“12 min FULL BODY HIIT Workout | At Home No Equipment Workout To Burn Fat”


Are you ready to sweat like never before, while burning fat and toning muscles at the same time?!

This full body HIIT workout will do magic for you!

In just 12 minutes, in the comfort of your own home, with NO EQUIPMENT!

45 seconds on, 15 off, 12 exercises, in just 12 minutes.

Your whole body is getting on fire!

The only thing you need for this workout is a yoga mat, and your beautiful self.

That’s it!

And please, please don’t tell me you don’t have time to workout.

This workout is only 12 minutes, and by minute 2 you’ll be already drenched in sweat.

You have the time.

Just click play and follow along.

We’re jumping into it right now!


12 min FULL BODY HIIT Workout

At Home No Equipment Workout


This 12 min full body HIIT workout will leave you drenched in sweat!

And it’s only 12 minutes, so no excuses!!

Get ready for a total body workout and burnout.

Just click play, and just follow along with me!


The Rules

Here are some important notes you should follow when performing this full body HIIT workout in order to get the most out of it, and make sure to avoid injuries:

  • The exercises are preformed at a 45:15 interval.
    This means for every 45 seconds of work we rest for 15 seconds.
    There are 12 exercises total and we’re done.
  • Think about the form.
    Form is everything when it comes to these kinds of workouts.
    That’s how we avoid injuries, and make sure to get the best out of each rep.
    So, I’d rather you do 5 quality reps in the range of 45 seconds, than do 20 half-ass reps.
  • You can pick up a weight while doing these exercises.
    If you feel like you have it in you, you can absolutely pick up some weights and add them to your workout.
  • Keep moving.
    It’s crucial that you keep moving and don’t stop.
    I know it’s hard, and you are allowed to slow down, but don’t quit.
    Quitting is not an option!
    It’s only 12 minutes, so suck it up, it will be over soon :)
  • You can do this every day.
    Of course you can!
    It’s a great finisher to your strength training sessions, or just as a short daily sweat.
    Also, you can try doing one more round and make it a full 25 minute workout session.
    For more you can visit my workout program RADIATE.
  • Body changes are made in the kitchen.
    So, make sure to eat healthy if you are looking for long term results.
    Check out my BBB Meal Plan for more info.

Now let’s head on to the exercises one by one…


The Exercises

1. Floor Tap Squats

full body HIIT workout


2. Sprawls

total body workout


3. Knee Up Downs

at home workout


4. Crab Kicks

full body HIIT workout


5. Seesaw Lunges (right)

no equipment workout


6. V Ups

full body HIIT


7. Seesaw Lunges (left)

full body workout


8. Bear Crawl To Push Up

full body HIIT workout


9. Knees To Chest

full body HIIT


10. Burpees

total body workout


11. Plank Shoulder Taps

at home no equipment workout


12. Reverse Plank Crunches

at home full body workout



Why Is This Workout So Effective

Because it’s a HIIT workout.

HIIT, short for High Intensity Interval Training, is a type of training that is short but really intense.

This form of training is done in intervals, one exercise right after the other with little or no break time in between.

And even though it can be completed in shorter amounts of time, it has been shown to improve fitness levels more than traditional, longer workouts.

It’s effectiveness is due to its ability to burn fat even hours after finishing the workout, increase the production of growth hormones, and improve the body’s ability to use oxygen.

Plus these workouts tone your entire body, even without lifting any weight, and can be performed at home with no equipment.

You can basically get twice the results in terms of fat burn, while spending just a fragment of the time that you would spend on a cardio machine, doing slow steady cardio.


Now let’s head on to work!

Just get yourself on the yoga mat, click play, and leave the rest to me :)


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Till next time, babes!