Aiming for a faster recovery after working out or a healthy training session without room for injuries?

You are in the right place!

Today, we’ll learn all about a new technology I started using a while ago – the Power-Band Taping.

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I bet you’ve heard about compression and athletic taping many times, but didn’t actually know how they work and are they effective in the first place.

Well, no worries, because I’m just about to give you every single detail, presenting you my new go-to taping brand – BodyVine.

You’ll get the best compression leggings women and a knee compression sleeve.

Let’s get started right away!

First of all, let’s get one thing straight – what is compression or tape technology?

I bet you’ve seen people at the gym wearing these athletic tapes, that can be applied to different parts of the body.

These types of tapes actually are made to facilitate fluid drainage, boost circulation, and decreases inflammation by lifting up your skin in specific areas.

They are actually made to relieve sports-related stress, to prevent injuries and give you a faster recovery.

And to be honest, I first started using compression tights and knee bend when I started preparing for the marathon last year.

I felt a constant pressure in my knee, so I started googling ways to make it stop and prevent it from happening in the first place.

That’s why I want you to meet my new favorite brand when it comes to supportive and healthy activewear – BodyVine.

What I like most about BodyVine is the fact that they actually derived their line from observations of the natural mutualistic relationship between vines and trees.

The BodyVine’s Power-band taping technology is applied to your body on targeted muscles and tendons for advanced compression and support, the same way as the vine is wrapped around the trunk of a tree to support it.

Isn’t that genius!

And you can feel the support right away, not to mention when you’re going for a run with or hitting the gym.

My knees have never felt so secure in any other legging than the COOLMAX Compression Tights and never more stable as with the Ultrathin Compression Knee Stabilizer.

We’re heading on to them right now!

COOLMAX Compression Long Tight

For starters, let me tell you that these are nothing like your regular tights and probably like nothing you’ve ever tried before.

The COOLMAX Compression Long Tights are made for support and stability and you can feel that from the very first contact with the leggings.

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First of all, they have target muscle support, with targeted zone support by Triple-compression technology.

First, is the top layer, which is an elastic Power-Mesh material, which provides breathable and restrained compression to overall leg support.
This actually is my favorite part, because it really gives a unique style to the overall look.

Second is the middle layer that is built in a Power-Band taping.
The tapings are actually made of a unique and very elastic silicone formula, which provide extra targeted compression and support.

Plus, they increase proprioception during movement.

And third, is the bottom layer.

This layer is made out of an elastic fabric that provides gentle and fundamental compression to the leg.

It’s super soft, sweat-wicking material, that gives all-day comfort.

This triple compression technology provides support to the:


  • Patella,


  • Front calf muscle, and
  • Side calf muscle.



And you can feel that support right away, just by trying them out for the very first time.

I know I did!

Also, the first thing I noticed is how soft and comfortable these leggings actually are.

They’re probably the softest and the most skin-friendly leggings I’ve ever tried.

That’s because of the 3D cutting for a comfortable fit, which provides comfort ness whether you are running or hitting the gym.

Another thing I noticed right away is that the COOLMAX Compression Long Tights adjust to any temperature.

I usually exercise indoors daily, but also go for a run every now and then, at least twice a week.

I’ve tried them in warm and I’ve tried them in cold weather and they are perfect for each climate.

That’s because of the COOLMAX ALL SEASON fabric technology, that makes sure to keep cool and dry on hot days and warm on cold days.

This helps in optimizing your performance to the max.

And of course, another advantage for us runners – the leggings have UPF50+ sun protection, which means running on the sun is not a problem at all.

I warmly recommend you to try the COOLMAX Compression Long Tights and get extra support and comfort in any athletic performance.

From running to hiking, to CrossFit and strength training, these leggings will be your new training buddy.

Ultrathin Knee Stabilizer Plus+

I came across knee compression sleeve the last time I prepared for a marathon run.

I started experiencing this awful pain in my left knee and I just couldn’t stand it.

After I started using a knee stabilizer, I haven’t had a run without it. Plus, I sometimes use it on my heavy weight lifting sessions and find it pretty helpful.

However, I recently came across the BodyVine’s Ultrathin Knee Stabilizer Plus+ and I’ve experienced a whole new world with it.

This is the best knee brace for running!

It provides knee joint support and stability with full freedom of knee movement and rapid recovery decreasing knee pain symptoms asap.

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Made of the softest Power Mesh material, the Ultrathin Knee Stabilizer is ultrathin and super breathable, yet it’s providing a supportive gentle compression to:


  • Quadriceps muscle,


  • Patella Tendon,
  • Calf Muscle, and
  • Iliotibial Band



The 3D cutting makes the sleeve very comfortable to wear and gives a sharp fit and slim look to the leg.

The built-in Power-Band silicone taping, which is made of unique and very elastic silicone formulas which BodyVine uses to build in here compression garments and supports to provide muscles and tendons with extra and target compression and support.

It also increases proprioception during movement.

The fabric is thin, more stretching and more comfortable than any other band I’ve ever tried.

And when I first tried it I thought to myself – How can a soft material like this stay in place on my run? No way!

Well, they had a solution for this common issue when it comes to knee sleeves, by using BreathGrip.

This silicone anti-slip pattern effectively stops the sleeve from sliding, while leaving the skin with no mark, stimulating the propricepiration at the contact areas.

It fits discreetly under clothing, it’s easy to slip on and off.

I highly recommend you to try out this knee compression sleeve and feel the stability and the benefits yourself.

Head On To Try BodyVine’s Yourself!

If you are experiencing pain in your knees, calf muscles and legs, or just want to make working out more stable, then I warmly recommend you to try out BodyVine activewear yourself.

Even if you’re not experiencing pain whatsoever, by using the extra support with COOLMAX Compression Tights and the Ultrathin Knee Stabilizer, you’ll make sure to prevent injuries and speed up recovery.

They are skin friendly, extra comfortable, super soft and yet provide the greatest support you’ve ever experienced.

Head on to try them out and build a lifestyle of health.