We all love to treat ourselves with a set of cute workout clothes now and then.

Well, when it comes to workout clothes, I know I’m a bit of a clothing junkie myself:

I’m constantly obsessed with buying new workout leggings.

Despite the fact I have tons of them just sitting there in the closet, still I get so excited to buy new ones.

I don’t need them, but I crave them for days until I decide to buy them.

My boyfriend Matt is always teasing me when I stuck my eyes on some cute workout clothes when we’re out shopping: “Oh, yeah, you don’t have enough of them now, do you?”

And yes, he’s right, I do have tons of them and I still want more.

Why is that?

Am I just becoming a shopaholic, or is there something else?

Believe it or not I got some pretty amazing facts I can rub in his face the next time I buy myself some fitness clothes.

And not to mention his gaming obsession, really Matt, you haven’t payed for enough games already now, have you? :)

Well, inspired by the latest set I got obsessed about, the Dream Big Signature Set I got from Motivational Brand active wear, I got a few amazing reasons why we’re obsessed with buying workout clothes.

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And the set… oh my, you’re going to fall in love with my new pair of leggings and my workout bra :)

This is by far my favorite pair of workout leggings and the most comfy workout bra.


Stay with me and I’ll give you the sneakiest tips when picking out fitness wear.

Let’s get started right away!


1. If You Look Like Someone Who Works out, You Most Likely Will Workout


The dress up is always my #1 rule to beat laziness.

When you constantly look like someone who wants to workout, you most certainly will workout.

I love to dress up in my favorite workout leggings on lazy days and spend the whole day in them.

This helps me be in a workout mood throughout the day.

That’s how I always manage to get motivated to workout on time, since every single time I look in the mirror I feel like a fit chick that’s just about to kill the workout.

2. Cute Workout Clothes Boost Motivation

Despite the hundreds of thousands of ways to motivate myself to workout, this is by far my favorite one.

Cute workout clothes are a great way to motivate yourself to workout, since they make working out a little less painful at least on the eyes :)

I know I am much more excited to go for a run when I’m in my favorite running set, that makes me feel more comfortable and confident than if I threw on any old thing.

So, believe it or not, what you wear in the gym can give you the mental boost needed to push through a tough workout.

“In a study carried out by report authors Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky, volunteers were either asked to wear a lab coat or given nothing special to wear, and then performed attention-related tasks.
Those wearing the lab coats were much more successful at the tasks than the group wearing just their everyday clothes.
Interestingly a further experiment showed that people’s ability to do the task increased only when they wore a professional lab coat, rather than a similar coat such as a painter’s overall.”

Science Direct, Enclothed cognition

Think of workout clothing as your uniform:

When you put on new fitness clothes, you will mentally prepare yourself to work out and get in the right mindset for goal crushing.

They get you into character, like an actor putting on a costume for a performance.

As a result, you expect to have a better performance, making you more mentally prepared for the task.

So simply wearing workout clothes can help motivate you to exercise since it’s one of those brain boosts that put you in the workout mood.

Let’s look at these two outfits for an example.

The first outfit says:

I hate workout but I have to do it so I deal with it.

The second outfit says: I’m a fit chick that loves to workout!

So, your choice girls!

3. They Can Make You Feel Super Comfy

We all feel extremely uncomfortable when we workout,since we’re pushed out of our comfort zone.

We don’t need another factor making us feel uncomfortable since we already do.

That’s why working out in comfy workout clothes is a must.

You shouldn’t be too tight, but not too baggy either since it can mess up with your range of motion.

Not to mention unsupportive sport bras – don’t get me started on this one.

Also, being wet while wearing sweat drenched fabrics that don’t wick moisture away from your skin
you’ll feel wet, itchy and extremely uncomfy, while your shirt full of sweat will weigh down.

So, make sure to exercise in sweat wicking fabrics – they use micro-fibers to wick sweat away from your skin and bring it to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate.

This will help you feel dry and help you regulate your temperature while working out.

And not to mention how important it is to choose a good sport bra, so check out these tips and sports bras for women reviews.

4. They Boost Your Confidence

A pair of pants or a shirt that makes you look good while working out can actually help you enjoy your workout, rather than when you’re wearing a random oversized T-shirt.

That’s because when you look in the mirror all red, sweaty and tired and you like what you see, your mood is boosted up and this helps you enjoy your workout even if it is at home.

And this is not about what others think when they see you exercising, it’s about how these cute workout clothes make you feel about yourself.

When you feel good about yourself and how you look while you workout, you will become more confident overall.

5. They Can Help You Make Fitness A Habit

Put your money where your sweat is and you’ll get yourself a healthy habit for life.

Not a budget friendly one, though, BUT if you are constantly investing in workout clothing and workout gear, you’re one step closer to making yourself a fit habit.

Just like laundry, workout is another thing on the to-do list that we’d rather not do, but we kinda have to, so in effort to make it happen we put on our workout clothes.

When you put them on, you start looking like someone who workouts and someone who loves to workout.

Having cute workout clothes specifically for when you workout will help put you in the right frame of mind for getting done the exercise, so make sure you feel like this every once in awhile and you’ll make it a habit.

6. You Can Use Them To Reward Yourself

Losing weight and getting fit is a task that needs a lot of perseverance, and one way to ensure that you will not give up hope is to constantly reward yourself.

Rewards will make your journey more exciting while trying harder, and they will help you gain the mental strength you need to reach your ultimate goal.

So, rewarding yourself when you have successfully achieved a short-term goal may definitely lead to a long term commitment.

The reward system is always working great for me, a new set of cute workout clothes is my reward for pushing hard the last few weeks and leveling up.

Since rewards give you a sense of achievement that can drive you to work harder towards your goal, they’ll help you remind yourself of your achievement every time you workout in them.

PS: Don’t get the idea to reward yourself with junk food, though :)

7. The Correct Fitness Clothes Improves Performance

Wondering how?

Well I can give you a number of examples of how having the right workout clothes can improve your performance.

Let’s take the power a great pair of running shoes for example, that can help you run longer while training for a marathon, or how crucial it is to have real-deal bike shorts for long rides.

Not to mention the fact that in swimming, there’re some swimsuits that help you perform a bit better by making you more aerodynamic in the water, while others had been banned because they actually do shave time off.

Well, as in any other sport, in fitness also what you wear directly affects your performance.

For example if you have something very baggy on at the gym, it can get in the way of what you’re doing, or it can get snagged and caught on something.

Without specialized fitness clothing it’s harder to see your body’s alignment, posture, and movements and that’s where the performance suffers.

8. Adds Up Protection

Your safety can easily suffer if your uncomfortable clothing are getting in your way.

For example, wearing too much material in the gym can get in the way while you try to perform certain movements, or prevents you to do them right.

Also, when running in a baggy cotton t-shirt instead of a sweat wicking fitness top, you’re risking getting a cold.

The right shoes on the other hand that absorb shock and add stability, can prevent injuries that are really common in fitness.

9. Spices Up Your Look

Looking good is a part of the reason why you workout in the first place.

Going to the gym should be a special event for you, so that you tend to attend it more often, right?

So, you should celebrate every time you attend this happening and never underestimate the importance of dressing up to look nice for it.

10. You Are What You Repeatedly Do

In the end, if you’re living a fit and healthy life, where workout takes a good part of your day, there’s no doubt that workout clothing will be the number one on your shopping list.

When you’re constantly going for the workout leggings instead of buying some fancy pants, it becomes a part of your life and a part of who you are.

You are what you do, so don’t be afraid to be a stylish fit chick :)


There are several factors you should be careful with:

  • Comfort
  • Sweat wicking ability
  • Nice fit
  • Bright colors
  • Pockets

Well, my new Dream Big Signature Set I got from Motivational Brand active wear has everything you need to look for.

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I just love them!

They have this little pocket as you can see – just lovely!

So if you want to get this amazing outfit, for less than $50, head on to the link to order one.

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And most important of all, don’t forget to share these cute workout clothes with your friends.