We all know that there is no such thing as healthy alcohol. Alcohol contains only empty calories and has no nutritional value. It can often contribute to malnutrition because the high levels of calories in most alcoholic drinks can account for a large percentage of your daily energy requirements. Even one alcoholic drink a day can contribute to malnutrition. But somehow, we all like to have a drink or two, now and then. So because of that, I will show you some tips for healthy drinking, and I will give you some tips that are good for your fitness life, and doesn’t affect your weight loss.

Alcohol & Weight Loss - Tips For Healthy Drinking

Chose The Drink That Has Lower Callories

That means that you should choose beer over wine, white wine over red wine, and most important of all, beer or wine over cocktails!

largeAlcohol & Weight Loss - Tips For Healthy Drinking

Alternate an alcoholic drink with a glass of water

This will help to prevent you becoming dehydrated. So order a glass of water, with your drink. Alcohol is a diuretic and causes dehydration. Have a glass of water in between drinks to keep yourself hydrated and help prevent those nasty dehydration side effects.

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Don’t Mix

It’s hard on your stomach. It’s hard on your head. Mixing alcohol is never a good idea. Pick your drink of choice – and stick to it for the night. You’ll thank yourself the next day.

Alcohol & Weight Loss - Tips For Healthy Drinking

Drink Less

I know, I know, some people don’t want to hear this, but do yourself a favor, and have a few less drinks on those big nights out.

Alcohol & Weight Loss - Tips For Healthy Drinking

Take your vitamins and minerals

Drinking depletes essential nutrients – make sure you’re feeding them to your system. So the next day, try some vitamin C and a B complex. It won’t do everything, but it will help.

Alcohol & Weight Loss - Tips For Healthy Drinking

Do Cardio The Morning After

You will be tired, and wasted, but, fill your bottle with cold water, get your ass up, and do some cardio. 30-40 minutes cardio, will be enough.

Alcohol & Weight Loss - Tips For Healthy Drinking

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