in any form you want to:

  • treadmill (fast walking, running or jogging)
  • rope skipping
  • elliptical trainer
  • stepper
  • cycling
  • swimming
  • etc.

Cardio plays a big row in the weight loss process, so don’t skip it!

You should be careful with your heart rate – never wait more than 5 minutes to start the cardio session.

Stretch at the end of every single training!

Sets & Reps

One exercise should contain 3-4 sets with about 13-15 reps.

Never do more than 15 reps.

The rule is:

If you can do more than 15 reps, that means that the weights are too light for you.

How To Choose The Perfect Weights?

Start slow, and light in the first month.

As time goes by, don’t forget to put on some weights and make it really challenging!

In order for it to work, you have to make it really really challenging.

So make sure you test the weights before you actually start preforming the workout.

You should:

  • pick up a weight
  • try to perform the exercise

Here’s the rule:

You should do 13-15 reps, and not be able to perform any other rep beyond that point.

Also remember to increase your weights as time goes by:

Your muscles are getting stronger and stronger, so you want to give them what they need.


Eating Plan

All of this would be impossible without a good nutrition plan!

This is one really important fact:


Fit body is made in the kitchen!

Everything can be a waste of time, if you don’t eat right.

I have a great eating program for you, and here’s the direct link to it:

The Best Healthy Eating Plan – Meal Planner To Change Your Life


Now, It’s Your Turn!

Here’s is all that you need to know to finally start your weight loss process.

You’re going to get stunning results, you just have to give that extra push and lift your butt of the couch, for beginning :)

Sometimes, we need that extra push to really get started with our own journey, so if you’re waiting for a sign – THIS IS IT!

After I changed so many lives, I realized that I can help people lose weight by giving them this free weight loss workout plan, so your job is to pick up a gym and start doing this workout program.

A year from now, you’d wish you’ve started today!

So don’t wait a second, now when you know everything you need to know about how to lose inches and finally get the body of your dreams.

Weight loss never tasted better!


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