Why say it with flowers or chocolates when you can say how much you love someone with fitness inspired funny Valentine’s day cards?

Especially when I have for you THE BEST funny-fitness Valentine’s day cards for him!

And they are totally FREE! Yay!

These cards are the best gift for fitness lovers.

They are so cute and thoughtful, and all of them are inspired by fitness, workout and exercise.

Not only they are the best funny Valentine’s day cards for him or for her, but they are a great idea when it comes to saying some nice words to your gym and workout buddies too.

I personally designed them for all of you out there that want to tell your valentine how much he/she means to you, with a dose of fun and whole lot of fitness.

You’ll just have to think about a person you want to surprise this Valentine’s day, download my funny valentines day cards for FREE, pick out your favorite one (or ones) and print it.

Because couples who sweat together – STAY TOGETHER! 

Head on to get the fitness inspired, funny Valentine’s day cards for him, to compliment the best gifts for fitness lovers!

FREE Fitness Valentine’s Day Cards – 10 Printable Funny Valentine’s Day Cards For Him

You Had Me At Deadlifts

This is perfect for the one’s in your life that love to lift some heavy weights especially when it comes to hamstrings and deadlift lovers.

Print this card and they’ll know how much they mean to you!

I Am Whey Into You

Are you dating a protein shake “junkie”?

If so, this one’s for you!

It’s so cute and thoughtful, and it’s definitely one of the the best gifts for whey lovers.

You Are My Favorite Cardio Workout

I think you’ll agree that there’s not one person in the fitness world that totally LOVES cardio.

We all hate doing it, right?

But, there’s this type of cardio workout that gets your heart pumping and it’s not the treadmill – It’s called love <3

So, if your lover is in love with fitness, this would be one of the best and funniest ways to show him how much you appreciate him!

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue…

Let’s face it, we cannot go through Valentine’s day without “roses are red” poem.

But this is a different kind of poem I personally wrote, and it’s a great way to show your special one how much you want to workout with him.

This is one more of the best gifts for fitness lovers, cute words of love packed in a funny Valentine’s day cards for him.

Print it and hand it over to your loved one!

You Make My Heart Race Faster Than HIIT

Tell him how he makes you feel in a funny fitness inspired way with this Valentine’s day card, perfect for anyone who does HIIT.

I love this one so much!

I’m definitely handing it to Matt on Valentines day, confessing that he makes my heart race faster than doing 3 full minutes of burpees, followed by a set of jumping lunges!

You Had Me At Grassfed

This is my all time favorite out of all funny Valentine’s day cards for him, especially if he prefers grassfed meat.

I liked it so much, that I decided to make two designs – the first one’s from me and the second one I left up to Matt.

And both turned out to be AMAZING, so why not give you both, for FREE?!

Aren’t we the best? :)

I Want To AMRAP My Arms Around You

This is so cute and would make your loved one laugh so hard.

For those who might not now what’s AMRAP, it’s actually a short for “as many reps as possible” which is a circuit often used in Crossfit and HIIT.

So, you’re basically telling your lover to get prepared for a intense hugging circuit :)

Funny and cute, your bf will LOVE this one!

You Are My Swole-Mate

Now this one’s for your swollen soulmate lover.

Print it and hand it over – he will love it!

You Remind Me Of Burpees

And last one of my fitness inspired funny Valentine’s day cards for him or for her, is the hardest one – BURPEES!

Let him know that he takes your breath away, by attaching this funny Valentines day card to your gift.

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