I love Caribbean style cuisine.

The play with colors is simply amazing, look very appealing to the eye.

But it is also quite delicious, nutritious and healthy.

For today, I decided to compile a list of few nutritious and healthy Caribbean food recipes, that I find most interesting.

They are easy to make, and perfect for this part of the year.

If you want to prepare something new, delicious and good looking, then this is the place to be.

Get inspired with these Caribbean food recipes, let’s get started.

Caribbean Shrimp Tacos

First up are these wonderful Caribbean shrimp tacos. Very easy to make, they wont take much time, but they taste amazing. Also they look great, perfect for when you have someone coming over. The recipe can be found here.


Caribbean Style Corn On The Cob

Summertime is perfect for corn on the cob. This Caribbean style recipe, adds an interesting twist to your regular corn on a cob recipe. It has an interesting mix of spices, you will love it. The recipe is over here.


Caribbean Grilled Chicken Salad

This salad is the perfect post-workout meal. Inside you will find all the nutrients you need. A smart combination of healthy ingredients. I tend to make this one quite often, I simply love it. This Caribbean food recipe can be found here.


Caribbean Citrus Habanero Chicken Skewers

These healthy chicken skewers are a must for the next time you fire up your grill. An interesting mix of chicken flavor, citrus and few veggies. I love these, and they are quite easy to make. Surprise your loved ones with these delicious skewers. The recipe is here.


Caribbean Shrimp Tapas

These shrimp tapas can be a great choice if you need some healthy snacks. Perfect for parties or some special occasions. They look amazing and taste amazing too. Very rich flavors and colors. If you want to give them a try, the recipe is over here.


Caribbean Salmon Quinoa Bowls

And finally, we have this bowls bursting with health. A combination of seasoned salmon, with quinoa, mango, lime and few other healthy ingredients. A very smart mix of ingredients and flavors. They are quite simple to make too. You can check out the recipe here.


If you like my collection of Caribbean food recipes, feel free to share it with your friends.