There’re so many tips and tricks when it comes to working out and losing weight.

But, if you’re in the fitness lifestyle for a while now, you’re ready for some real gym hacks!

These genius gym hacks I have for you today are a MUST for every fit girl out there.

Starting from simple packing tricks, to workout DIYs and gym bag essentials, you’ll get a full guide on how to make your gym time easier and overcome every obstacle especially when it comes to comfort.

They’re functional, practical and so easy to follow – yet they’ll give you huge help in achieving your goal and make you feel like a real pro.

And, you’ll take a sneak peek in my gym bag and check out my personal gym bag essentials :)

Head on to my fit girl’s gym hacks right now!

1. Keep Your Hair Ready

It’s pretty important to keep your hair out of the way while working out.

You know, your workout is hard enough without your hair getting the way.

Especially if you have bangs, like me.

Oh, anyone out there with a hairstyle like mine would know how hard it is to keep the beauties out of the way.

But fortunately I’ve found a way to deal with them by doing braids.

Bobby pins will slip away, making a ponytail out of them will look ridiculous, but a braid will never fail you.

Here’s how I do it:

2. Keep Your Gym Gloves Fresh

Now, this is a gym hack I found out about few months ago.

If your gym gloves smell bad and you don’t have the time to wash them, here’s an easy hack for you:

Freeze your gloves.

You might not know this, but after just an hour or two in the freezer, your gloves won’t smell a bit.

This is a real quick and easy fix, especially if you don’t have time to wash them and wait for them to dry out.

Also, I use a spray for them I make myself:

  • Water 
  • 1 teaspoon clothing softener
  • Spraying bottle

Just mix everything up and carry the spray in your gym bag.

Use it on the inside of your gloves, right after you finish working out.


3. Freeze Your Water Smart

Another one of my gym bag essentials is (of course) water bottle.

But, I hate it when I grab the water bottle to freshen up a bit, and instead of that I get the warmest sip that feels more like a sip of tea.

So, if you hate drinking warm water while working out and you don’t feel like investing in a thermo bottle, I have the perfect idea for how to keep it cold in your regular bottle.

My gym hack will provide you the perfect cold water at the gym and will last as long as your workout.

What you have to do is fill your fave water bottle halfway and freeze it on its side, overnight.

Then right before you head on to the gym, just grab it and fill up the rest with fresh water.

You’ll have cold water to freshen up all the way through your workout.

4. Keep Your Gym Bag Fresh

Is your gym bag smelling like sweaty socks? :)

No worries, all of the gym bags smell like that, but not anymore!

Just add few tea bags in your gym bag and you’re all set.

5. Carry Hair Tie Holders On Hand

If you’ve ever been through a workout without a hair tie, you’d know how important this actually is.

Another thing on my MUST HAVE gym bag essentials is a hair tie.

Since working out without it is a lesson you don’t want to learn by yourself, here’s a tip how to always make sure you have one on hand.

Instead of just dropping them in your gym bag, use a carabiner to hold them.

Just clip it to the handle of your gym bag and you’re all set.


6. Keep Your Sneakers Fresh

Baking soda has been proven to be the best sneaker freshener.

Many people use it but here’s how I do it without making a mess.

Add a tablespoon of baking soda in the center of a napkin and make a knot using a ribbon.

Just place it in your gym shoes and you’ll refresh them.

7. Keep Bobby Pins in Place

Bobby pins are great – they can help every hair lock stay in place.

But I always lose mines and can never find one when I need it.

That’s why I came up this amazing hack to always keep them in place.

Just place them in a Tic Tac box.

8. Pack The Protein Shake Right

Protein shakes are counted as my number 1 gym bag essentials.

They’re the perfect post workout fuel up, especially when you have more than half hour ride home.

But, do you have a problem with transporting your protein powder, too?

If you add water to a shaker that already has protein in it, it always sticks to the bottom and doesn’t mix well.

That’s why you should add water first, then add the protein – it mixes a lot better.

How to do that when you have to carry it in your gym bag, right?

Well, here’s how I do it:

I used to carry my dose of protein in zip lock bags, but a few months ago I came up with a better solution.

I add it in a salt and pepper shaker :)

9. Treat Red Face

I have the reddest face whenever I workout, and it just can’t seem to go away about half an hour after I finish.

I’ve tried water, it helps just for just a second or two and then it only makes it worse.

But, believe it or not there is a way to make the redness go away faster, with cucumber wet wipes.

They have cooling effect, that helps you get rid of the redness faster.

10. My Gym Knot

It is really important to know how to tie your shoes right.

Not only this will help you go through your workout without your laces getting in the way, but this can make your shoes fit better.

For example, my heel is always slipping around my shoe, especially then I do push ups or plank positioned exercises.

Well fortunately, with the right lacing you can avoid this.

Here’s a lacing hack that helped me overcome these problems:

You can see the video guide here.


11. Go Through A Boring Cardio Session

Do you hate cardio as much as I do?

No worries, here’s a hack for all of you out there that can’t manage to go through the boring 30 minutes treadmill workout finale:


Playlists are so overrated, they’re fun if you’re running or doing strength training, but when it comes to the boring treadmill, static bike or elliptical workout, you have to try audiobook.

They’re the reason I manage to keep on track with my cardio workouts in the first place.

12. Store The Wet Clothes Right

It’s really important to store your wet clothes the right way after finishing your workout, to avoid moistening your gym bag too.

That’s why a plastic zipper bags are my next gym bag essentials – I store my sweaty clothes in them.

13. Pack Your Shoes Right

Putting your training shoes in your gym bag, unprotected, might not be the best idea if you’re trying to keep good hygiene.

Here’s a hack I use all the time:

Wrap the soles of your shoes with a plastic shower cap before packing them.

This will help you keep your whole bag cleaner.

14. Wick Boob Sweat

Are you annoyed by the boob sweat sneaking inbetwen your boobies?

I am too, especially when I have longer training sessions and end up with wet bra for most of the time.

Well, to avoid this you can use a simple trick I use to both wick the sweat and protect my sport bra:

Line it with pantyliners.

I use small, 100% cotton ones and they wick away all the sweat leaving both me and my spot bra dry.

15. Use Microfiber Towel

Microfiber towels are my number one revelation.

They’re the best!

They take less place than the ordinary towels and are a better sweat weaker at the same time.

16. Clean Deodorant Stains In A Second

It happens to all of us – ending up with white marks on the favorite workout top.

I just hate deodorant stains and the fact that they’re stuck on the top for the rest of the day.

But, recently I found out a hack that will clean them in just a few seconds.

Believe it or not, a nylon sock can help you get rid of the deodorant stains in less than a minute.

Just put a nylon sock on your hand and rub the stain – it will disappear in just a few seconds.

17. Reduce Plastic Bottle Smell

Oh the times I’ve drank water from a smelly bottle, just because I am in a rush and can’t seem to find few minutes to wash it up.

But, even when I have the time, I usually can’t reduce the smelliness just by washing it.

There are many ways to clean it properly, but they all take a lot of time, such as leaving it with soapy water overnight.

Well I usually don’t have that much of a time, so here’s how I do it:

Just add two tablespoons of white vinegar, shake it a bit, and leave it for less than a minute.

Then just wash the bottle and you’re all set.

18. Fold Your Headphones Right

Wrapping up the headphones seems like the hardest thing to nail – they always come undone in your bag and get tangled.

Well not anymore!

Here’s how I do it with the help of a clip I found at home:

Now, Get Ready To Rock The Gym!

These 18 gym hacks and gym bag essentials will help you go through your gym days easier.

They’re a real must when it comes to living a fit life, so girls use them wise :)

And remember, sharing is caring!!!