There are never enough workout clothes in a fit girl’s closet…

And sadly I am the proof of that :)

Yes, I admit I’m a real activewear junkie and workout clothes are in the top 10 most important things on my fitness journey.

Some would blame me that I have a ton of leggings and still shop for a new pair (by some I mean my bf Matt and by ton I mean 30+).

But even though I’m a girl who wants to shop a lot, I still have a freaking good reason for reaching out for a new set of workout clothes every now and then:

I’m always on the lookout for comfy workout clothes.

Think about it this way – you’re working out, so you’re already out of your comfort zone and on top of that add a cotton top drenching in sweat and annoying leggings that slip down on you as you squat.

Not the perfect workout scenario, right?

And working out is already hard enough to do it in uncomfortable leggings.

That’s why I’m very happy to inform you I found the perfect pair of leggings and workout tops!

Meet my new favorite activewear brand – Vast Terrain.

Vast Terrain – A Different Approach To Premium Activewear

I found out about Vast Terrain just a while ago, and I was truly amazed by their brand story.

First of all, they’re made by a couple, Carrieann and Carl Gillert, who were inspired by their own outdoor adventures (including scaling Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus) and wanted comfy activewear that was actually made in the U.S.

Since they were unable to find it, they decide it to create it.

So inspiring, isn’t it?!

And today, they are an American brand with a really different approach, making amazing workout lines with the softest and most comfortable fabrics ever.

I grabbed a workout set for myself to review it and it really made a difference for me.

Check out the set I got!


I got the softest pair of leggings I’ve ever worn, the Black Excel 7/8 Legging which feel like heaven and the Blush Infinity Technical Tee with mesh panels to keep you dry and cool.

What’s So Special About Vast Terrain Activewear?

For starters, there are a few things that represent the brand itself and really sets them apart from any other brand I’ve ever ran into.

First of all, they use a transparent model of both pricing and supply chain, which really surprised me.

This means that you can check out the factories and the fabrics yourself on their website, plus you can see the true cost of the product you’re getting.

Carriean and Carl believe the customers should know the true cost of what it takes to make the activewear, and honestly that’s freaking amazing and not common at all.

On each of the product pages they reveal the true cost behind all aspects of the production along with details of where the products are made.

Second, their products are all made in the USA, using only proprietary technical fabrics, which is also pretty rare nowadays.

Also, Vast Terrain as a brand, utilize domestic manufacturing and this has another advantage of having shorter lead times, customization and far better quality.

Plus, their products are sold “directly to consumer” without the retail mark-up, which make their products as “budget friendly” as possible.

The whole transparency model on the other hand, makes the brand itself special, with a unique ethical approach to making and selling activewear.

Well done Vast Terrain!

You really know how to make a customer feel important.


Why Are You Going To Fall In Love With Vast Terrain Activewear?

It’s not only the story standing behind the making of the products that makes Vast Terrain activewear so special.

It’s all actually about that feeling when you first get into their clothes – they’re so freaking comfortable.

They are the real deal and an example of how premium high quality workout clothes should look like and feel like.

Here’re the few things that made me fall in love with Vast Terrain activewear.

They Feel Comfortable And Skin Friendly

The materials feel so soft and comfortable on my skin, that I literally feel like I’m wearing my coziest pj’s while working out.

Especially the leggings, the moment I got into them I fell in love with them.

They’re flexible and soft, and yet again they stay put throughout the whole workout, not slipping around and making you uncomfortable.

They Have High But Lightweight Compression

Mollia® is their signature premium legging fabric which is both technical and versatile.

Even though it provides high compression with a 4-way stretch it doesn’t feel restrictive or uncomfortable at all.

That’s because the material is made from 80% high quality nylon and is brushed on the inside making it feel light and super soft on your skin.

The fabric has a smooth exterior that is resistant to abrasion.

Odor Repellent Fabric

Argentum® fabric on the other hand, brings odor control and antimicrobial protection to the next level.

It wicks sweat and provides antimicrobial protection to keep you odor free during your workout, by utilizing a new yarn that incorporates pure, natural and recycled EPA registered silver salts.

This means that microscopic particles of silver are embedded within the core of the yarn’s fibers rather than coating them on or weaving them in.

When sweat comes in contact with the bacteria on our skin it produces unpleasant smells.

Yes, the silver salts embedded in this fabric successfully kill up to 99.99% of those odor causing bacteria, and unlike other brands which use a silver treatment Vast Terrain embedded silver salts will never wear off or wash out.

And on top of that, there’s no need to bother your mom because no special laundering is needed.



Breathable Fabric That Keeps You Dry

As you all know, the sweat wicking synthetic fabrics perform much better than cotton in keeping us cool during summer and warm and dry during winter workout seasons.

And the fabrics at Vast Terrain are specifically designed to wick away moisture while being breathable.

The mesh panels on the Infinity Technical Tee I got, made from XeroHydro® in the front, back and under the arms are designed to keep you cool and dry during your workout.

They Look Great

The Excel 7/8 Legging I got are my personal favorite out of all of their products and all of my current leggings I have in my activewear drawer.

Why are they so special, just another black pair of leggings, you say?

Well not only they feel super soft and extra comfortable, but they provide stylish support from additional seaming and a higher waist.

They feel and look great, I just love wearing them during working out, make me feel feminine yet strong and all put.

And the Technical Tee looks gorgeous and super cute, especially with the mesh panels which absolutely do their thing not only in absorbing the sweat off, but looking stylish too.

You Have To Give Them A Try!

Enough talking, let’s take some action!

You’re going to love your new set of activewear, so head on to Vast Terrain to check them out and give them a try.

Flexible, comfortable, soft, sweat absorbent, odor resistant, stylish and so much more.

Pick out your favorite length and your favorite color and start working.

Also, don’t forget to share them with your friends, because sharing is caring!

Till next time babes,