I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

When we think of weight loss, the first thing that crosses our mind is “diet”.

But which diet should we pick?

There are tons of diets to lose weight all over the internet, right?

Starting from diets that are cleaning our organism of toxins, known as the Detox diets, to many diets with different food schedule.

But you cannot expect a lot from a diet, if a diet lasts one month, or even if a diet lasts several months.

The results from these short lasting diets, will be gone very soon after finishing the diet.The Best Healthy Eating Plan

Also, it’s pointless and unnecessary to have a diet that makes you starve!

You are gonna follow this diet to end with all of your heart, just to get back to your old eating habits.

The only thing you would think about, while being on this diet, will be food, because you’ll be in constant hunger.

And these kinds of diets can bring you nothing but some digestive problems.

But what will you say if I offer you a diet that gives you everything!

You can eat every single thing that you want to eat, only if it’s cooked in the right way?

Would you be able to change the word “diet” into a healthy eating lifestyle?

This is actually the best weight loss diet, where you can have a snack, and you can have a meal if you’re hungry even if it’s 10 pm.

Knowing that it would be good for your health, it would be great for your heart, and it would be gorgeous for your body, why wouldn’t you, right?

How Does It Works?

Well, let’s start from the beginning:

When you see a picture of a girl that looks sexy and very attractive, with a toned body and gorgeous ABS, you have to know that she haven’t got that body by sitting on the couch and eating pizza.

It takes months, even years to build that body, with a lot of commitment, dedication and discipline.

By everyday workout and healthy eating plan.

It takes guts, you know!

People don’t realize until they begin this journey, just how much much courage and commitment it takes!

The everyday battles of resisting food temptation, exercising even when your body doesn’t want to, dealing with people’s unwanted comments and opinions.

All of this takes courage!

eating healthy planBut the good thing is that it’s possible!


As I explained the workout program, now it is time for the healthy eating guidelines.

When we workout, we have to be on a eating healthy plan, that is designed for fitness lifestyle.

This means proteins when your muscles need them, and carbs when your body need the energy.

It may remind you of the protein diet.

The protein diet contains not only protein, but also a lot of carbohydrates to give you energy, and a lot of salads and fruit.

The most important thing is that they are cooked healthy, and that means that they should be baked, roasted or if you like it better, boiled instead of fried.

You should forget about fried food, because oil on the heat, is one way to destroy a good food.

Now, get ready for the best healthy eating plan!


Meal Planbest diet to lose weight

According to the workout programs, I warmly recommend to you, here is my healthy eating plan.

Here it is:

  • fruit;
  • wholegrain oatmeal;
  • eggs with salad;
  • protein or seed based bread;
  • greek yogurt with nuts;
  • berry smoothie with milk and chia seeds.

You can have whatever you want for breakfast.

You just have to make sure that you start your day in the right way.

I like to keep my breakfast:

proteins + fibers + healthy fats

And there are days when you just don’t feel hungry.

But in days like these don’t skip breakfast!

Just have a smoothie, or a glass of yogurt with flax seed before your coffee, and you’re set!

2. LunchThe Best Healthy Eating Plan

Here’s the simple formula for your lunch:

Fibers + Protein + Healthy Fats + Greens

Here’s what this means: 

  • beans
  • roots
  • peas
  • occasionally: brown rice or whole grain pasta

You just have to avoid big amounts of carbs, especially the bad carbs!

Then we head on to the proteins:

  • chicken
  • turkey
  • beef
  • fish
  • seafood
  • mushrooms
  • tofu

Then, healthy fats:

You can add nuts, olive oil, or maybe a healthy based dressing with sour cream.

Meal Planner To Change Your LifeThey have to be cooked in the right way.

Skinless, fat less, with olive oil, baked or roasted.

And the greens:

– salads

3. Dinner

Your dinner should come right after your workout, and it should look the same as the lunch, just without the carbs.

So proteins + salads, and you can always add some beans too, but keep it low carb.

4. Snacks
  • large (6)
  • protein bars
  • nuts
  • healthy chips
  • energy bars (no sugar added)
  • and everything that counts as a desert or snack, but is healthy and low sugar.


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