Do you want to snack and stay fit?!

Well these fun healthy snacks, can do that for sure!

These healthy snacks are just what you need.

Imagine snacking all day and getting fit at the same time!

Well, I couldn’t believe in that the first time I ran in to Fit Snack.

They are really cheap healthy snacks, and actually they’re healthy snacks for weight loss.

If you still cannot believe this, stay with me, and I promise you’ll be amazed by these snack foods that go great with your healthy diet snack

Let’s get started.

What’s Inside A Fit Snack Package?

I don’t know if you remember it, but I made a post when I found out about Fit Snack.

I was really impressed by them, and their idea of making low calorie snacks, that any girls or boy can have, but still stay fit and healthy.

I loved the idea of making healthy snacks on the go, that are delicious but still fitness and heart healthy snacks.

And the best thing, they are delivered to your doorstep!

They are a perfect choice for healthy snacks for work, and they’re even a great choice when it comes to healthy midnight snacks.

Well we all have that night snack crises, don’t we?! :)

So here’s what I got this month in my Fit Snacks package! healthy fruit snacks

  • Ips Egg White Chips

I honestly didn’t even know that this healthy chips exists.

It is made out of egg whites and whey protein.

It is gluten free, non GMO and it has half the fat compared to the fried chips you can by in the store.

These protein snacks are actually one of my favorite!

  • One Bar Fruit Bar

Craving for desert when you’re on your healthy weight loss plan?!

Well don’t worry, because these healthy desserts will give you the sweet pleasure by keeping you healthy and fit in the same time.

These healthy sweet snacks are one of my personal favorites, because they promote your healthy living style.

This nutritional serving of healthy fruit snacks is something that you definitely have to try.

  • Bite Fuel Protein Cookieshealthy snacks for weight loss

These are the ultimate cookies packed in healthy protein snacks.

They taste amazing, and still they are nutritious snacks that actually helps you get fit!

Ever thought of a cookie that helps you get fit?!

Well this is it!

  • Bear Naked Granola

In the sea of healthy organic snacks, this is one more health food that bursts with nutrients!

This is not just a pack of great tasting ingredients, but it’s one more  healthy snack that is packed for health.

You have to try these low carb snacks because you’ll fall in love with them on the first bite!

  • Safe Catch Tuna

 low carb snacksDo you like tuna fish?!

Well this is one more great product between these high protein snacks, that tastes amazing.

Healthy snacking is something that you have to include in your healthy eating habits, and this is a great way to do it.

This is actually the only brand that testes every single fish for mercury level.

Non GMO and additive free, this tuna can be a great choice for healthy bedtime snacks.

  • Sweetwodd Cattle Spices

I got really surprised that this month, in my fit snack package, I got spices.

I was so exited about that, so I started right away by making some healthy snack recipes with them.

There are plenty of easy snack recipes that you can make with this amazing spice!

This Colorado grand seasoning tastes like nothing else you’ve ever tried before.

You can make tons of quick snacks with this spice!healthy sweet snacks

  • Muscle Pharm Protein Powder

What about making yourself high protein healthy drinks now and then?!

Well this protein powder can make it happen!

With 16 grams of protein and only 90 calories, this makes the best after workout drink you can have.

  • Coco Hydro Powder

This is one more powder that can make you healthy drinks!

This is an instant coconut water filled with naturally occurring nutrients, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

You have to try it!


And last, my bonus item for this month was this amazing coconut palm sugar.

Imagine the healthy alternatives of cookies and deserts that you can make with this healthy sugar!

So many diet snacks and desert recipes came in to my mind when I saw this in my pack!

IMG_3964How Does It Work?

This list of healthy snacks is actually what I got this month.

Starting from healthy snack bars, to healthy breakfast foods, I got inspired on making my own healthy snack recipes.

These are the best snacks for weight loss that I’ve ever tried, so here’s how you can order them for yourself. 

Fit Snack has arrived with the mission to save subscribers the time, money, and effort involved in the search for delicious and nutritious foods.

Most diets have one common goal – nutrient dense energy.

Fit Snack offers several different subscription plans including 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and annual subscription options.
Monthly box prices start at $15.00 (+ $5 S/H) and provide double that value within each box.


Where Can You Order?

You can order these amazing snacks on the official site Fit Snack, order from the link and get a free gym bag.

I hope you like them, because believe me you’ll be amazed how great and yummy they are.

I even got a t-shirt when I made my first order! :)healthy snack bars


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