I LOVE sushi. As you all know sushi is a traditional Japanese food that goes back few centuries. It is usually made of seafood and vegetables, which are considered as two of the healthiest foods on the planet. In Japan many people consider sushi as an art with food. I haven’t had the chance to try sushi made from a sushi “master”, but I’ve tried it in some regular sushi restaurants in my home-town, and I love it. So I thought, why not try to make a sushi at home, it can’t be science right? Well sushi is kind of science, science of flavors that is. But don’t get discouraged, homemade sushi tastes amazing too, you just need a little practice. Today I am going to try and help you make some healthy and delicious homemade sushi, I hope you enjoy this. I know that not everyone loves the taste of fish, but don’t worry there are many different combinations of sushi recipes, ways to roll it, serve it and so on. So let’s get started.


The video bellow will help you roll sushi in matter of minutes. This is the most common way to roll sushi, and it is pretty easy too. For more detailed instructions you can go here.

So now let’s head on to the different recipes that I chose for you. Most of them have detailed instructions about how to prepare the fill and how to roll the sushi. Have in mind that not all the recipes bellow are traditional Japanese recipes. Enjoy.

Spicy Eggplant Sushi

This is a vegetarian sushi recipe, made out of eggplant, garlic, scallion and of course rice. It uses the basic rolling technique, Here is the link to the recipe and instructions.


California Rolls

Next up we have this kind of “naked” sushi, which is easier to make than it looks. Just be careful with the filling, because you might overfill the sushi, and then have difficulties rolling it. Here is the recipe.


Tuna Sushi Rolls With Mango, Sweet Potato & Avocado

This sushi recipe is gluten-free, tastes amazing, and has beautiful colors. The avocado gives it nice buttery texture, and the rest of the ingredients combined and rolled together, make up for a perfectly delicious sushi. It only takes 30 minutes. Enjoy the recipe here.


Beetroot Quinoa Veggie Rolls

This  recipe is just packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins. We’ve talked on few occasions about the benefits of beetroot and quinoa, put those two together and you have a healthy “bomb” You can find the full recipe here.


Teriyaki Chicken And Edamame Sushi Burritos

This sushi is perfect for those who don’t eat fish, it uses chicken instead. It is perfect entry-level sushi for people who try it for the first time, little kids love them too. There is no need to cut it in pieces, you can hold it in your hand while eating, just like burritos. Here is the original recipe.


Mexican Sushi With Spanish Rice And No-Cook Walnut Taco Meat

Next up we have yet another spin-off to the traditional sushi recipe. This is made in Mexican style, with authentic ingredients, and it is quite easy to make, once you get used to the rolling. Here is the full recipe.



Vegetable Hand Rolls

This is an interesting way to roll some sushi nori (seaweed). It is cone-shaped and filled with veggies. They have lovely savory taste, and are perfect for parties. The rolling technique is a bit weird, but there are detailed instructions for the rolling over here.


Banana Sushi With Strawberry Chia Jam And Almond Butter

And as always desserts come in the end. This desert is like nothing you’ve seen before. This is not related to sushi, but I thought, since we roll sushi, why not roll some desert right? Give it a shot it is amazing. Here is the recipe.


If you enjoyed these sushi recipes and tutorials, be sure to share this with your friends, or maybe surprise them next time they come over.