There is often mention online and in the press of professional athletes using CBD to help their healing and physical health in check; and sometimes where it is not permitted as part of the sport within which they participate.

However, what’s the link between CBD and fitness for those of us that are just casual gym users, runners, or those who work out when we can?

There is still good evidence to suggest that it could be beneficial.

As a member of the public looking to take better care of your health or fitness, it is unlikely that you will be restricted by sport-specific regulations or rules, so you’re in a great position to manage your work out routines and fitness in whichever way you’d like to.

Even when working with a Personal Trainer, the freedom to choose how to manage your health is yours.

There are numerous ways that the usage of CBD – be it through oil consumption or other related products – can benefit those who work out, no matter how regularly or intensely the activity is carried out.

CBD is organic and natural with many health benefits, unlike many fitness products, supplements and vitamins aimed at those who take care of their health through exercise. The ethos of CBD and fitness therefore fit hand-in-hand to enhance the body’s health and performance without the influence of synthetic or illegal chemicals.

It’s the naturally-occurring properties of CBD that make it so beneficial to those who work out.

The first usage many think of is its pain relief abilities. It is, of course, important to be able to consciously feel your pain barrier at play while pushing yourself through exercise to work at your own body’s capacity and avoid injury.

However, using CBD after a sustained period of exercise can help ease residual DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and allow you to function as normal thereafter where otherwise your day-to-day life may be affected.

Combined with the anti-inflammatory nature of CBD, the body is able to heal quicker than it may normally; allowing you to get back to the gym, race track or sports field as soon as you’re able and to keep up a regular regimen of activity.

Whilst you mustn’t substitute your rest periods for CBD (or any other product: your body needs rest!), it can make scheduling in your new routine easier and help you see tangible results from your exercise swiftly.

CBD and fitness can work together to tackle nutrition, too. If you tend to take part in physical exercise and then find you’re inclined to ruin your efforts by immediately needing to eat, then CBD may be able to reduce your cravings.

A natural appetite suppressant, it won’t stop you getting hungry (which we can all agree is extremely unhealthy) but instead will help regulate your brain’s hunger and reward mechanism, to help you feel fuller faster and to keep your sugar and salt cravings at bay.

If you’re a fitness-conscious person but feel you need a little boost to take the next step, CBD could be for you. Look into it, consider its uses, and if you’re comfortable, give it a go!

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