The biceps is the arm muscle that lies on the front side of your arms. It is a very important muscle when it comes to arm workouts, because it gives the whole arm a nice shaped tone. It looks so sexy when a girl has toned biceps, so because of that I’m gonna give you a full biceps workout, but with free weights.

The thing that I really like about the free weights, is that the movements are more natural to the body, and they are more challenging too. Not to mention that when you use free weights and bars, instead of machines, you can workout in the comfort of your home.

I’ve already showed you the Full Biceps Workout Routine, and after I gave you the The Best Full Arm Workout Routine: Biceps + Triceps, I’m gonna do the same, just by using free weights. Now lets get started already!


#1 Biceps Curls

The first exercise you wanna do is the biceps curls. You can do this exercise by using weights or by using a bar. You can change it now and then, once with the bar, and the next training with the dumbbells.

You should do 4 sets of this first exercise, with about 8-12 reps, but remember, if you can do more than 12 reps, it’s time for you to get it heavier! As I already said, to change it a little bit, you should do the alternating hammer curls instead of the barbell curls, now and then.

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#2 Concentration Curls

This exercise is one of the best biceps exercises. It is preformed with dumbbells, one arm at a time. You can do this exercise as a second or as a third exercise, but never start your training with it. You should do 4 series with 8-12 reps, with each hand. And remember girl, push it to the limit with the weights – that’s the only way to have better results!

DSC_1171 5bestbicepsworkoutmovesforsleekarms-dumbbellconcentrationcurls

#3 Hammer Curls

The third exercise should be the hammer curls. It is preformed again with one arm at a time. So 4 series of this exercise, it comes down to 8 when you do one arm at a time. Concentrate, because it’s really easy to lose your form. This exercise works for your side biceps muscles.

Also, you can work the both arms at the same time, but I think it works better when you do one arm at a time.

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#4 Band Curls

And This last exercise is performed with a band. The important thing is that your arms are not separated, but merged. You can do 3 sets of this last exercise. Also, if you don’t have bands, you can use one dumbbell, holding it with the both hands, and lifting it up.



I workout biceps and triceps in the same day, so I usually do 3 exercises biceps, and 3 for triceps. If you are working just on your biceps, you should do 4 exercises.

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