Another motivational quotes round up just to give you that fitspo boost up and just get you going.

But first, let’s talk a bit about motivation.

How does this motivation everyone’s bragging about actually work and how can a pair of words give that missing bit of inspiration.

Well girls, quotations were actually sayings that some famous and influential people once said, usually smart stuff and facts about life.

And there’s no doubt that quotes have that superpower to boost the motivation levels up to the ceiling, and people are doing great in recognizing the best ones.

Some of them are so powerful that they become mantras for generations.

How can they work so good on that part of the brain responsible for pushing us to achieve even the impossible?

Ignoring the fact that I am literally addicted to motivational quotes, I honestly don’t know a person they don’t work on.

They actually magically turn on every light and gives us that extra push our brain needs.

And we all know that if you want to achieve anything in fitness, you’ll have to convince and prepare your mind first for what’s coming.

That’s actually where motivational quotes come in and do the job.

Quotes build that self-efficacy through a dialogue you’re having with yourself, and they believe in you in a way no one does. If a quote says you can do it, you usually start believing yourself.

Not to mention the fact that our brain actually has a huge appetite for well-expressed wisdom through quotations.

Now, I’m not trying to play smart or anything, but I’ve collected a few quotes that actually work so good on me, AGAIN.

They’re not words of wisdom this time, instead they’re just phrases describing the same way I feel on daily basis on my fitness journey.

These quotes are so much fun, you’re going to LOVE THEM I promise.

They’re all about fitness and all about health, but with that touch of sarcasm and honest humor.

Enough talking, scroll down to check the out right now, and don’t forget to share your favorite one in the comment section bellow.

Let’s get motivated!



















Feeling Motivated Already?

Please let me know who’s your favorite one, in the comment section bellow.

I am not sure if I can pick out just one even if I try, but peanut butter is where it hits me most :)

I often like to joke about my huge love for peanut butter and say that peanut butter is the glue that holds my life together haha I love it and I cannot lie!

Till next time babes,