It is easy if you are not a beginner. But when I go back, I remember how I felt when I first walked into the gym. Oh my, I was such a dummy. I didn’t know what to do, how to start, or what to start with. It took a lot of time to get on the track, because that was my first time doing strength workout. So because of that, I decided to give you some tips on how to get started in the gym, for every beginner out there. Let’s get started.

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Set A Goal

You have to decide what you want to accomplish. You want to tone your body, or you want a massive weight loss. When you find out what you want to do, you will go on the next step, and that is choosing a workout plan.


Start With A Plan

You have to start it with a plan, and that means that you got to have a workout program before you make the first step in the gym. This is important, because otherwise, you will be lost and confused in the gym. Without a workout plan, your workout can be a waste of time.

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Here are some workout plans that might help you. Chose one of them, and don’t forget to elaborate it before you make the first step to the gym!

Weight Loss Program
Toning Workout Program
Extra Toning Workout Program For Girls

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Start Light

Don’t force it from the first day. If you are a beginner, it is risky to start aggressively, because you might get hurt. The first week should be a warm up week, witch means a lot of cardio workouts, light weights, high reps. Start with doing 3 or more muscle groups in one day, with 1-3 exercises. Don’t force it, because the warm up before getting started is really important.

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Warm Up And Stretch

Warm up before every workout, that means 5-10 minutes on a cardio machine. After the warm up, heat the weights, and when you finish, do 20-30 minutes cardio training. When you are done with the cardio, don’t forget to stretch. That’s the formula that you got to have on mind, not only as a beginner, but in the future too.

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Weights And Reps

The first week should be a warm up week, and you have to start it light, but in the future, you have to remember to give 100% in the gym. There is a myth going around that resistance training with weights will make women look “Bulky” so to “Tone up” which is the look most women want to achieve, women think that lower weights but high reps will help.

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You can not bulk up, even if you want to. You are not a male – you are a female and you don’t have that hormone. So you can only tone muscle and look sexy and curved. And this is the first reason why you shouldn’t be afraid, because you can only look hot not bulky.

It is better to do 10 reps with heavier weights, than 30 reps with low weights. If you do 12 reps of one exercise, and you don’t feel like dying, then the weights are too low for you. Don’t be afraid to lift it up, because that is the key to a successful strength training.

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