Motivation is everything in fitness.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, eat healthy, tone some muscles, run a marathon – if you’re motivated enough you’ll do it!

Some say motivation is what get’s you started, and consistency and discipline are what get you going.

True, you need them both to keep up with your fitness and health goals, but let’s not underestimate motivation because we need it every single step of the way.

That’s why I always try to get you motivated, especially through my Instagram where I post motivational quotes daily.

But today I decided to design a few fitness motivational posters for you and call it a Motivation Monday!


These true words of wisdom have the power to get you moving even when you’re too lazy to get your butt off the couch.

It’s true!

Motivation is the one thing that keeps me going throughout the years too, so I created my own quotes again today to provide a motivational therapy for all of you out there that need that extra push.

You’re going to love it, I promise! You may have heard some of them, but you’ll notice a few rhymes I did on my own :)

Print your favorite ones, hang them on the wall, besides the mirror, or even better set them as a background on your smart phone.

They’ll remind you of how important your goals are to you, especially when it’s hard to even remember what your goals are in the first place.

So ladies, get ready to get motivated to the roof, with my collection of fitness motivational posters!

We’re starting right now!

#1: Amen!!!

#2: The Recipe To Success!

#3: Just Keep Going

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#4: Because You’ll Love The New You!

#5: Crush ‘Em Girl!

#6: Always Put Yourself First And…

#7: And Let’s Never Forget The Rule #1


#8: Because Quitting Is Not An Option!

#9: Tell This To Yourself Daily!

You Did It!

You went through my motivational therapy and I hope you found your favorite one!

Make sure to let me know what’s your favorite poster by commenting bellow.

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Also, don’t forget to inspire someone special by sharing these fitness motivational posters with your besties, gym buddy, or anyone who needs a Monday Motivation therapy!

Till next time!