‘9 Healthy Habits Of Fit Girls – How To Get Fit And Healthy’ – Monica May

Are you struggling to get fit?

Well, don’t worry girl – you’re in the right place!

I collected the top 9 healthy habits that fit girls have.

These are actually the things that helped them get fit and healthy, so you can follow them and get amazing results too.

These 9 healthy habits are the exact same I followed and to this day rely on to stay healthy and maintain the body of my dreams.

In other words, they are the answer to the ‘how to get fit’ question, I get on a daily basis.

So stay with me and learn not only how to get

fit, but how to maintain and keep up your results long term.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into them!

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9 Healthy Habits Of Fit Girls – How To Get Fit And Healthy

#1 They Eat Healthy

If you are wondering how to get fit, the first thing you want to do is change your eating habits.

You don’t have to be on a strict diet, just start eating healthy.

This is the first and most important thing, when it comes to losing weight, getting fit and staying fit overall.

So, forget the word diet, just eat healthy, clean food, full of proteins, greens, veggies, complex carbs, healthy fats and fibers.

The most important thing when it comes to losing weight and getting fit is – eating healthy.
And that’s a fact!

If someone would ask me what is the one best thing they can do to lose weight, I’d say – JUST START EATING HEALTHY TODAY!

And there’s no doubt that proper nutrition is the key to not only weight loss, but living a healthier more balanced life, building a stronger body and toning some serious muscles.

However, I feel like there are loads of diets out there that promise you amazing results, when at the end of the day you don’t get much out of them

I think this is basically because we certainly don’t want a strict diet to set a bunch of boundaries, that will leave us thinking about food 24/7.

So, what you truly need to get long term weight loss is a healthy and clean meal plan, where you can eat as much as you want as long as it’s healthy.

However, figuring out what to eat to get fit is not easy at all.

That’s why I designed the Burn Baby Burn 28-Day meal plan, for all of you out there that want to start eating healthy and start losing weight today.

That’s the exact same meal plan I’ve been following for years now, and it has literally changed my life for good.

It’s basically eating healthy made fun and easy.

With fun and diverse food options that are swappable and completely adjustable to your own taste, this meal plan doesn’t even feel like dieting.

#2 Working Out Is Their Priority

You have to give a lot in fitness, in order to gain back!

And working out is actually one of  THE MOST IMPORTANT things when it comes to getting and staying fit.

As you wake up, you should plan your day in a way that you always make time for working out.

Working out should be your priority in daily activities. 

Regarding this, fit girls always make their plans around their workout schedule, and that’s how they manage to always find time to workout.

And this wouldn’t be possible if you don’t plan your day and daily activities.

That’s why I always plan my day using my Fit Babe Fitness Planner, to make sure I always get my workout done.

#3 They Follow A High-Intensity Interval Training Program

First things first, having a workout plan is the key to getting fit.

The first step to success is actually finding the right plan for you and your body goals and stick to it.

Without a quality workout routine, you are just going to be lost in the gym.

Now, I stand for the rule that the only bad workout is the one you haven’t done.

However, when you are already putting in a lot of work, why not make the best out of it, right?!

This means a high-intensity interval training program.

For example, my workout program takes only 30 minutes of my day, and it’s fast explosive and so effective.

Fit girls nowadays barely use stepper, elliptical worker or treadmill for cardio.

Instead, they perform HIIT movements that increase their heart rate faster and in a certain circuit, which makes them a more efficient way to burn fat.

So many girls don’t know what to do when they first get in the gym, so they just make random choices on what machines they should work on, and have no idea what muscle groups they are working out.


Get yourself a workout plan, and make the most out of each training session.

Check out my 28-Day Workout Program and start today!

#4 They Never Rest More Than 3 Days

Rest is a crucial part of the process too.

However, your rest should never be longer than 3 days.

The perfect schedule for me is resting one day, twice a week.

Since I’ve been following the RADIATE workout program, my schedule is something like this:

  • Monday – workout
  • Tuesday – workout
  • Wednesday – workout
  • Thursday – rest
  • Friday – workout
  • Saturday- workout
  • Sunday – rest

Since my exercises are done in the comfort of my own home, and they take just 30 minutes of my day, this is a schedule I always manage to stick to.

#5 They Always Keep Healthy Snacks On Hand

Snacking can be a completely healthy habit if you are doing it right.

That being said, it’s really important to ALWAYS have a healthy snack on hand in order to reach out for a healthy option whenever you feel like snacking between your meals.

Snacks work amazing, in satisfying your cravings and keeping you full until it’s time for lunch or dinner.

Here are some of my favorite go-to healthy snacks:

  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Walnuts
  • Berries
  • Peanut butter with apple slices
  • Carrot sticks with hummus.

I always make sure to pack some of these snacks in the morning, just before I head on to work.

You can check it out in my morning routine:

#6 They Lift Heavy Weights

Just doing bodyweight movements is not enough.

Incorporating a balanced fitness program that includes strength training and weightlifting can help you stay fit over time. This is a simple science of building muscle.

In order to burn more fat and tone some serious muscles, fit girls around the world add extra weight when exercising.

Whenever doing squats, lunges, or even crunches, adding that extra weight will help you maximize your results in a shorter amount of time.

That’s why when someone asks me how to get fit, I always say don’t be afraid of heavy weights, because if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.

Also, as one of the most important fitness healthy habits, we have to mention investing in some fitness equipment.

This is due to slowly transferring your workouts into the comfort of your own home.

Since fitness is becoming a huge part of your life, and you’re doing it 5 days a week, why not have the option to workout at home.

You don’t need much to start working out from home just a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell, maybe a jump rope and some booty bands, and a quality home-friendly workout program.

If you are doing my RADIATE workout program, you already know that working out doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

Plus, you may already have this equipment and know how much you can do by just using your own body weight and minimal equipment.

In fact, I’ve been working out from home for a couple of years now, and have no means to change that.

And even if you are not working out from home, there are or will be days when you just cannot get to a gym.

In case of these situations, it is for the best to have some fitness equipment at home, so that you can keep up with your workout routine.

Having fitness equipment is having a plan B :)

You can use these when you travel too, and never worry about skipping a workout again.

#7 They Exercise When They Are Sore

One more on the list of ‘how to get fit’ healthy habits is exercising when you are sore. 

Fit girls always exercise when they are sore, and sore is most certainly not a reason to skip a workout.

In fact, it’s completely normal to have sore muscles when you are exercising – it means you are doing a great job.

However, it’s really important to work out when you’re sore since you can make it even worse if you call it off and rest.

You don’t have to do intense weight training when you are in pain, but a light workout will not harm your sore.

In fact, it may actually help reduce the pain.

#8 They Read Food Labels

Just a ‘low fat’ stamp or a healthy-looking package won’t do the trick.

One of the most important healthy habits fit girls have is reading food labels to see if the product they buy is really healthy.


The food manufacturers will do anything to sell their products, including adding some words that associate with healthy, such as “organic”, “protein”, “fit”, “balanced” etc. when actually they are far from healthy.

In my recent article 15 Food Swaps You Need To Do To Get Fit I explain how the simplest swaps can make the biggest change in your diet.

Also, fit girls avoid processed foods.

Especially food that contains artificial sweeteners, unhealthy fats and is highly processed.

So, one more on the list of healthy habits would be to eat more raw, real foods.

#9 They Keep Alcohol Drinking To A Minimum

Alcohol is one of the worst enemies to fitness, weight loss, and health in general.

It’s considered as a bad habit that you should completely ditch or keep to a minimum. 

Alcohol is a pure calorie drink, which means you’ll get in a bunch of sugars and calories without getting full.

Not to mention that it will ruin the weight loss efforts and mess with your workout the next day, since you’ll probably feel grumpy and too tired to do your training session.

So try to keep alcohol drinking to a minimum.

Also, keep in mind that the worst way to get your calories in is through a drink.

So be extra careful when choosing what you’ll have for a drink.

Fit women mostly drink water.
They limit their caffeine intake and opt for water with lemon, coconut water, green tea or protein supplement to hydrate.

They never drink juices, energy drinks or other sweetened drinks, and barely drink alcohol.

That being said, make sure to always keep your goals in mind next time you order a drink.

Now Off To Work!

Include at least a few of these healthy habits and start getting fit today!

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends, because getting fit is far easier and more fun when you do it with your besties.

Till next time babes!

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