You can motivate yourself in many ways. You can motivate yourself with music, with pictures, but the best way is through the motivational quotes. They can motivate you to start working out. But the best way to stay motivated is to make the quote your workout equipment, so it will raise your motivation level much higher.

I have seen a lot of t-shirts on with motivational quotes, all over the internet. There are many stores that actually sell this kind of shirts, that you can wear at the gym, to motivate yourself. They can get your motivation on a higher level, for sure, so because of that, I decided to show you how to do one yourself. Actually, it is pretty simple. All you need is acrylic color, and a blank t-shirt. The acrylic paint is perfect for your t-shirt. After the paint dries, it won’t fade or wash off when you do laundry. I’ve had two t-shirts I painted a year ago and the colors are still great! And here are some great ideas for your fitness motivational quotes shirt. You can turn your old t-shirt in a workout shirt that will motivate you to make better results! I hope you like them!  So, pick one, and get ready to paint!

1. Beauty vs Beast

2. Excuses don’t burn calories

3. Don’t just sit there

4. My drug

5. Lady Beast!

6. Train Insane Or Remain The Same

7. Right!

8. Fitness is Life

9. Freak In The Gym

10. I Will Persist Till I Succeed

11. This Is Why I Squat

12. I Workout Like A Girl

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