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One of the first steps when it comes to getting fit and getting your dream body is having a workout plan.

However, when I first started off with my fitness journey I had no clue that I was missing this out.

I was going to the gym daily, exercising randomly on different machines, and ended up on a cardio machine for the last half an hour or so.

Even when I started a strength training workout program I haven’t really got the results I was expecting.
I couldn’t seem to get rid of my muffin top, and my abs were still hiding away, no matter how much crunches I’ve managed to do.

And don’t get me wrong, I stand for ‘the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do’ rule.

However, when I am putting in so much time and dedication, why not make the most out of it, right?

All of this changed when I started following HIIT and Tabata workout plan.

I got better results in a month than working out a gym styled training for over a year.

Once I’ve got my amazing results, I just had to share it with all of you, to help as many of you out there as possible in becoming the best version of themselves.

Weight Loss Workout Plans

The Style of Training That Helped Me Get Fit

HIIT is a style of training where you give the maximum amount of benefits, in the least amount of time.

This means that if my workout sessions before were around an hour and a half, now they last around 30 minutes.

Yet, I have better results.

How is that possible?!

Well, it’s all in the intervals and in the high intensity, which makes this style of training so effective.

High-Intensity Interval Training aka HIIT is a training technique in which you give all-out, 100% effort, through quick, explosive and intense bursts of exercise, followed by extra short and active recovery periods.

This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and in the fat-burning zone which is why it’s proven to burn more fat in less amount of time.

HIIT and Tabata workout plan is an amazing way to lose weight and get fit, if not the best one, because of many reasons:

  • The training sessions are short
  • You burn more fat
  • You tap into the fat-burning zone faster
  • It got an afterburn effect
  • It’s fun and diverse (never boring)
  • Doesn’t burn muscle mass
  • Give you fast results

The real magic in this type of training is in the intervals and circuits.

They keep you in the fat-burning zone during, and even hours after finishing your workout.

It’s also in diversity: HIIT training sessions are designed with tons of different bodyweight movements that spike your heart rate up to the ceiling in just a few reps.

After long years of a gym workout, doing mostly weightlifting split training that lasts for hours and endless cardio sessions on a boring machine, I realized that I’ve been wasting precious time on something that’s not that effective.

Here are my results from doing gym sessions vs doing HIIT and Tabata workout plan.

Best Weight Loss Workout Plans 2020: My HIIT & Tabata Workout Plan before and after moni

This workout program changed many lives.

When I first started going to the gym I had no idea how to even start my weight loss journey.

I was never an over-weighted girl, but I sure had some parts that were bothering me a lot – my muffin top for example.

After I saw the results myself, I started realizing that I can motivate many people to start changing their lives too

This is a perfect program for extreme weight loss.

If you are still struggling to lose those stubborn inches on your waist, this is the right way to do that.

Lina’s Weight Loss Journey

This is Lina, one of my best friends!

Best Weight Loss Workout Plans 2020: My HIIT & Tabata Workout Plan before and after lina

When she first started, she weighted 198 pounds.

Not to mention her body measurements: they were not admiring at all.

But after the first month, she started seeing results and she decided that giving up was not an option.

Not only she started losing weight, but her body started getting a nice shape.

Her waist was getting smaller and smaller and her legs leaner.

Finally, after 6 months she was a totally different person!

Lina weighs 132 pounds now.
And honestly, those numbers are nothing, you just have to look at her to see her amazing change.

Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too.

So, if you want to lose weight once and for all, you’re definitely in the right place!


28-Day HIIT Workout Plan

RADIATE is one of the best weight loss workout plans you’ll try.

It’s actually a full-body exercising plan, with follow along videos.

28 days of exciting training sessions, 5 times a week, approximately 30 minutes per day (or less).

Fast, explosive, high-intensity and fun, this workout program is something you’ve never experienced before.

Loaded with over 100+ different exercises that will push your body to its limits and beyond, and challenge it to the max.

With your body pushed to the limits, you will burn fat fast, sculpt and shape your body and boost metabolism faster than ever!

And the best thing is that you don’t even need to go to the gym to do it!
You just need goodwill and minimal workout equipment.

This means that you can do this program in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you want.

Here’s what’s inside the workout program:

  • 4 Week Workout Program 
  • ~30 Minutes A Day, 5 Workouts Per Week
  • Over 100 Different Exercises 
  • Minimal Equipment, at Home Workouts 
  • Fast Results: Burn Fat + Tone Your Entire Body 
  • Perfect For Any Fitness Level: Beginners and Advanced 
  • Warm Up and Cooldown Included 
  • Fun And Diverse – Each Training is Unique 
  • Daily Motivations and Inspiring Posters 
  • Instant Access  – You can start today

So, here it is, the best fitness and weight loss workout plan.

Working out should be anything but boring.

To make working out a routine, you need to make workout exciting, explosive and fast.

Diverse exercises and intervals, that get your heart rate up in a matter of seconds, make you sweat like crazy, and don’t take hours of your day.

And that’s exactly what this workout program will provide for you, other than the amazing results of course.

You see, the problem with other weight loss workout plans is that most of them make you stay inside a box, doing the same exercises over and over again.

And when we stay inside of a box, our bodies get bored so fast, just as bored as our minds do.

That’s why I designed a program that’s something different.
It’s fun and diverse.

Each day is different, loaded with a bunch of moves to spike up your heart rate and get you in the fat-burning zone in no time.

Your body will go through hell and fire but never boredom.

Do You Want To Try It?

If you want to try it out first, you can absolutely do that!

I uploaded Day 1 Week 1 on YouTube!

Go ahead and check it out!!!


To make serious body changes, you really need to challenge your body and push it to the limits and beyond.

And sometimes that means adding some extra weights in your workouts.

You can make a change without the equipment too, and make modifications of the exercises using your own bodyweight.

However, in order to get maximum results in the least amount of time, you will need some basic equipment.

However, the more important thing you will need is an iron will, and a huge wish to get to your dream body and keep challenging yourself daily.

Also, the program is designed for everyone – from complete beginners to athletes.

You could scale the exercises to your own ability and fitness level, simply by lifting lighter and moving slower if you’re a beginner, and lifting heavier and moving faster if you are intermediate or advanced.

The daily training sessions should usually take ~30 minutes a day or less. If you are a beginner, take your time and move slower.
If you are advanced you’ll finish them in less than 30 minutes.

You can modify the exercises to your taste and abilities. For example, if it’s too hard for you to do a full form push-up, you could try it out from your knees.

There are no rules. The only rule is to never stop moving.

Now, take a moment and ask yourself

Are you exactly who you want to be?

Do you want to make a change?

Do you want to feel more alive?

Do you want to get that body you’ve always wanted?!

If yes, I have just one word for you – FITNESS!

Fitness will challenge you, push you to unleash the inner spirit you never thought you had, and most important of all it will help you make a change, both physically and mentally.

Head on to check out RADIATE and start making that change TODAY!

Let me know if you like the program, or if you have any questions at all, by leaving a comment in the section below.

I’m here for you!


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