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Ever heard of HIP DIPS, girl?

If you have, I bet you’ve googled “how to get rid of hip dips”.

Well, girl, you’re not the only one, we’ve all been there.

This trend to get rid of hip dips started just a few years back, and it seems like it’s not gonna stop anytime soon.

Because of that, I decided to dedicate this article to figure out the hip dip dilemma and try to explain why we have hip dips, can we get rid of hip dips and how we can do that.

Let’s not waste any second longer and head on to those dips.

Why Do We Have Hip Dips?

First things first, we have to determine what hip dips actually are.

This thing we all refer to as a “hip dip” is actually the slight inward curve just below each hip bone, every single one of us has because that’s just how anatomy works.

It’s all in the bone structure – we are all born with a hip bone and a femur bone, the distance between these bones decides how big of a dip we’ll have.

Our hip bones and trochanter major are also responsible for this, and the size and form of our dips are very individual and vary from one person to another.

That’s why some of us have bigger dips than others.

Can We Get Rid Of Hip Dips? And Why The Heck We Have Them 1

I, for example, found out about hip dips when I got fit.

Before, I think they were covered with a layer of fat or something, and I just never knew about them.

I started eating healthy, following my BBB meal plan, I started exercising daily, and TA-DA!

As my body and booty started to build some lean muscle mass, the fat around it was completely gone, my hip dips just sunk down and I couldn’t do anything about it.

And I’m not the only one, you’re about to see some of the hottest fitspo girls out there, that have hip dips in common.

In fact, they suggest that worrying about having hip dips is same as worrying about having a nose – some of us have bigger than others, but it’s a bone that is there for a reason and it’s just a part of who we are.

It’s what we’re made of, our human anatomy.

Can We Get Rid Of Hip Dips?

I will lie if I say we can get rid of them, because the truth is we can’t 🙁

I’m sorry for saying this, girls, but it ain’t gonna happen, not the natural way anyway.

We can’t fix this with dieting or with exercising.

We shouldn’t let plastic surgery set our beauty standards and want to get rid of hip dips in the first place.

Women are always on the hunt for those curves, and I’m not going to deny that they look fabulous, but any fitness athlete, curvy gal, your favorite fitspo, even Marilyn Monroe had incredible curves, yet she had dips herself!

Let’s take Linn Lowes for example.

She looks just STUNNING. Every single muscle popped out, her glutes are just glowing, yet she has the dips.

Can We Get Rid Of Hip Dips? And Why The Heck We Have Them 2

And, she’s not afraid to show them.

In fact, Linn talks about them on her IG encouraging girls to love themselves.

Can We Get Rid Of Hip Dips? And Why The Heck We Have Them 3

Another one, Jelly Devote, one of the most REAL fitspo you’ll meet.

She is not ashamed to show the world that posing can hide anything, when in real life everything’s different.

Can We Get Rid Of Hip Dips? And Why The Heck We Have Them 4

And Marisa Taylor

Can We Get Rid Of Hip Dips? And Why The Heck We Have Them 5

And Violeta Costas @violetacostas

Can We Get Rid Of Hip Dips? And Why The Heck We Have Them 6

And Josephine Scriver @josephineskriver

Can We Get Rid Of Hip Dips? And Why The Heck We Have Them 7

Should I go on?

Now let me ask you this, would you say that the one thing these girls have in common is hip dips?


What these girls have in common is absolutely stunning bodies, healthy looking selves, they respect and love themselves and they look amazing, fit and just gorgeous.

What they have in common is eating healthy AF!

Check out my meal plan >>>

They also have cellulite, stretch marks and all of that stuff everyone has.

But most important of all, they all love themselves!

And we should all start practicing that one too, instead of constantly trying to correct our flaws.

Is There Exercise That Can Make Them Less Visible?

I believe working out, in general, on your whole body, will help you get your dream body and will give your dips a better look.

That’s why I’d warmly suggest you to try out my workout program!

However, when it comes to spotting those hip dips, my suggestion would be to try and build your Glute Medius.

You can see on the picture up there with the human anatomy, that’s the muscle between the hip bone and trochanter major.

For some people with small dips this might help, but it won’t get rid of any real hip dips and it won’t get you wider hips. It will help with the overall looks of your whole butt area tho.

I’ve personally tried working on it, and I like the results. It didn’t work that much for me with the hip dips but I like the shape I got from doing these workouts.

I see girls have some results when working on their Glute Medius, they have improved their dips a bit, but you’ll never fill them out completely as I said, unfortunately, that’s absolutely impossible.

The thing is that this muscle is really hard to target since is a pretty small one.

However here’re a few exercises you can try doing:

1. Lateral step ups

Can We Get Rid Of Hip Dips? And Why The Heck We Have Them exercise 1

2. Band Squats or Monster walks

Can We Get Rid Of Hip Dips? And Why The Heck We Have Them exercise 2

3. Hip Abduction Flat With A Band

Can We Get Rid Of Hip Dips? And Why The Heck We Have Them exercise 3

3. Clams

You can preform these seated on a chair too.

Can We Get Rid Of Hip Dips? And Why The Heck We Have Them exercise 4

Get more legs and booty exercises here >>> Get Sexy Legs With The Best Leg Day Exercises

Girls, I Really Hope I Helped You Get Rid Of Hip Dips Dilemma!

Maybe not that much with getting rid of hip dips, as much as making sure you accept them as a part of you.

Hip dips do not define you and they most certainly shouldn’t be the reason why your confidence is low.

You are beautiful and you are gorgeous, and you shouldn’t let some imaginary standards control your self-love and self-respect.

We’re not perfect and that’s what makes us beautiful!

Learn to love yourself as you are and focus on health instead of obsessing with perfection.

It’s all about how you feel inside out in the end, not some beauty standards.

Remember, you are beautiful!

Don’t forget to share this article with someone who really needs to hear this.

Till next time!