11. Make A Plan For The Day

Planning is one really important key when it comes to mornings.

You should plan your daily activities, you should plan your meals and workouts too.

How else are you supposed to have time for everything if you don’t make it, right?

So make sure you plan what you’re going to do – just think about it while you drink your coffee. It doesn’t always have to be written down, even though writing it down helps a lot.

Here’s a planner that can help a lot – I use it every morning :)


Also, here’s a story of how planning helped me get fit, and how important it actually is when it comes to maintaining a healthy and balanced life.

12. Get A Cold Shower


I bet it freckles your skin just by thinking about it, but believe it or not – it helps you a lot in building healthy morning habits.

Wondering how?

First, while warm water causes your blood vessels to dilate and relax, a cold shower wakes them up, so when exposed to a cold temperature, the arteries begin to rapidly pump hot blood by increasing the circulation and shaking up the body.

Next, it prepares your body for the upcoming daily activities, since the cold shower is considered as a great body warm up for the day, by helping you to “rise and shine”.

So, if, like me, you’re not a morning person,  this will help you wake up and feel fresh in a few seconds.

In the end, hot showers were invented as a luxury to human kind – they don’t provide any health benefits.

It doesn’t have to be ice cold, you just have to make sure it’s cooler than what you’re used to.

Step by step, day by day, the colder it gets – the better.

13. Choose A Smarter Commute

The way we choose to travel has a big effect on our health and life overall.

And it’s not only us – the way we transport from one place to another, affects our environment too, impacts climate as well as air, water, and soil quality.

Rather than trying to change your lifestyle overnight, you can just start with some tiny simple changes.

  • Walk to the train station instead of driving;
  • Try biking at least once a week to see if that fits into your lifestyle;
  • Park your car a bit further;
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator;

The goal isn’t to work up a sweat, but to raise your metabolic rate and burn more fat, while getting some extra sunlight and fresh air through your lungs and to give your body an extra edge.

These little changes can make a really big difference in your usual grueling morning routine, to your health and your lifestyle.

14. Stretch Your Feet

Our feet do such a big work for us – they carry us around and keep us standing during the whole day, and yet, we never seem to give them credit for the amazing work they really do for us every day.

Feet are not just blocks to clomp around on – we need to take good care of them so that they take good care of us.

That’s why it’s really important to take a few minutes in the morning and prepare them for the upcoming daily activities they’re going to fight through.

Here’re a few stretches you want to consider doing:

morning feet stretches - 15 Fit Girls Morning Rituals - Healthy Habits That Changed My Life

15. Eat Your Breakfast With Your Non-Dominant Hand

Yep, you heard me!

I have been trying eating my breakfast with my left hand for over a year now.

Actually, when we challenge our brains, we force our neurons to make new connections, and that helps us improve the brain’s capacity for attention and memory.

This simple trick also helps you eat more mindfully, since making things more difficult is a great way to force yourself to pay attention to what you’re doing.

So try to feed yourself with your non-dominant hand for breakfast, and your body and mind will like the changes for sure.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Every morning you have two choices- continue to sleep with dreams or wake up and chase your dreams. The choice is yours!” – Unknown

So what are you waiting for?!

By including just a few of these healthy habits in your morning routine, you’ll start changing your life.

You’ll feel better, look better, sleep better and make the best out of your life.

Download the Fit Girls Healthy Habits Checker to include these morning rituals more easily into your everyday life.

healthy habits - fit girls morning rituals checker

Go get it, girl!

Don’t forget to share these morning rituals with your friends, because healthy habits are better gained in a team! :)