If you’ve finally decided to post a personal fitness journey on Instagram, we have some pointers you can use to start off, what you should take into consideration and advice on how to grow your online presence.


Step 1: Create a new account showing your fitness journey

In case you don’t already have an Instagram account set up yet, you’ll have to create one. Most people opt to create two Instagram accounts: One showing their online fitness journey, and another one for their normal day to day life. To get the most engagement possible, we suggest that you set up a dedicated account that covers your fitness progress alone. Buy Instagram likes to help to build your profile.

The Instagram community looking to follow and support other fitness enthusiasts as themselves are more likely to veer towards a dedicated-fitness account. But this doesn’t imply that you can’t add some personal flair to your account. Most influential Instagrammers post photos and videos of them exercising with their loved ones, and eating healthy meals with pals. There are even pets in some of the posts. 


Step 2: Your profile details matter

It’s true that first impressions matter a lot. Because of this, you should think about optimizing your account using:


A clear profile picture: Remember that the whole point of Fitness Instagramming is interacting with as many people as possible, so it’s crucial that you have a clear Instagram profile photo. You can also use a free website such as canva.com to create a catchy ‘logo’ just for you.


Profile description: The account description is also important. What type of journey have you undertaken? What are your objectives? Where are you situated? Putting personal details in your Instagram profile will assist you to reach out to a larger following base.


Make your account public: To have a broader reach with the extensive fitness community, you’ll have to make your Instagram account public. This will enable you to be located easily in hashtag groups and search results.


Step 3: Build a base of pictures and videos

The days when you would be judged for taking videos and/or photos of yourself at the gym are long gone. (Just ensure that you have taken all safety precautions. Don’t compromise your wellbeing for a good photo op. Request your gym buddy to take several videos and pics of you from different angles. This way, you’ll be able to post before-and-after shots. Make short Insta videos of your workout routine, or you trying new equipment. You can also take pictures of your diet, protein powder, or sessions with a trainer.

Before you begin growing your online following, we suggest that you spend time putting up quality pictures on your account. What is a reasonable number? Twelve videos and photos will provide you with four imagery rows, which is good. It’s a good sign when visitors find content as you start building your following. A solid collection will have around 16-24 photos.

When you post videos or photos of you exercising, give room for people to make recommendations with regard to your progress, pro tips, and variations you can make. Giving room for feedback encourages other Instagrammers to comment. Make sure to appreciate their posts and ensure you @tag handles when you reply. 


Step 4: Invite your friends and family to follow your new fitness account

Before you scour the fitness community, begin with your friend base and family. Post your fitness Instagram handle to your Twitter, Facebook, and personal Instagram. Ask your friends and family to follow you in your fitness journey. When you have this kind of support, you’ll be more motivated to stay on course. 


Step 5: Build a hashtag strategy

You can’t think of Instagram without associating it with hashtags. Take some time to explore other well-known fitness accounts. From there, compile a list of the most repeated hashtags used. Start tagging your captions with those hashtags where appropriate. (Pro Tip: Don’t attempt tagging a caption with #healthymeals if the post doesn’t concern food.) Concentrate on encapsulating your hashtags organically. If you have already posted to your account, you can comment on your own posts using the hashtags that resonate with you. 


Step 6: Follow the people and companies that motivate you

Remember that the account is centered on YOU. This implies that you should be following individuals and brands that inspire and encourage you to be better. Don’t follow people and businesses hoping that you’ll get more likes. The objective here is to connect with individuals that are on the same path as you. Read stories, view pictures, click on hashtags, and follow individuals who motivate you. Also, make sure to follow #hashtags that kindle your joy. This will ascertain that you see new and relevant accounts in your feed.


Step 7: When you feel inspired, like and comment

If there’s a fitness journey story similar to yours, you can like and comment on their post as you share your personal story. This is a good way to grow your following. Being supportive and thoughtful with everyone’s personal journey helps a lot.