Wait, what?
How can you ban a food?

Well, I know for most of the girls out there this would be a weird thing to do…

And it probably really is weird and for some even completely “unnecessary”.

But I guess that’s just how my mind works and it’s just my thing as a way of keeping my diet clean and healthy.

And it works amazing for me!

So, these 10 foods are actually the foods I never ever eat.
There are foods I don’t eat on a daily basis because they are not that healthy, but every now and then I reward myself with a bite or two.

But these foods I’m about to outline has been banned out of my diet and I never ever eat them.

However, I have a good reason for doing so, and I’m just about to clear it all out for you.

Let’s get started right away!

1. Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners

Alright, I’m probably being captain obvious here.

Of course, I don’t eat sugar and artificial sweeteners, however, I banned foods that contain them too.

You’d be surprised how many foods contain added sugars and how much sugar you end up getting inside your body on a daily basis.

If you want to find out more about why I don’t eat sugar, head on here.

2. Fruit Juice

“But it’s made out of fruit, which means it’s natural and a good kind of sugar…”


The problem with juice, even if it’s freshly squeezed, it has too much sugar.

Liquids are easily digestible and they are processed by our body within a minute. This means that the sugars kick in faster then if the body has to process them itself.

This way our body barely burns calories for chewing and digestion.

This would be perfect if you’re looking for a fast way to energize right before your workout, but if you are in the game for weight loss AVOID FRUIT JUICE for good!

3. Granola

“But why? Granola is totally healthy!”

Except it’s not that healthy.

Granola is a highly processed food and can be both sugar and calorie-filled trap.

You see, in order to stick those grains together and make a plain grain taste good, the food manufacturers use artificial sweeteners. 

If you want to keep it healthy, swap that granola with rolled oats.

4. Cheese

Many diets I’ve been on, actually included cheese on a daily basis.

And I actually love cheese overall, however, after I started the BBB Meal Plan I realized that cheese is not was not that healthy, and banning it off my diet brought me amazing results!

Yes, there are a lot of proteins in cheese, but a lot of sodium and unhealthy fats too.

So, I banned cheddar and feta and replaced them for a healthier version of cheese – mozzarella.

5. Bread (or Multigrain Bread)

Words like “multigrain,” “wheat,” and “8 grain” may sound healthy, however, that’s not the case 90% of the time.

Most loaves of bread labeled as multigrain actually contain refined grains too.

After banning bread and all kinds of dough in my daily diet, I started seeing serious results.

So, if you absolutely can’t survive without bread, read the label carefully to make sure your bread is clean before buying anything.

6. Maple Syrup

Maple, agave, honey… you may think these sweeteners are healthy but they are basically just a substitute for sugar.

They may be a better option than white sugar, there’s no doubt there, however, it doesn’t change the fact that they are still loaded with sugar.

So, yes, you should avoid fast-digesting sugars as much as you can if you want to make the best out of your weight loss.

7. Energy Bars

Even though they have this “all healthy and natural” packages, energy bars can be loaded with sugars and artificial sweeteners.

Some of them can be great for loading you up with energy for your upcoming workout, but I’ll choose a piece of fruit to do that for me every time.

If you absolutely got to have a bar, make sure to reach out for a raw bar instead, with fewer less processed ingredients.

8. Fried Foods

As I explain in my nutrition guide “The Hungry Fit Girl” you can easily ruin food by not cooking it properly.

Let’s take french fries as an example. The main ingredient is potato.

If you cook a potato in the oven, with a sprinkle of olive oil and spices, you’ll get a perfectly healthy side dish to any meal.

However, once you deep fry it, you get junk food that’s high both in sodium and calories.

You shouldn’t eliminate all fats, however, you should only stay away from bad fats and trans fats which includes deep-fried foods and refined oils.

After all, French fries and chicken wings won’t help you feel better, get healthier and lose weight for sure.

So, BAN!

9. Milk

I stopped eating milk a few years back, and haven’t had a gulp since then.

And the truth is, there’s this never-ending debate about dairy products—some say they’re crucial for bone health, others think we should completely avoid them, arguing that they are “unnatural” to the human body.

And this is true: humans are the only species that consume milk in adulthood and certainly the only ones that consume milk from other animals.
The biological purpose of cow’s milk is to feed a growing calf, not a full-grown human. 

However, it’s really a personal choice that I’ve made for myself.

I eat other dairy products such as greek yogurt, mozzarella, parmesan, and whey protein.
However, as far as it comes to milk, I banned it from my diet.

It has added sugars, it’s poor in probiotics and it’s a liquid that I manage to live without.

10. Processed Carbs

I am not a keto gal, as you probably figured by now.

However, I’m super picky when it comes to carbs.

Processed or simple carbs are bad for your health overall if you try to maintain a healthy life.

They are pretty low in fibers and nutrients which don’t help your gut at all and they have a bunch of calories that just go through your body without helping you maintain healthy energy levels.

So, I banned processed carbs from my diet, and am only eating healthy, complex carbs that come from natural, raw sources.

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I hope I helped in learning a bit more about nutrition.

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