“Try This Booty Burner Squat Challenge – At Home Glute Workout”


Are you ready for the best booty burner workout you’ve ever tried?

You better be!

And the best thing is that all you need is just your beautiful self.

You literally don’t need any equipment and you can do this challenge anywhere you want.

This workout is perfect for anyone who regularly works out, or anyone who is a beginner into fitness.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

My Booty Burner Squat Challenge

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There are 5 exercises in this booty challenge:

  1. Air Squats – 30 seconds

  2. Squat Hold – 30 seconds

  3. Squat Pulse – 30 seconds

  4. Squat Jumps – 30 seconds

  5. Squat Walks – 30 seconds

Reps & Sets

If you follow me for a while now, you already know I believe in the power of HIIT.

This means that the exercises are not done in reps, but in the range of 30 seconds.

This way, you can evolve every time you repeat this challenge.

Also, it’s the best way to modify your workout to your personal fitness level.

This leaves you a ton of space for growth, here’s how:

Let’s say the first time you do 7 squats in 30 seconds.
Next time you do it you can push yourself to do 8, then 9 and so on.

Basically you create your own workout.

There are a few rules though:

  1. Do the exercises back to back – no rest in between them
  2. Once you finish the 5 exercises, take a 30-60 seconds rest, before performing it again
  3. You can do 2-3 rounds total, depending on your fitness level and your preferences
  4. You can add weights and booty bands if you fell like it


Is This A Full Booty Workout Routine?

No, it’s not.

This is just a squat challenge you can add to your daily routine in order to activate your glutes and help them grow.

To get fit, lose weight, and build some serious muscles you still need to work on your body as a whole piece, and perform a full body workout routine.

If you’re interested in one, make sure to check out my RADIATE Workout Program.

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Now Let’s Set That Booty On Fire!

Get a pair of leggings, or shorts, and try out my booty burner squat challenge right now!

Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends, since working out is always better when done with your besties.

Let me know if you like the booty burner workout by commenting in the section bellow.

What was your favorite exercise?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Till next time, babes!