We all know that in order to lose weight we have to eat healthy and exercise daily.

However, today, we are going through the “NOT SO OBVIOUS” things that we should STOP doing asap, if we really want to lose weight and get some serious results 🤔

I was doing these mistakes for such a long time.

STOP doing these 5 things to get long-term weight loss results.

Let’s jump into them right now!


STOP These If You Want To Lose Weight

1. STOP Doing Excessive Cardio 💦

The days when we did 1-hour long cardio sessions have passed.

We now know that we don’t have to spend too much time on a low steady cardio machine to lose weight.

In fact, too much cardio can burn your muscles too, and we don’t want that.

That’s why instead of hours of low steady cardio, we should do HIIT and interval cardio workouts.

With HIIT we are burning fat while not tapping into those lean muscles while spending less time.


2. STOP Skipping Meals 🍽️

Whoever said that we should not eat to lose weight, is a freaking liar.

And is the core problem why so many people are struggling to lose weight.

Skipping meals will not help you lose weight – in fact, the only thing it will do is slow down your metabolism.

Your body needs nutrients in order to be healthy and function properly, and you won’t achieve that by starving.

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3. STOP Being Scared Of Looking Manly 💪

Building muscles can only help you achieve your results faster.

The more muscles you have – the more calories you’ll burn.

You will not look manly if you build muscles, that’s so far from the truth.

Women’s bodies only produce a fraction of the muscle-building hormone testosterone.
Thus they are not able to look too masculine that easily.

Female bodybuilders go through specific training and diet for years to look the way they do, so only by doing strength training and eating healthy you can’t look like that (even if you wanted to).

Muscles can only help you achieve your body goals faster –  the more muscles you have, the easier it will be to lose weight.


4. STOP Being Afraid Of Carbs & Fats 🥨

With keto being so popular, it became a common sense that we don’t need carbs.

Especially not after a workout.
Oh, God forbid that!

It just blows my mind how wrong people are about carbs.

Because carbs are the body’s main source of energy.

They actually power our workouts, which means they supply us with the energy to train harder.

And harder training = better results in terms of fat burn and muscle gain.

Carbs play a crucial role in my everyday life now, and that same thing stands when it comes to healthy fats.

Food is so much more than just a calorie, and the faster you realize this, the faster you’ll get your results.


5. STOP Comparing Your Results & Journey

Every journey will be different.

Every body is different.

Every progress will take a different amount of time.

And that’s fine.

We’re not made to be the same.

So, PLEASE STOP comparing yourself to other people.

Especially when it comes to people on the internet.

Things are much more different in real life.

The only person you want to compare yourself to is yourself.

Track your progress and always aim to be better than you were yesterday.

STOP Doing These 5 Things If You Want To Lose Weight


Are You Making Some Of These Mistakes?

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Till next time, babe 😚


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