Cardio is one great way of losing weight and getting fit.

Combined with strength training, cardio can give you many benefits, and results.

Cardio exercises require energy and that energy comes from the food we’re eating.

It has many benefits, starting from:

  • improved hearth health
  • losing weight
  • improved hormonal profile
  • better recovery ability
  • management of diabetes
  • better skin

Many fitness athletes do cardio daily, and that is because cardio burns fat.fat burn

A lot!

Cardiovascular activity should be preformed right after the strength training, but I came up with something even better.

What about doing cardio in the morning?!

Well, many athletes do that, and we’re about to see why.

Actually, it works better.

Let’s get started!


1. Maximizes The Fat Burn

This might be the best way to lose weight!

If you’re wondering how to lose stomach fat, or lose a few pounds, well this might be the best way to do it.

And what is cardio, if not the best way to sweat it all off!

When we perform cardiovascular activity we use energy that comes from our food sources, and after this energy is used, ware starting to burn fat.

So here’s the thing, what if we do a 30 minute cardio in the morning, on an empty stomach?

Here’s what happens:

We force the body to use the fat stores, rather than the immediate food you consume, for energy.

That way, when we exercise without eating prior to the exercise, we allow the body to burn more fat.

We actually maximize the fat burn, and get better results.

If you have a heart rate monitor you can make it even better!

heart rate monitor2. Boosting Your Metabolism

Morning cardio, has proven to boost your metabolism.

Actually, doing cardio in the morning, means that your body will burn calories for the rest of the day.

This morning cardio makes you feel good for the rest of the day, and gives you energy which will obviously help you carry out the rest of your tasks throughout the day.

It allows you to start your day happy and fresh!

Well, girls try to sweat it off in the morning with a 30 minutes cardio session and you’ll see for yourself!


3. You Make Healthy Habit

Did you know that when starting your day with a workout, you’re making it a habit.

After I found out about The Belly Grater Formula on one of my daily visited blogs – From Lovers With Love, I learned a lot about some really helpful morning habits, such as:

  • drinking hot water first thing in the morning
  • take a cold shower
  • have healthy fats based breakfast

I’ve tried it, and it works great for me.

Together with the morning cardio, I’ve helped my weight loss efforts and definitely improved my morning habits.

Here’s what my morning looks like:

  • I wake up
  • drink a glass of warm water
  • eat a handful of nuts or seeds
  • do cardio and
  • take a cold shower

And that’s how my day starts – fresh and new.

The warm water and the cold shower may sound a bit scary, but the filling afterwards is priceless (head on to the link to see the countless benefits)!

Also, exercising early in the morning makes sure that you don’t blow out, or skip your cardio that comes after the weight training.

It will make easier on you to repeat it every day.

It’s easier to become a habit, because it’s the first thing you’re doing in the morning.

And if you make it a habit, you’ve made the best fat burning exercise, one of your morning mates!

4. Controls Your Appetitelosing weight quickly

Do you know what is the healthiest way to control your appetite?


Since it’s not a good idea to do strength training for breakfast, because you need to fuel up with a full meal for the weight room, it is a great idea to do a session of cardio!

Doing cardio, at the beginning of the day, not only that controls your appetite, but it makes sure that you are eating right and healthy.

I know it helps me!

If you don’t have some home exercise equipment, you can go for a short run – it’s still the best cardio for weight loss, or even a 30 minutes fast walk at the beach.

You can also try some different versions of cardio, such as biking, rope skipping and even swimming.

You can do cardio workouts at home, we all know that YouTube is overload with videos that give you the opportunity to preform it in the comfort of your home.

Just remember to eat some proteins afterwards, so make yourself an omelette or eat a bowl of cottage cheese.

home exercise equipment5. Better Sleep

Doing cardio, raises the body temperature and keep the brain active.

That’s why people who exercise at night, are probably having trouble sleeping.

On the other hand, the morning cardio has a positive effect on the circadian rhythm of the body, which contributes to better sleep.

So it cannot harm you for sure.

It can only provide you with many benefits!large (4)

So what are you’re waiting for, girl!

Set your alarm half an hour earlier and go for a run!

Now that you know the benefits of morning cardio, get ready for losing weight quickly!

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