I’ve talked about girls doing chest workout many times before. Most of the girls will say that chest workouts are for man only, but they are really wrong. Our chests are a muscle group such as any other muscle group, and separating it from the whole body workout, can lead to no good.

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Because of that myth that won’t go away, I decided to give you some reasons why you should do this amazing exercise, and then I’ll explain you step by step how to do it right. Your boobs will never look more beautiful and popped out.


Why You Should Do It?

Chests are a muscle group that is very popular in the male workout programs, so most of the girls think that chest development should be left to men. In fact, most females are under the impression that chest training should be left out of the picture. And the question is why are girls afraid of doing bench, and or other chest exercises? I’d say they think it’s not necessary for them, but the thing is it is, and here’s why.

  • Your Boobs Will Look Bigger And Better – they will not grow with exercise, but the muscles underneath them will develop. They will become perkier and a little poppy, and that will give the illusion that they’re larger and stronger, which they are.
  • You’ll Get “Rock Hard” Boobs – by doing chest exercises, your boobs are getting stronger, and they will slowly turn from soft to rock hard. Well who needs sport bra now, ha? :)
  • Chests Are A Muscle Group Too – Such as any other muscle group, chest are a muscle group too. Your body is a whole piece and you should not workout on one part of it and skip the next one, for no good reason.


Will Your Boobs Get Smaller?

The main reason why girls don’t want to do bench press or any other chest workout, is because they are afraid that their boobs are going to get smaller. And let me tell you, they are far from the truth.

Breasts are made of fat tissue, so when you work out, you lose the fat in your body right? That is pretty logical. But the thing is, your boobs are not getting smaller while doing chest exercises, they are getting smaller while doing any other exercise.

When you’re preforming cardio mainly, but while doing leg exercises or shoulder exercise too. Actually, they are getting smaller as you sweat. So, no worries, chest workout will not make your boobs smaller, they will only make them stronger and sexier.

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Bench Press

Bench press is one of the most common chest exercises. It can be preformed with dumbbells or with a bar, on a straight bench or up bench, targeting at the same time different muscles of your chests.

Hand Spacing

The first thing you need to do is determine your proper hand spacing on the bar. So lie down on the bench and unrack the bar. Your forearms should be as close to vertical at the bottom of the rep as possible. Adjust your grip accordingly and take note of where your hands are in relation to the smooth rings on the Olympic bar.

Body Form

Remember to keep the tight position during the Bench Press from start to finish. Squeeze the bar, keep your upper-back tight and your chest up. Unrack the weight with straight arms and start getting down.


Getting Down

As you get the bar down to your chests, keep your elbows in. Do not let your elbows flare out to 90 degrees or perpendicular to your body, they should be in.

Always control the bar all the way down to your chest to ensure you are training proper mobility. Depending on your anatomy, the bar should end with a small touch to your chests. Do not bounce the weight off your chest! Just lightly touch them and go up again.

Weights & Reps

You should start light, as always, if it’s your first time benching, but you should make it really challenging in your next training in order to get it work. Your weights should be harder than 15 reps – you should be able to preform 10-12 reps, and not be able to do one more beyond that point.