We all know that if we want to lose weight and get better body, we have to eat healthy and work out.

And weight loss can be a real struggle, but as long as you make sure to eat the right foods and do the right workouts you’re on the right path.

If only it was that simple, right?

Since we already learned how to eat right, it’s time to clear out once and for all what’s the best workout.

Now, we don’t necessarily want only to lose weight, but to tone some muscles too. Maybe pop out those abs, build firmer glutes, or just get stronger overall.

This means we need a workout routine that will help us lose weight and work on the muscles at the same time.

But is there a single type of workout to give us all of that?!

Yes there is, and it’s called HIIT.

What’s HIIT?

High-Intensity Interval Training aka HIIT is a training technique in which you give all-out, 100% effort, through quick, explosive and intense bursts of exercise, followed by extra short and active recovery periods.

This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up in the fat burning zone which is why it’s proven to burn more fat in less amount of time, plus without tapping into the lean muscles.

I myself started doing HIIT a few years back and it was one of those moments in life when I got an epiphany.

“Where have you been all my life?!”

After long years of a gym workout, doing mostly weightlifting split training that lasts for hours and boring cardio on a machine that feels like an eternity, I realized that I’ve been wasting precious time on something that’s not that effective.

Oh, the countless times I’ve left the gym after an hour and a half of workout, without even breaking a serious sweat and without feeling like I’ve reached my maximum…

Not to mention cardio, which when done on a cardio machine, takes at least 15 minutes just to enter the fat burning zone and start sweating.

Well, ladies, that’s not the case with HIIT.

HIIT is designed to push you to the limits in a shorter amount of time, giving you the best results ever.

My training sessions are now 30 minutes a day, warm up included, followed by amazing results I got in the first few weeks.

The underlying principle of these workouts is – train hard, close to 100% rest a little, train hard, rest a little, repeat.

It’s actually the intervals that allow you to keep pushing into your max effort training zone and this is where the real results happen.

Yes it is hard, yes it pushes you far away out of your comfort zone and yes you think you’re going to die, but isn’t that what it takes to make a real change?

In fact, good things are happening when you’re far away from that comfort zone and unless you’re willing to push yourself out, you’ll never know what’s out there.

In order to help you get to your dream body as fast as possible, I made a HIIT based workout plan you can do at home.

I already posted the first day on YouTube, so go ahead and try it out:


It’s the exact same workout plan that I do on a daily basis for over a year now, and has helped me get the best results ever!

Here it is:


Why Is HIIT So Effective?

HIIT is so effective because of a whole lot of benefits it provides.

  • The training session is short

Usually, a good quality HIIT workout lasts about 30 minutes.

That is only 2% of your day. No excuses!

However, this doesn’t mean this type of training is less effective, by any means.

In fact, it’s not about the amount of time you workout, but how you use that time.

Half-assing at the gym for hours will never give you the results HIIT will, in at least 50% less time.

  • Burn More Fat

HIIT burns more fat and is far more effective than any standard aerobic or “steady state” training.

The intervals allow you to enter the fat burning zone effective immediately and stay there to the very end.

  • It got that afterburn effect

Meaning you’ll burn calories even after finishing the workout.

During the post-exercise recovery period, the body will tap into fat stores for the energy required to restore it to its normal resting state.

You are burning calories while you recover.

  • You make the workout

While 10 reps of squats are maybe easy for you, they can be a real struggle for another girl.

That’s why HIIT workouts are usually performed in a time frame with as many reps as possible.

So, if I’m a beginner I’ll do maybe 8 squats with lightweight in 30 seconds, but if I’m advanced I’ll do 13 with heavier weights.

And that’s the beauty of HIIT, it’s designed for both beginners and people in fitness for a longer time, and allows you to create the workout on your own.

If you want to gain strength and tone serious muscles lift up and lower down on reps, if you want to focus on losing weight drop the weights and rep it out.

What you give will be what you get and it’s all up to you.

  • Doesn’t tap into that lean muscle

Lifters will say: what about muscles?

No worries, HIIT includes movements that are muscle deceiving and at the same time give a natural boost to human growth hormone production.

Also, HIIT isn’t only about bodyweight movements – in fact, I lift heavy during my HIIT training and they work so well.

Muscular hypertrophy is achieved by using bodybuilding training, so don’t be afraid to swing or clean and press a heavy kettlebell or snatch a heavy dumbbell.

You Have To Know Though…

Before starting off, I have to note a few things…

  • HIIT is hard

HIIT contains a bunch of compound movements that work your entire body, tax your cardiovascular system, leave you breathless, and makes you want to puke.

However, please don’t feel beaten up and don’t you give up!

Our body can’t adapt to the intervals and that’s why HIIT works so good in changing your body.

  • All HIIT programs are not created equally

There are programs done by experts that really work and there are programs that are also done by experts that don’t work that good.

That’s why I decided to create my own HIIT based workout program, the one I train by on daily basis.

This program changed my body and life completely, and definitely changed the way I look at fitness.

Check it out HERE.

  • You’ll still have to clean your diet

You can’t get the results you want if you are not watching your diet – eat healthy and train hard, because that’s the fastest way to your dream body!

Head On To Check Out My Workout Plan!

I’ve designed a plan that works for everyone, from fitness newbies and complete beginners to athletes.

It’s the perfect combo of fat burning intervals with muscle toning exercises and heavy weights.

5 times a week, 30 minutes a day! That’s all it takes to get to your dream body! 


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