“Fat Burning Booty Band Workout – Let’s Target Those Glutes”


Are you ready for the best booty band workout you’ve ever tried?!

We’re starting right now!

The only thing you need is your beautiful self, a mini band, and 10 minutes of your time – that’s it.

I’m sharing my top 7 booty band exercises with you, to help you activate those glutes and help them grow.

We’re targeting the booty like never before, while burning tons of calories.

This booty target routine is perfect for anyone, from complete beginner, to athletes.

Rather this is your first booty workout, or you’re into fitness for a while now and exercise regularly, these 7 exercises will help you activate your glutes and get better results overall.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the workout!

Fat Burning Booty Band Workout

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  1. Banded Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds

  2. Bridge Abductions – 30 seconds

  3. Banded Double Squats – 30 seconds

  4. Banded Kicks – 30 seconds

  5. Banded Deadlifts – 30 seconds (each leg)

  6. Banded Glute Bridges – 30 seconds

  7. Banded Squat Walks – 30 seconds 

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To Do The Workout

Sets And Reps Explained

Here’s how to do the workout:

  • Do the exercises back to back – non-stop, with no rest in between them;
  • Once you finish the 6 exercises, take a 30-60 seconds rest, before doing one more round;
  • You can do 2-3 rounds total, depending on your fitness level and your preferences;
  • You can add weights to some of the exercises if you fell like it.

If you follow me for a while now, or if you are a on the RADIATE program, you already know that I don’t do reps.

There are no reps at all in this workout, you can count the reps, but you shouldn’t build your workout by the amount of reps you should do.

What matters the most is TIU which stands for Time Under Tension. 

This means that it’s the time your muscles are under tension that counts, not the amount of reps you perform.

That’s basically how HIIT works.

That being said, my workouts are always done in a time frame, in this case a time frame of 30 seconds per exercises.

You basically create your own workout.

If you are a beginner you’ll maybe do 5 Double Squats in the range of 30 seconds and you’ll not jump as high, and if you’re advanced, you’ll maybe do 10 Double Squats and jump higher, or grab a weight in your hands.

This allows you to push yourself to do your very best in those 30 seconds.

It also allows you to evolve as time goes by.

Let’s say today you do 10 Glute bridges in the range of 3o seconds, next time you can push yourself and try to add up one more rep, and so on.

That’s why I say that my workouts are for everyone – because they really truly are.

You create your own workout!

Activate your glutes before doing this workout to help them grow even bigger!
Check out my glute activation warm up!


Is This A Full Body Workout Routine?

No, it’s not.

This is just a great way to activate your glutes and target them to help them grow.

You can add this booty band workout to your daily routine, however, to get fit, lose weight, and build some serious muscles you still need to work on your body as a whole piece, and perform a full body workout routine.

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Now Let’s Set That Booty On Fire!

Grab a pair of leggings, or shorts, and a booty band and try out my booty band workout right now!

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