’40 Fit Girls Instagram Profiles To Follow for Workouts & Daily Motivation’ – Monica May

Do you lack the motivation for workout?!

Well, the best motivation and daily workout videos are just a click away nowadays, thanks to the thousands fit girls Instagram profiles you can follow for daily motivation.

My Insta feed is loaded with so many fit girls that are posting daily videos of their training sessions and exercises.

So today you’ll meet my list of 40 best fitness Instagram girls to follow for daily workout videos and motivation.

They’re so helpful, especially when it comes to lifting your butt off the couch, learning some new moves and finally getting fit.

These fit girls Instagram profiles will inspire you through the roof.

They are not just posting selfies of their six packs, they are actually:

  • opening the door to their everyday lives
  • fill out the motivation cravings
  • give you a sneak peek into their training by posting daily workout videos
  • present you different kinds of exercising ideas
  • share their sneakiest secrets guiding you to stay in shape…

40 Fit Girls Instagram Profiles To Follow for Workouts & Daily Motivation

Some of them are cross-fitters, some of them are gym babes, but one thing they all have in common:


So, here’s my list of 40 best fitness Instagram girls to follow for daily motivation – I’m obsessed with them, so you have to check them out.

And if I missed any of your personal favorite fit girls Instagram profiles, make sure to mention them in the comments below.

Ready, set, GO!

PS: Keep in mind that this is not a ranking list and every one of these girls is unique and amazing in her own way. 

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1. Hannah Eden

Instagram Account: @hannaheden_fitness

On top of my list of fit girls Instagram profiles to follow is my personal number one favorite coach and fitness guru, Hannah Eden.

Now, let’s take a moment to check out my definition of strong and successful fitness diva.

Hannah is my role model and idol which I follow daily, I’m obsessed with her workouts!

She’s the founder of the PumpIt Fit Club where she coaches and makes her daily videos.

Recently she released a workout program where you can get training delivered to you daily, so make sure to check it out in her Instagram bio.

All of her workouts are unique, hard, muscle engaging and conditioning, but that’s what you need to truly change your body.

I started including her workouts in my daily workout routine and I have to say I’m so lucky I’ve come across her – she’s the best!

Thanks Hannah, you’re so inspiring to me! :)

2. Kaisa Keranen

40 Fit Girls Instagram Profiles To Follow for Workouts & Daily Motivation

Instagram: @kaisafit

Now this second girl I have for you is this sculpt blond beauty.

Meet Kaisa, she’s a personal trainer, fitness educator and social media influencer.

She lives and teaches the ideology that movement and healthy living is a lifestyle, so she tries spreading this through her Instagram posts.

Kaisa has a workout plan too, called MX30, which is an energy-packed program to get you moving and sweating every day for 30 days.

You’re gonna love her videos, so make sure to check them out.

3. Emily Skye

Instagram: @emilyskyefitness

This girl is pretty cool!

Meet Emily Skye, a beautiful fit girl which Instagram profile is loaded with high quality workout videos and inspiring fitness photos.

A really cool fact, she was the finalist in the Cosmo Australia’s Fun Fearless Female Woman of the Year Award.

Isn’t that just amazing?!

Head on to her feed, you won’t regret it!


4. Suzie B

Instagram: @suzie_kb

This young, hot and inspiring fit girl is next on the list.

Suzie will show you the gym basics together with some great plyo moves.

After fitness changed her life, she decided to start helping others, so she did and still does:

Her profile is loaded with amazing exercise videos and on her blog she has several workout plans.

Head on to her feed!

5. Cristina Capron

Instagram: @cristinacapron

This is another one of my favorite best fitness Instagram girls to follow, for two reasons:

First, she posts daily videos from the gym and second she’s constantly updating her website with new videos, recipes, health and fitness tips.

You can learn a lot from her, so stay tuned!

6. Linn Lowes & Madelen Ros

Instagram: @doublededication

This next one is actually a team of two hot, fit girls, Linn and Madelen.

They both have inspiring fitness profiles themselves, but I guess they decided to team up and make one double dedicated Insta feed, and that’s what I call a great idea!

Their profile, Double Dedication, is loaded with amazingly helpful and inspiring workout videos, that every girl must check out.

I have to say I’m a HUGE fan!

Well done girls!

7. Nana

Instagram: @nana_health

Now this mom of two, will kick down all of your excuses!

Nana is the proof that you don’t need a gym to be in shape and being a mom is no longer an excuse.

You have to meet her and her two cuties, they’re so adorable.

Nana’s unique training philosophy combined with nutritional approach and crazy determination is so inspiring.

You’re just a click away from changing your perspective and kiss goodbye your best excuses!

Bravo Nana!

8. Elliott Drew

Instagram: @fitwithelworkouts

Next on my list of fit girls Instagram profiles to follow is Elliott Drew.

This 25 year old fit babe from Melbourne is the real deal, and earned her way at the top of my best fitness Instagram girls to follow.

You have to meet El, she motivates other people to live a healthier, more active lifestyle in a realistic and sustainable way.

…and all that spiced up with her amazing workout videos on Instagram.

She has a blog too, which I totally love, so head on to her videos and make a double tap :)

9. Cassandra Martin

Instagram: @casssmartin

If you want to hit the gym, this is the girl for you!

Cassandra Martin is a professional bodybuilder, and even if you’re not that much into bodybuilding, believe me she’s got the best exercises on video.

She posts her daily training sessions and they’ve been really helpful, so make sure to check out her amazing feed and start following her, now!

10. Tania Baron

Instagram: @taniathemachine

Tania the machine is one of my all time favorite coaches:

This inspiring strong woman, I met through Insanity and Beach Body Workout, is a mom, dancer, trainer and founder of Team Machine.

She’s an Instagramy you HAVE TO follow.

Tania posts daily videos and photos of her own workouts, so believe me, she’s gonna help you lift that butt off the couch once and for all.

Head on to her profile!

11. Bianca Nicole

Instagram: @biancafitmiss

“This is the beginning, of anything you want” – says Bianca in her Instagram bio, and this is so true.

She will help you get daily workouts to spice up your strength training, so check out her videos and build yourself an inspiring feed.

12. Niki

Instagram: @sugarysixpack

Niki is this smiling fit girl, full of positive energy.

I just adore her, she smiles on every video she makes and her amazing healthy energy spreads all over you.

She has a blog called Sugary Six Pack, so make sure to check it out.

13. Hannah Bower

Instagram: @hannhbower2

Hannah is this gorgeous fit girl that lets you sneak into her daily workout videos of her training.

She also has a blog called Bite meals, where she posts delicious and healthy meal recipes. 

Don’t forget to check out on her Instagram profile.

14. Jessica BabyFit

Instagram: @jbfworkouts

I believe you’re going to love her workouts!

Jessica is this lovely fit girl, who often exercises on the beach.

She owns some amazing moves, that she shares with every one of us through her daily workout videos.

Head on to check them out!

15. Elise Young

Instagram: @elisesbodyshop

Elise Young is a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor.

She’s a HIIT pro, so her workout videos are pretty sweat-seeking.

Elise uses weights in her workouts and her videos are mostly made in the gym, although she has some cool movements outside too.

Check her Instagram profile, to see her amazing work!

16.Hanna Oeberg

40 Fit Girls Instagram Profiles To Follow for Workouts & Daily Motivation


Instagram: @hannaoeberg

And last but not least, on my best fit girls instagram profiles to follow – list, is this beautiful sculpted Sweedish fit girl – Hanna Oeberg.

She has an amazing YouTube channel loaded with exercising videos.

Her Instagram feed is filled with her daily workouts and training sessions that you can use in the comfort of your home.

Make sure check out her profile!

17. Katie Bumba

Instagram: @katiebumbafit

Next on my fit girls Instagram profiles to follow is Katie Bumba.

She loves to workout, stay in shape and eat healthy, and she definitely enjoys helping all the girls out there and having fun while doing it!

Katie is this lovely sexy fit girl, that’s going to help you become a better heavy lifter.

Her workouts mainly include weights, so she shows you what you can do to maximize your strength training results.

Great work Katie, love your work!

18. Katy Hearn

Instagram: @katyhearnvideos

Katy’s video only page is a great opportunity to stay tuned with some amazing training moves.

The training programs she posts on her profile are actually corresponding with the videos available on her website Katy Hearn Fit.

Katy’s a really sweat girl that enjoys sweating a lot, so head on to her Instagram account to get a sneak in her daily workout videos.

19. Lina Fitness

Instagram: @lina_fitnessvids

Her profile is filled with exercising videos that will both inspire you to workout and show you how to do it right.

Lina’s profile is a must have on your feed.

20. Jen Heward

Instagram: @jenhewardfit

The next one on my best fitness Instagram girls to follow list is this fit blond beauty that’s in love with fitness.

Girls, you have to meet Jen Heward.

Aside from her motivational workout inspired Instagram profile, she has her own training app – how awesome is this?!

Head on to her Insta videos to learn her everyday workout moves.

21. Krissy Cela

Instagram: @krissycela

This next girl is a big fitness lover, foodie and nutritionist.

Not only that she gives you a sneak in to her daily training sessions, but she lets you into her kitchen too by giving you some mouthwatering meal ideas.

Head on to Krissy profile, to check out her work.

22. Tiana Joelle

Instagram: @tianajoelle

Tiana has an inspiring Instagram profile too, loaded with workout videos and motivating photos.

What’s amazing about her is the fact that she has her own eBook, called “The Four Foundations of Wellness”.

For more, check out her feed.

23. Whitney Simmons

Instagram: @whitneyysimmons

She’s a YouTuber, heavy lifter and an athlete, that owns a lovely Instagram full of exercise videos.

Make sure to meet Whitney, I bet you’ll love her!

24. Stef Fit

Instagram: @stef_fit_

Stef is a personal trainer and nutritionist who lives in London.

She’s so cute and beautiful, you’re going to fall in love with her.

Inspiring and helpful, she encourages you to go for it, so don’t wait a second longer!

25. Andrea – Deliciously Fit And Healthy

Instagram: @deliciouslyfitnhealthy

Now this is one more for the moms!

Andrea is an online personal trainer and a mom of three, and she shows how you can exercise and stay in shape even if you’re a mom.

She’s so inspiring to me and I cannot imagine how motivating it can be to all of you moms out there, so don’t forget to check out her daily workout videos!

Believe me, Andrea is a special one!

26. Jeanette Jenkins

Instagram: @msjeanettejenkins

Jeanette Jenkins is one of Hollywood’s most sought after Health & Fitness Experts with over 25 years of experience.

She’s the founder and President of The Hollywood Trainer LLC, author of The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan and creator of “The Hollywood Trainer Club” a Virtual Online Healthy Living & Weight Loss Club.

Her List of Celebrity clientele past and present is extensive and includes Pink, Alicia Keys, Tia Mowry, Amber Rose, Tracee Ellis Ross, Nia Long, Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams, Shonda Rhimes…

…and nowadays, she posts on her Instagram profile videos of her own exercises and inspiring photos that will make you fall in love with workout.

Head on to her profile, because this is a must have on your “following” list.

27. Kellen Lemos

Instagram: @kellfit

Kellen is a fitness enthusiast that has so much to share with all of you.

She shows you some really great movements you can do in the comfort of your home.

This fit Brazilian girl will make you move your butt and start working out for sure.

Thumbs up for Kell!

28. Carmen Morgan

40 Fit Girls Instagram Profiles To Follow for Workouts & Daily Motivation

Instagram: @mytrainercarmen

Her training style incorporates various techniques including resistance training, calisthenics and high-intensity interval training(HIIT).

Carmen is a trainer that doesn’t like sticking to one style and you can clearly see that from her Instagram feed.

You’ll find different kinds of exercises in her training sessions, and you’ll love them all!

Head on to check out Carmen’s feed and start shaking up some moves right away!

29. Nienke

Instagram: @nienkke

Now this next girl on my list is a fit mom that’s gonna show you how it’s done!

Meet Ellice, a strong sexy mom, who’s about to inspire you to the limit.

She’s a personal trainer, running her own PT business and an advanced care paramedic, running her cute blog Sweat Seeker.

Check her out!

30. Katie Sonier

Instagram: @katiesonier

Now this is one hell of a girl!

Katie is a kinesiologist, personal trainer and fitness coach, passionate about her work.

She has multiple workout plans and programs, but posts daily videos on her feed to help other girls learn some new exercises and get fit.

I just signed up for her free abs exercises and I’m already obsessed with her, so you better check her out.

31. Tara Laferrara

Instagram: @lafitara

This amazing girl, inspired by movement and fun will boost up your motivation.

Tara’s innovative exercises and drive to make working out more fun for others is so inspiring, that she’ll bring her passion of fitness to your home.

She’s also the owner of Beach.Movement.Balance blog, which I totally adore!

By following her, you’ll learn some new moves and will inspire yourself to start working out.

32. Andrea Hollander

Instagram: @hollanderfitness

One more on the list of my personal favorite, best fitness Instagram girls to follow:

Andrea Hollander is this sparkly fit girl, that owns a blog called Hollander Fitness – I just love it!

Most of her Instagram daily workout videos are filmed at the gym and she often posts inspirational quotes on her feed, so you’ll get that deep mental motivation too.

Andrea is the one you’ll have to follow if you want both physical and mental guide through your fitness journey.

Head on her profile, and tap follow :)

33. Amanda Finniee

Instagram: @amandafinnieefitnes

Her video page, as Amanda calls her Instagram profile, is filled with videos of her every day training sessions.

Amanda is a gym girl and her videos are mainly made at the gym, but her training sessions often include stability ball and free weight moves.

I love her Instagram video page, so make sure to check it out.

34. Denice Moberg

Instagram: @deniceemoberg

Denice Moberg is a 22 year old down to earth girl who finds life glow in training and loves to inspire others to achieve their goals.

And I have to say, she is doing great in inspiring others, since her daily workout videos are pretty amazing.

Denice will spice up your feed and bring some really cool movements into your training.

Don’t forget to check out her profile!

35. Gabriela Chanel

Instagram: @gabrielachanel

She’s a member of this group of dedicated professionals who strive to help all those that call themselves lazy.

Gabriela will show you that nothing is impossible and everything is possible!

Her exercises are easy to follow and yet they promise great results, so don’t hesitate to check her out!

36. Carmel Rodriguez

Instagram: @carmelrodriguezfit

This sexy girl is an elite trainer, actor, model, acrofitness, calisthenics and handstand expert.

Carmel is the ultimate motivational coach, you just have to meet.

Catch up her feed and get her sneakiest tips and exercises!

37. Linn Jacobson

40 Fit Girls Instagram Profiles To Follow for Workouts & Daily Motivation

Instagram: @linnjacobson

Linn is this amazing lifter, gym addict, gorgeous girl and healthy recipe lover.

Other than her Instagram where she posts daily workout videos and selfies of her lovely six packs, she has a blog.

Amazing and inspiring – head on to see her profile.

38. Tana Ashlee

Instagram: @tanaashleee

Tana is this beautiful athlete, a certified personal trainer, and a girl who will definitely inspire you.

She’s not only an Instagram hottie, but she has her own blog too, where you can find her meal and home gym workout plans.

Start training with Tana, and you’re one step closer to your fitness goals!

39. Kira Stokes

40 Fit Girls Instagram Profiles To Follow for Workouts & Daily Motivation

Instagram: @kirastokesfit

Kira is a fitness expert, certified personal trainer and group fitness coach in NYC.

She’s also a creator of The Stoked Method which is this amazing workout program with 8 full-length workout videos.

Her Instagram profile is really motivating, since she often posts videos of her workouts and her amazingly sculpted body.

So head on and check out her profile!

40. Lorraine Haddad

Instagram: @lorrainehaddad

Girls, this is one fierce girl…

Meet Lorraine Haddad, one of the coaches of Women Only Fitness Miami Boot Camp.

I love her strength training videos, and I have to admit – she’s one hell of a lifter!

Head on to meet her and her inspiring boot camp daily workout videos.

Come on girls, double tap!

I hope you like my list of my 40 favorite fit girls Instagram profiles!

Pick out at least a few and follow them.

Also, if I missed any of your personal favorites, share them in the comments below.

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