Motivation is SO important when it comes to weight loss and fitness.

I’ve talked about this million times and I’ll do it over and over again if I have to.

Motivation is what gets and keeps me going with healthy food and exercise for years and I use every single chance I can get to include motivation in my everyday life.

And the best way to get motivated is through fitness motivational posters.

I am always in the look for motivational posters and inspiring fitness quotes. I print them out, frame them and hang them on the wall.

I make sure they are the first thing I see whenever I wake up, so they get me motivated at the very beginning of the day and keep up like that for the rest of it.

If you’re motivated enough you’ll do anything – if not you’ll find an excuse.

That’s why I try to keep myself inspired with different kinds of fitspo throughout the whole day, making sure I stay motivated and ready to crush my goals.

However, it’s too damn hard to find high-resolution fitness motivational posters that are inspiring and creative.

Not to mention minimal and fun, since I am all about clean and flat designs these days.

So I decided to take things in my own hands and make my own collection of fitness motivational posters – YAY!

It’s that time of the year again when we’re all making resolutions, setting up new goals and making plans for the new year to come.

So, that means it’s the absolute perfect timing to decorate your walls with some new posters. And I have the best collection for you!

Head on to check it out, make your choice and start decorating!

Let’s get started!

Fitness Motivational Posters For Fit Babes

This is the one that has most of the hypes and impressions around it and I agree 100% with all of you babes that already got it!

Here it is! Head on to Etsy if you want to check it out!

Fitness Motivational Poster

The second one is my personal favorite, the cheesy and cute “Oh My Quad” poster.

I have this one hanged on my wall, in my home gym space.

Hope you like it too, make sure to check it out!

Fitness Motivational Poster

This one is dedicated to my weight loss kit, Burn Baby Burn Meal Plan and Fit Babe Fitness Planner.

I know it’s a bit colorful, however, I like it a lot since it reminds me of how fit, fierce and fabulous we all are, inside out!

Head on to check it out!

Fitness Motivational Poster

This next one is so cheesy and fun, I’m gonna die!

So, for all of you babes that have thin patience, head on to grab your copy :)

Fitness Motivational Poster

For all of you fit babes that are obsessed with carbs as much as I am, but still try to keep it low carb – this one’s for you.

I always feel like I got 99 problems and they all involve carbs :)

If you feel me, head on to check this one out!

Fitness Motivational Poster

And last, but definitely not least, one for all of you coffee lovers out there!

All of you fit babes that like your coffee strong and hot just like your body – head on to check out this poster.

You’re going to LOVE IT!

Fit Babes – I Got You!

I hope you like my collection of high res fitness motivational posters.

Your feedback means the world to me, so please don’t forget to let me know which one is your favorite.

Also, don’t forget to share these posters with your fit besties to inspire them and kick their motivation through the roof.

They are the perfect Christmas gift for any fit babe, so grab your favorite one, print it out, frame it and surprise your workout buddy.

Till next time,