First of all, I have to say a big sorry, that I haven’t brought up this topic sooner.

I had many of you contacting me to see if I could do that, and I finally did it.

Now, some of you are actually thinking that they are to late to go for it, so I’m doing it to give you a little bit of motivation. exercises for seniors

You’re not late, and you can do it too!!!

But what is the best workout for people over 40?!

What about weight lifting over 40?

We’re about to find out, so stay with me.

Let’s get started!

Determine Your Goals

As any other activity, you have to determine why are you doing this and what’s your goal.

If your goal is just to stay healthy and lose a few pounds, you can do fast walking, exercising on the elliptical trainer, swimming, running and any other cardiovascular activity that makes you sweat.

But, we’re talking about getting fit for life here, and if you want to get fit and sexy, then you’re gonna need more than a simple cardio activity.

And believe me, you want to transform your body and get fit.

The feeling is irreplaceable, so just try it for a few months and you’ll see the results for yourself.

I don’t have to start with the reasons why you should start lifting, because you already know!

weight lifting over 40And yes, especially when you’re a woman.


Lifting Up

Can I lift if I’m over 40?

Of course you can!

You 100% should!

I bet that many of you fear that they are too old to do strength training, but believe me you should do it!

And you shouldn’t do it lite, do it giving your 100%.

Lift heavier weights, that are heavy enough to challenge your muscles.

Your last few reps should be really challenging so that you couldn’t do one more rep beyond that point.

Here’re some tips if you’re over 40 and a beginner into lifting:

  • Start slow – it’s really important to start slow as a beginner, especially when you are older; you can injure yourself or burn out pretty easy, so be careful and don’t throw yourself into it.
  • 4 times a week – the total number of days you’re training shouldn’t be more than 4, but not less too;
    This is because your recovery process happens slower as you’re getting older.
  • Stretch a lot – you shouldn’t even think about skipping the stretch; You should do it at the end of every weight training;
    You should stretch a lot, because you could really use flexibility in your training.
  • Take vitamins and minerals – magnesium and calcium should be on your everyday menu; they prevent muscle twitching and they help your bones and muscles get stronger.
  • Use workout bands for prevention – knee bands, ankle bands, weight lifting belt; these things should definitely be a part of your workout equipment.
    They prevent injuries.

Workout Program

You need a workout plan for sure.

Don’t even think about going blind, without exercising program.

And you don’t need a personal trainer, because as your online personal trainer, and I’m gonna give you free workout programs.

I’ve made a workout program for you, so here it is:exercises for elderly

  • Day 1: Chest (3 exercises) + Biceps (2 exercises)
  • Day 2: Back (3 exercises) +Triceps  (2 exercises)
  • Day 3: Cardio (40 minutes – your choice)
  • Day 4:  Legs (5 exercises) + Butt
  • Day 5: Shoulders (5 exercises)
  • Day 6: Yoga (you can look for a video on YouTube)
  • Day 7: Rest
Important Notes:

As you get into working out, you can add cardio workouts at the end of every day, but they shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes.

Cardio workouts are important!

They go right after the strength training – never before it, and they’ll help you maximize the fat burn and get better results!

Also, you can add abs by your choice.

Stretch at the end of every single training!

One exercise should contain 3-4 sets with about 8-13 reps.

Start slow, and lite in the first month, but as time goes by don’t forget to put on some weights and make it really challenging!

The exercises for elderly woman, or as I like to say the exercises for seniors should not be different.

fitness over 40

Diet Plan

Don’t think that your work is done after you leave the gym.


You don’t have to be on a diet, just try to keep it healthy.


The nutritional program for over 40, shouldn’t be much different from everyone else’s workout.

Although, there are some tips and changes you have to be aware of.

As we all get older, we tend to lose weight harder, and gain it pretty faster.

Here’s how your menu should look like:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal, fruits, cereal (whole wheat), white omelette…
  • Lunch – proteins (meat, fish, mushrooms), veggies, beans, and carbs (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, quinoa)
  • Dinner – proteins + salads

You should know that the carbs will give you energy for the workout, but don’t go way to much with consuming them.

Just try to keep it healthy, use healthy oils when cooking, and use healthier ways of cooking your meals (bake or roast instead of fry).personal trainer

You can have snacks, just keep them as healthy as possible.

You can add some supplements, such as whey protein.

So, don’t think that if you’re over 40 you cannot lift weights and get fit. 

You can and you should, the only question is will you?! :)

I hope I helped you. If you like this, don’t forget to share it with your friends!