My first tip for successful weight loss and achieving any of your fitness goals is planning.

Especially when the brand new year is at our doorstep:

365 new days, 365 new opportunities to achieve everything you want!

Why is this “famous” planning suddenly so important?

Well, as they say:


And who ever wrote this is a freaking genius.

This is so true – as long as you focus on the planning and organizing everything, you’ll be half way to achieving whatever you want.

Especially, when it comes to getting fit – planning is the first thing you want to do.

Here’s how it all goes:




And did you know that 66% of people that set a fitness goal or make a resolution, quit within one month?

Well, as I always like to say, people are not planning to fail, they’re only failing to plan!


We’re going to plan everything nice and easy, step by step, month by month, goal by goal, until we achieve them all!

I’m serving everything you need in my FIT GIRL’S DIARY fitness planner printable, to help you organize your way to achieve every one of your fitness and health goals!

You can grab your 2018 fitness planner printable here, and if you already got it I’ll give you a sneak peek in what’s inside and a short “how to” guide.

Day by day, month by month, this cute fitness planner will guide you to achieving all of your fitness goals for the next year!

My 2018 planner is your guidance to successfully organize your whole year and achieve all of your goals one by one.

What’s inside Fit Girl’s Diary Fitness Planner Printable Kit?

Inside you have 15 ready to print pages + 1 cover page, in both A4 and Letter size format.

I personally prefer letter size for planners, but some girls like it better in A4 so you are getting them both.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 2018 calendar page
  • 2017 year reflection board
  • 2018 vision board
  • 2018 resolution list
  • Monthly goals list
  • Monthly meal planner
  • Shopping List
  • Recipe Chart
  • Monthly workout planner and tracker
  • Results tracker
  • Habits tracker
  • Monthly overview
  • Before and After Page

We’re going to plan everything nice and easy, step by step, month by month, goal by goal, until we achieve them all!

In order to make this planning process even easier for you, I decided to break everything into little pieces and explain how it’s done.

Let’s start right away!

Get a Close Up Of Last Year At a Glance1. 2017 Reflection Board

To know what you want to achieve in the new year, you’ll have to get an overview of the last one.

That’s why throughout these 6 fields you’ll have to fill out with whatever comes first in your mind, at a glance:

  • Describe it
  • Determine what you achieved what not
  • Your goals
  • What you learned
  • Healthy habits you’ve gained

2. Envision it!

Right after you finish last years overview at a glance, you’ll head on to the next section to envision what are your goals for the next year and what will you do to achieve them.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight your “get there” section would be: clean up my diet and start doing some extra cardio.

Your next goal can be “clean up my diet” and then the next “get there” would be: eat less sugar and processed foods, eat more raw foods, prioritize protein etc.

Or, if your goal is to get fit and tone some muscles, your “get there” would be: add extra weight to my training sessions.

This are just a few examples of how to fill your envision board.

3. This Year I Will Do

Here you’re shooting few more to do’s for the year on the left, and a few more things to avoid.

You can always come back to this one and add up something later on.

4. Monthly Setup

Next, we’re heading to your monthly set up.

In the upper left corner you’ll write the month, and then you’ll head on to your monthly goals.

Shoot whatever you want to achieve faster – this month, and if you have something you want to work on in the future, just leave it for the next month.

Again, in the “how to” section you’ll write down your own way of achieving your goals and what you’ll need to do to get there.

You have an “important dates” section too, where you can write down just any special date coming up this month together with a “notes” field, where you can put just whatever you feel like you want to note for the month to come.


Plan Your Meals Smart and Precise

5. Meal Planner

We’re heading to one of the most important sections – meal planning.

Let me just point out that food is one of the first things you have to change if you want to get fit and healthy.

What you eat is really important, so we have to make sure to keep it as healthy as possible.

That’s why I gave special accent to meal planning in your Fit Girl’s Diary fitness planner printable kit.

Here you’ll write down every single thing you eat or snack.

By keeping track of what you eat and when, you’ll know exactly what you give to your body on daily basis.

Here’s an example:

  • BREAKFAST – Oatmeal + cottage cheese + flax seeds
  • LUNCH – Chicken + Broccoli + Sweet Potato
  • DINNER – Caprese salad + Eggs
  • SNACKS – Protein bar + Peanut Butter

If you’re not sure about what you should eat and when, head on to my meal plan The Hungry Fit Girl.

Since you already got my planner, I’m treating you with 30% off my meal plan – just write the code PLANIT at checkout.

You’ll keep track of your cheat meals and late night snacks you shouldn’t have, so you’ll know how to control, manage, and avoid them next time.

Also meal planning is important in addition to making sure you have every ingredient you need when it’s time to cook.

That’s why after finishing up the meal planning, we’re heading on to create our shopping list.

6. Shopping list

Shopping can be pretty stressful, but not with my shopping list.

You’ll just review the meal planner and write down every single ingredient in its category.

This way, you’ll always know what you need and you’ll navigate the store quicker and more efficiently.

7. Cooking chart

You’d be surprised how fast can a recipe vanish off your memory.

That’s why you have to collect the recipes you’ve tried or want to try, in order to turn around for ideas later.

You have 9 sections for each month, together with a “recipe name” box.

Name your recipes as you wish, it’s so much fun that way.

8. Workout Planner and Tracker

The next most important thing after your diet is the workout you perform on daily basis.

Workout and diet always go together and they just can’t live one without the other.

If you really want to get organized and always make time for training, you should ink it and track it.

I usually plan my whole week in advance, because I find my workouts to be more effective when I go prepared.

Not knowing what to do is a big barrier for doing anything at all and you can avoid this easily by making a strategy.

What you can plan in the fitness planner printable kit is:

  • Exercises you’ll perform
  • Paring the muscle groups
  • Duration of training session
  • Time of workout
  • How many times per week, etc.

I usually plan my training sessions by writing down the muscle groups or the exercises I want to perform for the day.

Also, you have a tiny check squares at the bottom of every day, so that you add a checkpoint right after you finish your workout for the day.

9. Result Tracker

If your efforts match your results, you’re one step closer to crushing down your goal!

So, in the first section you’ll write down your weight at the end of every week, or if you like it better do it at the end of every month.

But, there’s one thing I prefer and consider more important than the scale – the measuring tape.

So, in the section below, you’ll write down your body measurements, in inches or centimeters, whatever you prefer.

You can do it at the end of every week or at the end of each month, just make sure to write down the date.

Well what’s better motivation than seeing your results?

What you’ve accomplished is inspiring, motivating, and most important of all it’s the confirmation that you’re doing everything right.

If your efforts match your results – you’re one step closer to crushing down your goal!


10. Habit Tracker

Next is the habit tracker.

It takes 30 days to make or break a habit, so this is your section to do so!

You should aim to improve at least one habit per month if not more.

For every habit you write down, you have 30 fields to track it throughout the whole month.

You can track habits like:

  • Drink more water
  • Eat less sugar
  • Start the day with 5 minutes yoga
  • Have a cup of tea
  • Walk to work etc.

Add a checkpoint or color the field each day you succeed in keeping up with your new habit.

At the end of the month get a clear overview about your new habits.

11. Monthly Review

The monthly review should be filled out at the end of each month.

Again, write down the name of the month in the upper left corner.

First of all, note what you’ve achieved and what you haven’t.

This way, you’ll know which goals are up again next month.

Then, add up some overall notes for the month.

And at last, the monthly statistics, count everything and write the results down.

12. Before and after

And last, my favorite part!

It would be the perfect scenario if you could take the before picture at the beginning of the year and the after picture at the end of the year.

However, you can do it at the end of each month too – I leave it up to you.

This will be your motivation throughout the year, to make a big change in the after picture.

Also, when you make that after photo, make sure to send it over at [email protected] to find your own place on my blog!


You just have to plan them right!

Head on to download the FIT GIRL’S DIARY FITNESS PLANNER PRINTABLE KIT and start planning!You just made the right choice!

Planning is EVERYTHING especially when it comes to fitness and weight loss.

My 2018 Fitness Planner Printable is here to help you achieve all of your fitness goals and organize your year to lose weight.

If you ever have anything that’s unclear, you want to ask me something or just want to get some advice, please do not hesitate to do so.

Just shoot me an email at [email protected] or [email protected] and I’ll make sure to get back to you asap!



Monica May