It’s my favorite time of the year – SUMMER!


Bikini season is on!

However, I know it can be a struggle if you are not completely satisfied with your body goals.

Well, first thing’s first, let me tell you that you are beautiful no matter what size you are, and you should not worry about today’s society’s beauty standards usually set up by photoshop and plastic surgery.

But, if you want to get healthier this summer, I have the guide for you.

These are the 12 summer habits that get me bikini ready, throughout the years.

They are super simple to follow, and they will make sure to get you balanced and fit, plus give you that extra shine on the beach.

Let’s get started right away!

#1: I Start My Day With Ice Cold Water

I literally open my eyes and reach for a glass of water.

This is a habit I gained a few years back and I still to this day stick to it.

Hydration overall is essentially good for our bodies, but hydration in the morning can make an even bigger difference for your health.

It boosts your metabolism, flushes out toxins, promotes weight loss and helps you burn more calories, especially if it’s ice cold.

#2: I Do A Fast Cardio

Right after I wake up, I like to shake things a bit and do a fast 15-20 minute sweat session.

Rather it’s a jog around the neighborhood or a cardio session on YouTube.

Doing a short cardio workout on an empty stomach helps with maintaining a healthy weight and burning a decent amount of calories right at the beginning of the day.

Here are a few sessions I usually go to > The Best Full Body Fat Burner Videos.

#3: And I Do A 5 Minute Stretching Routine Afterwards

The magic is in stretching – I learned that from yoga.

It lengthens the muscles and makes them leaner and stronger.

Doing a stretch or two in the morning helps me wake every single muscle up and get them ready for the day ahead.

It takes only a few minutes with just a few yoga poses or stretches you can even do in the comfort of your own bed.

Maintaining a summer habit like this will help you start the day with great energy and get that lean beach body once and for all.

#4: I Take A Cold Shower

After moving things a bit and making sure I break a sweat, it’s time for a shower.

However, I like my shower fast and cold especially in the summer, since this way it has a lot more benefits for your body and your health.

While warm water causes your blood vessels to dilate and relax, a cold shower wakes and shakes them up.

Meaning, when exposed to a cold temperature, the arteries begin to rapidly pump hot blood by increasing the circulation and shaking up the body.

A cold shower prepares your body for the upcoming daily activities, plus it’s amazing for the skin too.

#5: I Eat A Balanced Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why I ALWAYS make sure to keep it balanced and clean.

In my 28-Day meal plan Burn Baby Burn you can find 28 healthy and balanced breakfast ideas and recipes you can use to start your day right.

From seasonal fruits, whole oats, probiotics, nuts and seeds, your breakfast will make sure to load you with the nutrients needed to start the day right and keep healthy throughout the summer days.

Also, if you start your day healthy and clean, you are most likely to keep it up healthy for the rest of it.

Here are some of my favorite balanced breakfast ideas > 5 Fit & Healthy Breakfast Recipes Ready In 5 Minutes.

#6: I Have My Caffeine After My Breakfast

I know coffee has been on the bad word for quite some time, for being bad for your health.

I strongly disagree with this since coffee can be a totally healthy habit if you are doing it right.

If your coffee is pure and black, no sugar, no milk – you are all set.

Also, never have your coffee on an empty stomach. First, we do the ‘breakie’ then we do the coffee.

It’s definitely better to keep that caffeine waiting until you have some food in your system since caffeine causes your body to release sugar into your bloodstream which in turn causes the pancreas to release insulin.

On an empty stomach, this can cause a sharp drop in blood sugar which can then set up more sugar cravings.

Having food in your stomach before you drown in that cup of coffee will help modulate this blood sugar response and keep those cravings at bay.

So, if you want to keep drinking your coffee while maintaining a healthy life, make sure to always do it after your meals.

#7: I Plan My Day

The next habit that gets me bikini ready is planning.

Planning is CRUCIAL when it comes to losing weight and getting fit.

That’s why I always do it at the beginning of the day, usually over coffee. I sit down, relax, open my Fit Babe Fitness Planner and start planning.

I usually make a plan regarding the to-do’s I have for the day and of course the meals and workouts I’m going to do.

People are always asking me “How you manage to find the time to cook your healthy meals and exercise daily?!”
Well, the thing is I don’t find the time – I make it.

Planning and writing your goals down will help you remember why you started, plus will help you organize your way to lose weight.

Not to mention that my Fit Babe Fitness Planner is loaded with motivational quotes and inspiring posters to keep you motivated and inspired through the roof.

#8: I Eat Seasonal Produce

I swear by the BBB Meal Plan.

However, I make sure to make the changes in it usually regarding the seasons.

One of the reasons summer is my favorite time of the year is because seasonal fruits and veggies are exploding with colors everywhere around us.

In-season fruits and veggies are healthier, loaded with more nutrients vitamins and minerals, taste better and cost less.

However, It can be a bit confusing knowing what’s in the season – when, so head on to my shopping hacks to get the list for the summer months > What’s In Season?

#9: But I Keep Track On My Fruit Intake

I know it’s healthy, and I know it’s natural, and I don’t argue with that.

It’s just that, as I explain in my nutrition guide, fruits are loaded with fructose, which even though is a natural source of sugar it’s still sugar.

This means that once it enters your body, the sugar part of the fruit is processed the same way as any other sugar.
It’s still an energy you’ll have to burn.

That’s why I make sure to keep track on my fruit intake and lower it down to 2 pieces of fruit a day.

One piece with my breakfast in the morning, and another one before my training session in the afternoon.

#10: I Do HIIT On A Daily Basis

Only 20-30 minutes a day, 5 times a week, is what it takes to get beach ready.

HIIT is an amazing way to get fit if you don’t have much time to workout.

It’s a fast and explosive way to blast the fat off while not tapping into those lean muscles.

It’s literally how I got my beach body in the first place.

Go ahead to try out my workout program Burn Baby Burn right now!

#11: I Walk Or Bike Everywhere

You may be thinking, yeah right. But let me tell you one thing about weight loss and fitness:

The biggest difference isn’t in the big things you do once every now and then. It’s the small things you do on a daily basis, that makes the biggest difference.

And one of those things is transport.

Getting in your car is the easiest and usually, the fastest way to get from point A to point B.

However, it’s most certainly not the healthiest way. So, to make sure you squeeze in an activity, I use different transportation – my legs.

I walk or run everywhere, and for more distant routes I bike. It helps me stay active and burn a few more calories.

#12: I Add Chia To Everything

From smoothies to salads and oatmeals, I add chia seeds to almost everything.

Chia is packed with proteins and helps me keep full and balanced throughout the day.

If I don’t manage to sneak it in my meals, I mix a teaspoon with water, freshly squeezed lemon juice and ice.

Among other amazing benefits, chia speeds up metabolism, helps digestion and maintaining a healthy gut.

#13: I Avoid Alcohol

If you’ve read my nutrition guide ‘The Hungry Fit Girl” you already know why alcohol is bad for you and why you should avoid it if you want to keep healthy and fit.

It’s literally empty calories, that’s loaded with bad sugars and fast digesting carbs that are just bad for your body, gut, and health overall.

And on top of all of the bad things, alcohol does for me, it also makes me cheat on my diet and feel cranky and skip my workouts the day after.

Not to mention making the cellulite on my legs more visible. I know that’s weird but it’s a thing I noticed a while ago.

That’s why I make sure to keep my alcohol to a minimum, even completely avoiding it, especially during the hot summer months.

Instead, I hydrate with infused water throughout the day.

#14: I Keep My Snacks Healthy

Snacks are always on the bad rep for no reason. As long as you make sure your snacks are coming from healthy sources, you’re all set.

Here’s a list of the go-to snacks I usually have whenever I have friends over or just feel like snacking in between my meals > 20 Easy Healthy Snacks.

Now Let’s Get Salty!

Ocean air, salty hair, don’t care!

Include at least a few of my summer habits and you’ll be one step closer to that beach body you’ve always wanted.

You’ll not only get beach ready, but you’ll make sure to include some amazingly healthy habits for life.

Don’t forget to share them with your friends!

Till next time, babes <3