If you are trying to lose weight, or if you are exercising daily and you don’t see any results, or if the results are minimal, don’t stop trying. There are many fitness and weight loss mistakes that we have to avoid, and only then, you will get the results. It is obvious that you are doing something wrong while exercising, or you are not eating right. Because of that, I’m going to give you a short list if some common weight loss and fitness mistakes, that you have to avoid in order to succeed. Let’s get started.



Short Term – High Expectations

Sometimes we expect the impossible. We want to get in shape in 2 months, and cut a few inches from our waist. Well, as we all know, fitness is not something that you do over night. It takes hard work, it should be a routine and a lifestyle, not an obligation. When you figure that out, you’ll start to see the results. High expectations can ruin our enthusiasm, and can crush our motivation. Because of that you have to know that it takes months, even years, of hard work and commitment to get the body that you want.

Starting With Cardio

It is very important to start your training with weight lifting exercises. Some people make a huge mistake by doing cardio before the weight lifting training. This is wrong because you don’t want to waste your energy on doing cardio. Some people will tell you that if you want to lose weight, you should do cardio first and if your goal is gaining muscle mass, you should hit the weight room first. But cardio should come last in both cases, because the weights are very important for weight loss too. In fact, lifting weights beats cardio overall. So, you shouldn’t waste your energy and start with cardio. Warm up for 5-10 minutes, stretch, hit the weights and in the end clean your muscles with cardio.



Doing ABS Workout To Lose Belly Fat

Don’t waste your time doing abs workout in order to lose the belly fat. This is a mistake, because having strong ABS means nothing, if you have inches and inches of fat over them. The most important thing, when it comes to toning your ABS, is doing a lot of cardio, even twice a day. 30-40 minutes after every workout, and 20-30 minutes every morning before having your breakfast. Also, you have to eat clean, and that means low fat food intake. Actually, the ABS exercises are the last step of your journey to toning your ABS. Here you can see the whole process of losing belly fat The Ultimate Guide How To Get Sexy ABS.



Doing The Same Exercises Every Training

Doing the same exercises every training is a mistake too. You should change the exercises every training, so that they can be different from the exercises from the previous training. This will help you get more results. Otherwise, you are just slowing down the process.

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Counting The Calories

No matter how many calories are involved, if one food is healthy, that means it’s good for our body and our health. Nutrient-poor foods will have the opposite effect. So, in other words, nutrient dense foods help keep weight in check naturally, and there is no calculator required. It’s a lot better to eat 10 bananas in a row, than a piece of cake, or a chocolate. This means, that there are different calories and we shouldn’t judge according to the calorie numbers. You should only eat healthy and clean food, no matter how many calories they contain. Eat healthy, so you could look healthy, feel healthy and lose weight.

Setbacks Are Normal

No one is perfect. You can expect to hit some bumps on the road, no matter how hard you’re trying. The important thing is not to let those bumps get you totally off track, but to learn from them and move forward. Just don’t give up, have your break, take your time and move on.


It’s Not A Process It’s A Life

You can’t expect to work out and eat healthy for 3 months, and then to be fit for the rest of your life. You have to get this one: Do not make it a process – make it a lifestyle. I had so many posts dedicated on this topic. I’m just trying to help you. Here’s the Ultimate Guide On How To Lose Weight And Live Healthier. I’ve explained everything there, from how to start changing your life to how to make it a lifestyle.

Everything you need to know is already here in this post, so check it out. I’m planing on writing a short book as a guide in your weight loss process, so subscribe and feel free to contact me for any information you need.


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