We are all struggling to get closer to our dream bodies at some point in our life.

I personally have thousands of girls asking me to help them to finally overcome all the obstacles and get fit.

So I got thinking:

“How can I reach them from the right point of view, and provide them with everything they need to finally manage to lose weight and get fit for life?!”

And then it lighted – by providing an example.


Girls always want to know exactly what I eat, when, what exercises I do, how many reps, what weight range I use…

That’s why I decided to collect mine and other fit girls habits, I know for a fact are making them feel healthy and stay in shape, and list them all to help each and every one of you become a fit girl yourself.

So, today I’ll list up my collection of healthy habits every fit girl has.

These habits changed my life and helped me get fit and healthy, and most important of all they changed the way I look at fitness, health and life overall.

Let’s get started!

They Always Workout On Mondays

If you workout on Monday, you’ll start the week right and make sure to keep up with your routine for the rest of the week.

They Always Eat A Healthy And Balanced Breakfast

If you start your day right, you’re more likely to keep eating healthy for the rest of the day.

That’s why fit girls always tend to eat a healthy breakfast and start the day balanced.

They Work Out 5 Times A Week

Anything less than that is not enough.

Fit girls usually have 2 rest days, but they make sure to never have them in a row.

For example, workout from Monday to Wednesday, then rest in Thursday, another 2 days of workout till Saturday and another rest day in Sunday.

They Prioritize Proteins

They’re proven to be the best muscle building and muscle recovery food.

But, what’s even more important is picking out the right kind of protein.

And fit girls always make sure to choose protein from the right sources, both plant based and animal based.

They Pick Their Carb Sources Wisely

Fit girls don’t avoid carbs completely, they just pick the right carbs.

This means, they eat carbs that come from real foods only and are not harmed by processing.

Brown rice, sweet potato, whole grain pasta, millet, quinoa…

They Have A Stretching Routine

It helps them get more flexible and improve their workout performance.

At least a few yoga poses for the legs, back shoulders and arms.

They Start Their Day With Water

And, keep hydrated throughout the whole day.

They usually have a favorite water bottle they drag around throughout the whole day.

They Use Protein Supplements

It helps them recover faster and build some lean muscle mass.

Especially after workout, when their muscles are hungry for proteins, a quality protein powder is the way to go.

They Barely Use A Cardio Machine For Cardio

Stepper, elliptical worker, treadmill… 

Instead, they perform HIIT movements that increase their heart rate faster and in a certain circuit, which makes them more efficient way to burn fat.

They Lift Heavy Weights

Just doing body weight movements is not enough.

In order to burn more fat and tone some lean muscles, fit girls around the world add an extra weight when exercising.

Whenever doing squats, lunges, or even crunches, adding that extra weight will help you maximize your results in shorter amount of time.

They Avoid Processed Foods

Especially food that contains artificial sweeteners and unhealthy fats.

Raw and real food is the way to go.

They Read Food Labels

Just a “Low Fat” stamp it’s not enough – fit girls read food labels to see if the product they buy is really healthy.

And they have a common rule – NEVER JUDGE A PRODUCT BY ITS COVER.

The food manufacturers will do anything to sell their products, including adding some words that associate with healthy, such as “organic”, “protein”, “fit”, “balanced” etc. when actually they are far from healthy.

Learn to recognize unhealthy foods by taking a moment to read their label.

They Meal Prep

Not having time to cook the meals is one of the most common reasons of not eating healthy.

That’s why fit girls organize their time to meal prep, so that they always find that time to have a balanced meal.

They’re Extremely Picky At Restaurants

Dressings, sauces and different kinds of dips, can load a salad with a bunch of fats and calories.

That’s why fit girls are always picky when they eat outside their own kitchen.

Asking the waiter if they can to cook your steak on olive oil, or double checking what’s in the dressing doesn’t mean you’re rude – it means you’re taking good care of yourself.

They Always Keep Healthy Snacks Around

If you’re getting off work late or something came out and you can’t make it on time to eat your lunch, it’s pretty important to have something to reach for that will fill you up enough until you can make a healthy meal.

When you feel hungry and don’t have a healthy meal on hand, it’s the time you’re most likely to reach out for an unhealthy meal, so make sure to keep a healthy snack around.

Usually almonds, cashews, walnuts, banana, berries, peanut butter.

They Make Plans According To Their Training

They make workout their priority and arrange everything around that training.

That’s how they always make time for workout, even on busy days.

They Never Rest More Than 3 Days In A Row

A perfect rest is one day, twice a week tops.

No more, no less.

They Follow A Workout Plan

Fit girls never walk into a gym without a plan.

That way, they always make the most out of their time in the gym.

Most of the girls, don’t know what to do when they are in the gym, so they just make random choices on what machines they should work on and have no idea what muscle groups they are working out – this is not a good idea and certainly not efficient.

They Follow An Eating Plan

They are not on a “diet”, they just follow a eating plan and eat according to their goals.

This is the first and most important thing when it comes to losing weight and staying fit – Eating the right foods at the right time.

They Don’t Drink Their Calories

Fit women mostly drink water.

They limit their caffeine intake and opt for water with lemon, coconut water, green tea and freshly squeezed green juices to hydrate.

They never drink juices, energy drinks or other sweetened drinks, and barely drink alcohol.

Think about your goals next time you order a drink at the restaurant.

They Don’t Weight Themselves

Fit girls know that the numbers on the scale don’t mean a dent, so they never weight themselves.

They usually track their results with a measuring tape, or they don’t track them at all.

They just know they look and feel fit and healthy, and don’t need numbers to prove it.

They Give 110% At The Gym

Fit girls know they don’t have to spend hours in the gym to make the most out of their training.

They spend shorter amount of time giving everything they got.

Sweat, cry, faint… Exercising should be hard and it should be performed with the perfect weight, and the perfect reps, pushing you to the maximum.

Half ass workouts won’t get you the fit body you crave for, you’re gonna need a lot more than what you can take, and step far out of your comfort zone.

They Eat Plenty Of Veggies

Fit girls load up their dishes with lots of volume veggies that are lower in calories.

I myself am all about volume eating, and I’m explaining it all in my meal plan.

They Invest In Fitness Equipment

There are days when we just cannot get to a gym.

In case of these situations, fit girls are always backed up with some fitness equipment to help them perform the training in the comfort of their home.

Resistance bands, a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell… Every fit girl got to have a plan B.

They Exercise When They’re Sore

Sore is not a reason to skip a workout, in fact, you’re making it even worse if you call it a rest day.

You don’t have to do intense weight training when you are in pain, but a light workout will not harm your soreness, actually it can help reduce the pain faster.

I hope my 25 Fit Girls Habits helped get closer to your dream body!

Follow these fit girls habits, and you’ll get great results in a matter of weeks!

Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends, because one thing is for sure:

Fit girls always have a workout buddy!