Today for your dinner, I decided to show you some insanely delicious and healthy, baked sweet potato recipe ideas.

I picked sweet potatoes, for many reasons, but most importantly, they are the healthiest carb dinner you can ever have.

It will give you the energy you need for your training. Sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients.

They are a great source of minerals such as manganese, folate, copper, and iron. The darker-colored variety is a great source of carotenes (precursor of vitamin A), vitamins C, B2, B6, E and biotin.

Sweet potatoes are also a fantastic source of dietary fiber.

And they look amazing when they’re served, sure to impress anyone. If you are a hardcore sweet potato lover, pick one of these sweet potato recipe ideas, and get right down to cooking.

Twice Baked Greek Sweet Potatoes

One of my favorite types of baked potatoes, are the twice baked potatoes. This Greek version of twice baked sweet potatoes, is very satisfying and also quite easy to make. Make sure to make bunch of them for everyone. The recipe is over here.


Sweet Potatoes Stuffed With Feta, Olives & Sundried Tomatoes

I bet you’ve never tried sweet potatoes as unique as these. They are stuffed with feta, olives and my favorite, sun-dried tomatoes. A wonderful mix of flavors that is both delicious and nutritious. For more details you can find the recipe over here.


Simple Baked Sweet Potato Recipe

If you are looking for a simple, yet delicious backed sweet potato recipe then look no further. This is a very basic recipe with few twists of its own. It will only take moments of your time to make these. The recipe can be found here.


Twice Baked Ginger Lime Sweet Potatoes

Next up, we have another twice baked recipe.  This one is topped with some ginger and lime, it has a strong flavor, and it is very healthy. Make sure to give these a try, the recipe is over here.

sweet potato 2 copy

Sweet Potato Healthy Pizza

This is not really a baked potato recipe, but it is close enough. This unique pizza recipe is very delicious, and tastes like no pizza you’ve tried before. It is simple to make and perfect for some special occasion. The recipe is over here.


Loaded Baked Sweet Potato

These bursting baked sweet potatoes are loaded with healthy ingredients. They are prepared in a Mexican fashion, and look very festive. One of my favorite Stuffed baked sweet potato recipes, you can find it here.


Baked Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Black Beans and Corn

If you like the black bean-corn combo then this recipe is perfect for you. Very simple to make, and yet it looks like something from a fancy restaurant. On of the best baked stuffed sweet potatoes around. The recipe is over here.


Twice Baked Parmesan Sweet Potatoes

These twice baked Parmesan potatoes are out of this world. The mix of flavors and textures is amazing, it will leave you wanting for more. I consider this recipe as a special treat whenever I make it. The details are over here.


Healthy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

And last but not least, is this ultra-healthy stuffed sweet potato recipe, that is packed with avocado and few other healthy ingredients. Simple to make, delicious to eat, this can easily become one of your favorites. The recipe is over here.


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