Most smokers know that smoking isn’t good for their health. According to the CDC, it causes cancer, lung disease, heart disease, and other illnesses that can shorten your lifespan and prevent you from living life to the fullest. You might be considering quitting smoking and improving your health, which are two significant but important goals to have. You can get some assistance with this process by trying these natural quit-smoking methods below.

Picture: Mathew MacQuarrie 

Vaping CBD

Some smokers find that keeping their hands busy is the best way to give up their habit. Therefore, a CBD vape from a reputable supplier like Secret Nature CBD might be worth a closer look. CBD is a natural compound from cannabis, so you can enjoy something natural while also giving your hands something to do other than smoke cigarettes. Many of the best CBD vape suppliers use fresh-frozen live resin and full-spectrum CBD with natural cannabis-derived terpenes to keep their product as close to nature as possible. 

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Many people try manufactured smoking cessation tools like patches, lozenges, and gums, to satisfy their nicotine cravings and stop themselves from reaching for cigarettes. If you’d prefer something more natural, try black pepper essential oil. Some studies have shown that inhaling black pepper essential oil on a tissue for two minutes was able to alleviate cravings. It might also assist with reducing craving intensity and making cravings less frequent. 


Acupuncture is an alternative medicine involving thin needles inserted into your skin at strategic points. While some people receive this treatment to assist with symptoms associated with migraines, menopause, and many other conditions, some also rely on it to help them quit smoking. 

According to studies, acupuncture treatment may help motivated smokers reduce how many cigarettes they smoke daily or quit smoking altogether. The effects might even last for five years. Some people also found that acupuncture reduced the desire to smoke and even affected the taste. 

Lime Juice

Lime juice might be more than just a refreshing flavor additive to your water bottle to increase hydration. It might also be how you manage cigarette cravings and kick the habit for good. In one study, researchers discovered that people who used lime juice had higher smoking abstinence rates than those who used nicotine gum to quit smoking. 

It’s believed that as smokers typically have lower vitamin C levels, lime juice can replenish those levels. However, some study participants reported stronger nicotine cravings compared to people using nicotine gum. 


Exercise might not curb cravings or make quitting smoking any easier. Still, studies show that it might improve the quit-smoking rate in some groups. Exercise has been known to relieve mental stress in people trying to quit smoking and might prevent them from starting the habit again. 

Ex-smokers typically gain around 10 pounds after one year of being smoke-free. As a result, exercise might also prevent excessive weight gain while stopping smokers from considering taking up the habit again to avoid that weight gain.

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you might ever do in life, but many natural remedies might assist in your quit-smoking journey. Try any of these options above, and you might be on your way to being smoke-free, healthier, and at a reduced risk of smoking-related illnesses.