Christmas is almost here, so it’s time to start planning for the best part – THE GIFTS
And these Christmas gift ideas I have for you today are perfect for the fitness junkies on your Christmas list.

So, if you have fitness buddies you want to really surprise this Christmas, you’re in the right place!
I made a list of 18 budget-friendly Christmas fitness gift ideas, that are so smart, inspiring, creative, and a perfect idea for your friends and family who are into fitness.

They are all under $15 some of them even under $5, yet they’re super useful.
It’s not too late, so hurry up, head on to my last-minute fitness Christmas gifts ideas, and start wrapping up!

1. Fitness Planner

My idea #1 gift idea is a fitness and goal planner for the new year.
This is such a great idea for a Christmas gift, since a new year with 365 new days and 365 new opportunities to start right.

And what planner if not the FIT BABE fitness planner?
Day by day, month by month, this cute fitness planner will guide any one of you to achieving all of your fitness goals for the next year!


2. Protein Cookies

This is the ultimate Christmas wish coming true for all of the fitness lovers out there!

Why? Because they can eat their Christmas treats while staying healthy.
However, finding healthy cookies that are tasty, sugar-free, and packed with proteins can be tricky.
So, here are my choices:


3. Socks

This might be obvious, but you cannot go wrong with socks.
We have a bunch of them, however, it still warms our souls when we get a new pair

That being said, check out my all-time favorite fitness socks.


4. Workout Gloves

Not many fitness junkies own a pair of workout gloves, yet, they are so practical.
So this is on point gift for almost anyone who works out with weights.

Here’re my favorite:

If you’re buying for someone super special, I’d suggest these cute and designed gym gloves.
These lightweight, feminine g-loves are designed to help eliminate hand fatigue.

5. Water Bottle

You can never have too many water bottles.
This is a great Christmas gift idea for both fitness enthusiasts, and for anyone in general.
We all have to drink water on a daily basis


6. Healthy Recipe Book

Healthy recipes are so hard to find these days.
Even though the internet is loaded with recipes, it can get a bit overwhelming.

That’s why a recipe book or even a healthy meal plan with recipes, will make any fitness or health enthusiast happy.

7. Tea And Fitness Mug

This is so cute and thoughtful, yet it will cost you under $15.
Here are some of my favorite mugs:

And pair them with some tea:


8. Workout Subscription

If you are getting a gift for someone who you know is having trouble keeping up with working out, then a workout subscription might be the best choice.
Having a workout program they can just do from the comfort of their own home – that’s a win-win.

Here’s my suggestion:

9. Motivational Poster

Posters will make anyone happy! Especially motivational posters about fitness and self love.
Not only they’re great for last-minute picks, but they are also the best budget-friendly fitness Christmas gifts too.

You just need to find a poster, print it and frame it – it’s that easy!

I have so many poster collections here on Fit Girl’s Diary, and the best thing is that they are completely FREE.

Head on to check them out!


10. Yoga Mat Carry Bag

This one is for the yoga lovers.
Here’re my favorite yoga mat bags:

11. Fit Body Scrub

This is a great gift to almost anyone, especially a fit girl who probably deals with changes on her skin on daily basis.

Here are my favorites:

12. Meal Prep Containers

I got these last Christmas and I am so happy I did, because that was the time I actually started meal prepping.

Meal containers are the biggest encouragement to start prepping your food, and always make time to cook healthy and eat clean.
Also, they’re a pretty budget-friendly gift, that is practical and really useful.

13. 100% Unsweetened Cocoa Chocolate

Check out my picks:


Another treat that will make your fit buddies so happy!
Having chocolate that’s healthy and delicious at the same time is a Christmas itself :)

14. Resistance Bands

Here are some ideas:


It doesn’t matter if your fitness bestie has a set or not, a present like this is always on point.
A resistance band is a great gift for both a home worker or a gym worker, since they’re pretty easy to fit in a gym bag.

15. Fitness Inspired Cookie Cutters

These are so cute and so much fun.
You can even attach a recipe card, with healthy cookie recipe ideas and make it look super cute!



16. Shaker Bottle

Here are some of my favorites:

And the best thing about these shakers is that they have storage for snacks, whey and any other kind of supplements – which is so practical.

17. Sport Panties

I wish someone bought me workout panties this Christmas – they’re SO good.
If you’re picking out a gift for a girl that has never used workout panties before – EVEN BETTER!

There’s a good reason why athletes use them, so giving that experience to your girlfriend will be priceless.


18. Booty Band


There are never enough booty bands.

They are such a great gift for anyone who works out, especially for the ladies that want to target that booty.


Now, let’s wrap some fitness Christmas gifts!

I hope I helped you pick out the perfect fitness Christmas gifts for your fit friends!

Don’t forget to let me know what you went for in the comments bellow!

Also, I have so many fitness gifts for my fans, so if you are one, make sure to subscribe and wait for them :)

Happy holidays babes!