Aaaaaaaand here comes the new year!

Yay! Our brand new year comes packed with 365 new chances to start from scratch and make things right.

That’s why the beginning of the new year makes the perfect beginning of a “new you”, and that’s exactly what we’re about to do:

We’re welcoming the new year with a plan and with some words of wisdom to get you in the new year motivated and inspired.

The thing is, we can make resolutions all day long, but as long as we’re not motivated enough to stick to them, it’s all pointless.

That’s why I made for you, brand new inspiring quotes and fitness motivation posters to motivate you to start the new year the right way.

Last year, we made a kick ass new year’s resolution plan, and we’re doing it this year too.

So, first, I’m shooting my list of 50 life changing new year’s resolutions to change and improve this year, and then you can head on to my fitness motivational posters.

You can download these motivational posters, hang them on your wall or set them as a background, and use them as daily reminders that this new year is the start of the new you:



Let’s do this together!


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Your new year starts NOW!


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50 Fitness New Year’s Resolutions – Fitness Resolution Plan


Now, get a pen and paper and write down your favorite ones.

You can also download my FREE RESOLUTION PLANNING KIT, you can find it here.

Also, with all of this said, I believe my 2018 FITNESS PLANNER will be of  HUGE help!


Head on to the link to download it right now!

Now, let’s head on to our posters!

Hope you like them!

Make sure to let me know which one is your favorite in the comments bellow!

Also, go ahead and download my Fitness Resolution Print Sheet!

I hope you like it, and find it inspiring.

Now let’s head on to the posters!


New Year’s Fitness Motivational Posters – Inspiring Quotes To Start Your Year Motivated


























Now it’s your turn!

Grab your year and do anything you want with it!

A brand new year with a brand new 12 chapters to make things right!

Go get them all!

Also, check out my last year’s motivational posters

You’re one step closer to crushing down your goals!

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Happy holidays babes!

Stay fabulous and fit!


Monica May