Have you ever wanted to run a marathon?

Well, I know that I’ve wanted many times, I even bought my marathon running shoes, and in the end I decided not to do it.

But can you?!

My answer is YES YOU CAN!

The thing is that, you should really prepare for it, and you should start using a special marathon training plan.running coach, Marathon Training For Beginners

So for all of you out there, that always wanted to run a marathon, I’m giving you the MARATHON TRAINING FOR BEGINNERS, to get prepared.

From 5K run to 10K run, I’m gonna walk you through these fun runs, I’ll give you tips and tricks, and a list of marathons that you would like to go on as a beginner.

Now stay with me, as we prepare for this marathon together!

I’m so excited to be your running coach!


From 5K To 10K

First off all I’d like to say that you should push a little harder.

If your regular run was up to 3K run, you will be able to increase that up to 5K run and 10K in the end.

That you’ll actually learn through this marathon training plan.

Here’re some tips on how to run if you’re setting a foot in a pair of running shoes for the first time:

  • Start easy – Rome wasn’t built in one day, so just take it easy, but push harder and harder every day.
    It’s better to start easier and increase the pace as the miles go by.
    Many runners make a mistake by starting faster, and then they feel like they cannot finish the run.
  • Go longer – Add an extra mile to your next run.
  • Keep the pace – Just because you increase your miles, it doesn’t mean that you should run slower.
    Try to keep the pace.
  • Try running faster – In order to be able to run faster, you should train at a faster pace.
    Try doing that, but again don’t let the miles suffer.
  • Train your mind – It’s also important to stay focused and to know that you can do it.
    Be confident, because your body can do almost anything – IT’S YOUR MIND THAT NEEDS AN EXTRA PUSH.
  • Watch Your Diet – A lot of proteins, a lot of salads, a lot of vitamins, veggies, fibers.
    Weight plays a big part in running 5-10K, so don’t forget to watch your diet.

the london marathon, Marathon Training For Beginners

Marathon Training For Beginners

This marathon training schedule lasts 10 weeks.

As the weeks go by, you’re gonna get BETTER AND BETTER.

If you want to start this marathon training plan, you should be able to run 3 miles, 3-4 times a week.

These are actually preparations for half marathons, so if you stick to the end of the 10th week, you’re gonna be able to run 10 miles.

So, that’s usually half marathon, but if you’re a beginner, you should be able to run up to 5K, so half marathons will be best for you, considering the fact that they tend to be 10K long.

Now dear runners, let’s get started with this marathon training schedule:

  • Day 1: Regular Runs

Regular running is actually running at a comfortable pace.

So in this first day of your training, you should pick your most comfy pace, and run.

You should slow down, and run on a slow pace.

  • Day 2: Longer Runs

You have to build up the distance day by day.

Because of that, your second day should be testing your longer run.

Even if you can run only 1 mile in the beginning, make sure to add half a mile as the days go by.

By the end of the 10 weeks marathon workout plan, you should be able to run 10 miles.

  • Day 3: Stretch Day

You should stretch at the end of every run – NEVER AT THE BEGINNING, but up to 5 minutes.

On this third day, you should warm up with a 10 minutes jog, or some indoor activity (skipping rope, elliptical workout, jumping) and then you should stretch for at least 15 minutes.

There are many post running stretching routines, and I picked one for you.

This one will release your muscles and will get them ready for the following runs.

NOTE: NEVER EVER stretch on cold muscles!!! Always warm them up!

  • Day 4: Rest Day

Rest is a part of the deal too.

So don’t skip it, and always have a rest day.

You have to allow your body to recover, so that you avoid burnout and injury.

  • Day 5: Strength Training

You’re gonna need at least one day a week of strength training.

This is because if you build strong muscles, your body will be better capable of supporting the areas that are prone to wear and tear from the impact of running, like the knees and hips.

There are many strength training exercises that you can do as a runner.

Starting from squats, lunges, planks, push ups, you can make your muscles stronger, and make your running better.

Use free weights and machines at the gym, using lighter weights and doing more repetitions rather than lifting heavy weights.

marathon running shoes, Marathon Training For Beginners

  • Day 6: Faster Run

On this day, you should run faster and not thinking about the distance.

Of course, track the distance, but on the 5th day you should really be able to run at uncomfortable pace, not to fast, just faster than you usually do.

At the end of your faster run, you can do a sprint for half a mile.

Don’t push it too hard, but remember to run not less than 30 minutes.

  • Day 7: Rest Day

Injury is the runners’ worst enemy. To avoid them try following these awesome advice from “How to run for your life” by Martin Musson

Marathon Gear

You’re gonna need several thing in order to train for the marathon and to run it.

Here they are:

  • Running shoes – they are really important, and you’re gonna need a pair of them for sure.
  • Tracking device – you have to track your route in order to know how far you go.
  • Water – for the longer runs you’ll need fuel and water to stay hydrated, especially if you don’t have water fountains on your path;
    hydration belt is a great choice to add on your marathon gear list.
  • Sun protection – you have to add sun protection cream, especially on your face.

5K run


Marathon Events

There are many marathons across US and across the world.

Because of the number of marathons, I’ll give you a 2015 Half Marathon Calendar.

I have to say I’m so happy that there are so many races across the world.

There are many marathons in Europe, and I got to mention the London Marathon.

It even has a “half marathon London”, and it’s really moving, because most of the runners actually run for charity.

Well, I think you’ll agree with me, that there is no better run than charity run!marathon training plan

London Marathon Date: 

Greenwich Park, London

I hope I helped you run your miles, and I hope you finally got the courage to run a marathon.

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